Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sister Acton Meets Jacinda

  Sister Erbe,
> I want to let you know that over the years we have had truly only a
> couple of missionaries that we have asked for their parents email. You
> are one. Sister Erbe was in our life during a real difficult time in
> our life as parents of a missionary. Our son has I guess been blessed
> with receiving Elders who need extra help, who frankly in our opinion,
> this companion should have gone home Every rule was broken, our son
> drained his personal bank account twice because this companion felt
> that he did not have to pay, he slit our son's shoes, was with girls,
> lied, and I can not even remember it all. I do know that the Lord
> blessed us here at home with shoes that were of equal or better
> quality for 33.00 a pair, During those months, it seemed to be that
> there was alot of extra from ward members putting in to account, which
> alleviated the pressure so we could keep funds in his personal
> account, and Sister Erbe always knew what to say to us to help us
> through, She is much like our son and was able to give him advice to
> help him with this Elder. If it were not for her, I felt as if he was
> giving up. Was this connection to her we will never know. She is a
> special spirit, and has a great spirit about her. We apparently made
> her laugh. We are "crazy mormons" or as my son says
> "chueco"-crooked but obedient. We like to think of ourselves as living
> the gospel, always trying to progress, but having fun in the process.
> There is such a thing as clean, wholesome fun. They got to experience
> some one night when we had our autistic grandson. They loved it and
> from then on felt like they good just be at home. Your daughter will
> be greatly missed, and I am sure she feels like my son at times, he
> feels like that he did not complete his job, partly due to his bad
> companion, but as I reminded him...think of the souls you saved by
> saving one soul. Not every missionary can do as our children do. It is
> trying for them but do know this You can be proud of your daughter.
> She is a great example of how she was brought up.
> May you continue to be blessed as she serves in Helena. I am sure you
> are busy preparing a welcoming party for her. Do me one favor? Give
> her a big Hug and tell her it is from SIster Acton.
> God Bless you and your family,
> Sister Acton

From Jacinda to Sister Acton:
I am a crier and your letter also made me cry. I also want to say that
I feel that I just made an instant friendship with you and your family.

I know our Heavenly Father had Malynne in Whitefish when he did so that
your family could help her get through her difficult companionships.
Many times I told her, "if the only person you convert on your mission
is yourself then it will be successful. If by chance you make an impact
in the lives of companions and others chalk it up to bonus and Heavenly

We too are a crazy Mormon family and proud of it. We love to have fun,
laugh and play. Malynne is conflicted whether to come to Whitefish for
the 4th of July or to come later in the month when your son is
speaking. I will let that be her decision, but your family is the
reason we will be vacationing in Northern Montana (and I am so excited,
I have heard how beautiful it is).

From Ssiter Acton to Malynne:  I laughed out loud when I read your email. I cried too. How We miss her! The reason there was a connection after I read your email is because we sound so much alike!   We did not hear much about your family, but I can tell you and I must think alike.

So let me introduce myself. My name is Patricia and I go by Trish. I am a 1st generation mormon in my family and if you ask your daughter she will tell you alot of what  I just was going through.  I was feeling persecuted by my own family. After many nights of praying and reading a scripture that happened to appear on my husbands cell phone-(he does not use this phone for the scriptures)  he told me I was to read D&C 121.  Your daughter helped me to get through this trying time too. I would get up in the morning to a text that said" We love you" 

If it was not for them I don't think I would have made it through.

My husband is 21 years older than me and he had 3 children from a previous marriage. I raised his daughter from the age of 12. I did things backwards. I started with 2 teenagers then had our own. 
We have 7 grandchildren. So I am not as old you think. I will be 50 in January. Sister Erbe was hysterically cute one night. They stopped by and said we were wondering if we could ask you a question. Of course we immediately responded yes we can feed you! They laughed and said "No we have a dinner appt. 
Brother Acton we were going through the ward list and it says- and I said yes he is 71. They looked and laughed. I said we get it alot. It is OK. 

Our Son is Sean, he is 19 and will be 20 in September and serves in the Concepcion Chile Mision.  He is currently in a tow called Chillan which is about 100 miles from Concepcion and about 100 miles from the base of the Andes. He served 6 months in a town called Retiro, and  after that town I think I can handle anything! He lived basically on chicken brother with a potato or maybe a chicken leg or a few vegetables.  Now he gets everything fried and it is not sitting well with him.  I hope and pray he goes somewhere that the food is gentler. 

