Monday, August 4, 2014

10 Highlights of my week.

I don't have lots of time and so I will once again just send the top 10 highlights of my week.
1-We got a new investigator and we were literally led to her house.
2-We had 4 investigators at sacrament meeting.
3-We put Zach Carter on date to be baptized on the 14th of August
4-We got to go to girlscamp for a day and saw lots of moose
5-We had interviews with President Mecham
6-We are learning a lot about the atonement
7-members bought me dried coconut
8-I got lots of letters & stamps
9-The Actons are coming to visit on Saturday
10-I feel like I have a family here. :)
Yep it was a good week. Thanks for all your love and support! LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe 

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