Monday, August 4, 2014

I don't want to think about it right now. :)

 Dear Daughter,
I can not wait for you to come home!  The time is getting close, and I am excited.
This week Connor got glasses.  Makenna said he looks like a sexy geek.  Connor is proud of the title and came and told me that with his glasses he looks like a sexy geek!
The girls are going to be going to girls camp this week.  They leave on Tuesday.  Makenna said that she did not want to go.  I told her she was going.  She complained for the first 6 weeks of summer, and now, finally she is excited and ready to go.  She is going to teach a class on knife safety and she is very excited and proud to be doing this.
On Friday dad and I went to a wedding for one of my YW from Provo. Tannith Jakins got married.  She did not get married in the temple and the entire event helped me to realize that sometimes good decisions that could be better are still good decisions.  Tannith had made A LOT of bad choices in her teens and early 20's.  She did drugs, rehab, alcohol, rehab, drugs, jail time, rehab, probations, lived with many men, stole property amounting in a felony, more jail time (could have been prison time).   She has been excommunicated from the church and was very excited about getting rebaptized about 24 months ago.  It did not happen.  She has never told me all the reasons, but she felt she was ready for rebaptism and her bishop did not.  She got angry and gave up on working hard to get that baptism.  I thought that when that happened she would rebound back to her old life and old habits.  She did not, or almost did not. She found her now husband, a good guy who has a history much like her own, moved in with him, but got married to this nice man on Friday.  I told her I was proud of her and meant it.  She might not be making choices that I would like her too, but she made a good choice and is heading in the right direction.  Hopefully with time she will continue moving forward, will get rebaptized and eventually go to the temple, but for now I need to rejoice that she is learning about making good choices, and is moving forward.  I hope what I just said was not just a jumble of words, but the feelings I felt were good, and that is what I wanted to express.
On Saturday we went to Hunters baptism.  It was good, but so long....too long.  His baptism and confirmation were almost 2 hours.  In our stake it is a long baptism/confirmation if it goes an hour.  Between the baptism and confirmation, when Hunter and Jay were changing,  they asked family members to write testimonies/feelings for Hunter.  Everyone in our family took a paper and wrote.  I was humbled and filled with love and admiration for all my children as I read what they wrote before they were handed in.  Makenna, Makayla and Connor all wrote beautiful testimonies.  It made me so proud (the good kind of proud).  They have all grown up so much!!!
Today Makenna bore her testimony in Sacrament Meeting.  It was beautiful.  She talked about being a spectator or a Gladiator and what kind of a person are you.  Are we going to be spectators and let life just happen or are we going to be Gladiators and go after what we want, are we going to pray to find our testimonies, and pray for guidance or are we just going to sit back and wait to see if we believe?  She talked about how Heavenly Father wants us to be Gladiators and how she is trying to be a Gladiator, that she knows that Heavenly Father loves her and that she needs to fight for him. What she said was beautiful!  You would have been proud of her.  I am sure that all of our prayers and fasting have helped her.  Thank you for your prayers and letters.  Even though she has not written back your letters have made a difference to her and your returning and spending time with her will make an even bigger difference.
Speaking of your return.  Your are scheduled to speak in sacrament meeting on the 24th.  You and Ben Judd will be the only speakers that day.  You need to please talk about some of the Monanteese language that you learned.  Please some how incorporate that into your talk.  (too funny).  Also, dad and I are going to wait for you to get home to get you a car.  We want to see how you want to handle it, what kind of a car you want.  Do you want to find it, do you want us to find to finance it....ect.  We have thought about so much about what we want to do when you get home but ultimately it will be your decision.  We will be going to Wicked on the 23rd, and St. George on the 29-1.
Schmoo, stay strong, keep up the work and know we are always praying for you.  We love you!!!  I will try to watch for your letter tomorrow and maybe we can talk.
I love you,

Malynne:  Mom, I love you. That's all I can say right now. I can't wait to see you when I get home. :) We will talk about everything when I get there. LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe

Mom:  I am here.

Malynne:  How are you?

Mom:  I may have a job for you when you get home.  Someone that I work with is wanting to hire you to be a nanny for his kids, $900 a month, working M-F 12 to 5.  Your main job would be to run his kids to various practices etc.  I told him you will talk to him when you return home....just something to think about.  It would be a great job to go to school with!

Malynne:  That would be a good job...except I still have to figure out how to pay for it.
school I mean. how to pay for school.....I don't want to go more in debt for it.

Mom:  Well, you are not planning on going to school right away right?  That would give you a few months to save up.  I think that is a good decision.  We are going to wait for you to get home to decide what you want to do about a car.

Malynne:  Yeah thanks. I don't want to think about it right now. :)

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