We don't have alot of money but we are richer than many in our ward that do have money. I believe that we should always be trying to fill our lamps full of oil. So we are humble, and loving and live the gospel and fill our bodies with the essentials that we need to take with us. So we truly live the gospel, ask for forgiveness when it is needed, and we are not so proud to say we mess up from time to time. This is how we learn. 

It would be awesome to meet you and your family. It is amazing how the Lord works and how he puts people into peoples lives.  It is too bad that we never met when we lived in Salt Lake. 

I love to sew, make cards, can when I can get a chance, I have started to many crafts and I have to pick and choose what I do. My latest thing has been glass etching.  My husband does Leather work. Your daughter will be getting scripture covers. We have to send them to her.  We are a family that we make gifts for Christmas and you have to think about the person you are doing things for so it makes it even better.  We  love to see what is done for each other. 

I would love to know more about you and your family.  We told sister Erbe it would be fun for her to be here when Sean got home. Actually I know she wants to go to Lovell area, Which by the way My husband is from Lovell and Cowley- He was born in Cowley. Ironically, she said that was her favorite area, Cowley has their Pioneer celebration- the Saturday closest to the 24th.  Sean comes Home on the 28th.  We did not go home this year as I was gone for a month to my parents.  Maybe we could meet up there.? Then come to Whitefish. 

I hope you enjoy your daughter again, When she comes to visit I will have to give her the ice cream party we were going to have- Transfers interfered! I just might make her waffle bowls and cones and send to salt lake. 

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with your daughter with a set of investigators, and we go to them again tomorrow.  I will certainly keep her posted. 

I am so looking forward to hearing about you. It is neat connecting with another Missionary Mom.  Hopefully you don't think I am weird sending this kind of an email. However I don't know how else to tell you about me. 

Have a super awesome day, and your emails brought tears to my husbands eyes.  


Jacinda's reply:

Dear Trish,
So.....?  We may have been twin sisters in heaven.  We have many similarities...I LOVE to scrapbook, sew, just finished canning 24 pints of apricot jam (and still have apricots coming out of my ears), crochet, knit, and have little projects everywhere.  My goal is to finish one project before starting another, but that is a long term goal.

I am 48, pioneer stock member (but my parents were less actives when I was growing up), gained my testimony by exercising my free agency and learning how the atonement works and by learning that my Heavenly Father knows me better than I know myself.  I was born and raised in Utah, but when I was 22 I "escaped" to California......had the time of my life being single in CA, became active in a Young Adult Ward, meet my husband, married him, had Malynne while living there and one day (much to my dismay) felt prompted to return to Utah.  My husband had been having the same feelings so we knew it needed to happen.  My husbands brother called us Hillbillies because we moved to Utah on a "whim" (because that is where the Lord was directing us), without a home and without a job.  We had $1200 to our name and a cute baby sitting in the back seat.  That decision changed our lives.  We have been blessed, and blessed and blessed since coming here.  Utah is not my favorite place, but it is where we are suppose to be and we know it is, so Utah is where we stay.  During the school year I work at the Elementary School for about 10 hours a week.  I am a Resource Aide, working with kids that have learning disabilities.  I love my job.  I have another job that I work about 15 hours a week (during the school year), 20 hours a week during the summer.  I do invoicing for a vinyl fencing company.  This job is not my favorite, I did not apply for this job, it just fell into my lap at a time that it was needed (right after Malynne left for her mission). When the job was offered I made if very clear that my first priority is my family, that when my kids are home from school I will be too, that when there is a break I will not be at work, and that when I want time off I will tell them that I will not be in (no questions).  I am kind of a brat there, but they need me enough that I get what I want.  This summer I am working 7 to 11am and then I am done.  It is good for my kids, when I get home they are up showered, done their jobs, practiced instruments and ready to have fun.  My goal is to work until Malynne comes home and then offer to train her for free if they will let her have my job. 

We have Malynne and 3 others children:  Makenna (17), Makayla (14 in Sept.), and Connor (12).  They are awesome kids, and all are so excited for Malynne to come home.

I am currently serving as a Nursery Leader.  It is a new calling and so far I love it!!!!  I just got released as the RS President, so this is a much appreciated change.  Lowell, my husband, is the ward Mission Leader.  We have the missionaries at our home almost every other day and enjoy every minute of it.  I feel that we are one of the lucky families in our stake to have such a good relationship with the missionaries.  Our missionaries, a set of Elders, cover 2 stakes 16 wards, all within walking distance.  Since we have lots of bi polar weather here, and since we have lots of hills, we are often called and asked to transport the missionaries.  We try to help whenever possible...often the question from the Elders is "How many of your girls are home right now?  Can you come get us?"  If both girls are home we can help, if not I try to find them a ride.  Or they will come over and wait for Lowell to get home.  We love the missionaries.

I read all these emails to Lowell and he agrees that we need to meet you and your family some time.  I think we are going to try and go to Lovell in October.  I am sure you will know any time we are farther North than SLC......Malynne has made if very clear where she wants to travel to, and it is all North of Utah!!!!

It is so fun to hear about you and your family.  Thank you my friend.


Sister Acton's reply:
Dear Jacinda,
Wow, I laughed through your whole email-you and your husband remind me of US! I remember moving to Lander Wyoming when my son was 6  months old, Jim had lost his  job, and we had our tax refund of 700.00.  WOW.  Wouldn't dare do that today!  As it turned out my mom would have  surgery in the fall, and for nearly 1 and half I maintained the position of a new mother, taking care of my little family, just been called as RS Pres.; which scared me to death, (mind you I was only a member 2 years!), VT 60 sisters on the reservation every month, cook and clean for my mom and dad and do their laundry, as well as ours. It sound over whelming but I can literally say that the Lord had to turn the clock back to slow motion during that time. Everything got done, I was not afraid of my new position, in fact RS grew to 12 members because I was fresh blood and did not have a grudge with anyone. I also was at the same time Librarian. You probably have figured out that we lived on an Indian reservation and belonged to a branch, which is now closed:(

So I would like to say; If Heavenly Father did have Twin Spirit Children YES, it would have been awesome.  I can literally see us getting into so much together! However you have me beat...I have never learned to knit, I did not take the time to learn from my grandmother and she was good. I am a very basic crocheter(is this a word?) I taught myself as a form of physical therapy. I have to keep looking at your sentence - My goal is to finish one project! I swear the only time I finish something is if it is for someone or I have a deadline! I have so many little projects too. I even bought this new thing called quilling I think last year before Sean left-guess what - yup still in the bag!  My son does not even have a room. He packed it up and I moved all my crafting stuff in there and my grandson likes to sleep in Uncle Seans bed , but if I keep going wow I am going to need a whole house! Only kidding.  

For Current callings-I served as Food storage specialist in Salt Lake, then Spokane and now here-total years 16 years! So yes I am starting to burn out. I went through all of scouts with my son as well as a den mother. My Husband can't seem to get rid of Committee Chairmen. He is slowly losing that position as the person who is in there now has changed things so he only has to register new scouts things like that. He is financial clerk and has been for 8 years. When Sean was asking me to help him with his genealogy to take with him, I told him I think you are done you just need to print it out. We had to do a couple of things but I told him, maybe dad and I will go on our own "mini mission" here at home. Being  a non member you can imagine the work I have.  Sean left for the Mexico MTC Aug 12 and the end of Sept we were in the Bishops office- We would like to call you as stake Family History Consultants! We looked at each other and burst out laughing. The puzzled look on our Bishops face- we then had to explain- I guess that is a yes then? We love it and we are in the stake ctr every Thursday for almost 5 hours and then we are also doing it as ward consultants. My husband and I decided to step it up a little and we index as well. I did not meet my goal last month being gone, but I am anxiously looking forward to get back to doing it. If we are not out with the missionaries we usually index for a couple of hours on Sunday, and sometimes as our FHE.  One of these days they will probably call us to the position as ward MIssionary Leaders. That would be fine. They are in my house enough and I am called enough to give rides, feed, sewing kits, yesterday I had to tend to a sick one. What is that saying...No rest ....

I cannot believe the similarities either. When I get Huckleberries I will make Huckleberry Jam and send you some. Maybe I will make a syrup that you can but on ice cream or pancakes. Or if you make shakes you could make huckleberry shakes. A taste of Montana.  They are staring to come out now.  

We cannot wait to meet you and you guys sound like you would be a fun bunch to play balderdash with! By the way we love to play games.  If you have never played it- you are asked a question ( up to 6 players) all the same question, so 5 people come up with the answer the person asking the question has the answer and then you read all 6 answers. At times you are in stitches just wondering where some of the stuff comes from- for instances, a date and the answer might be ...the french bra was put on the market, the first flushable toilet. A weird word and what does it mean-I think this is the favorite category! 

My husband comes from a long line of I guess pioneers. It appears that one of his ancesters was married to someone who came out with Brigham Young- and My son and I saw one of his relatives names on the wall at Sun ranch that helped in the second rescue. His Great Grandfather helped build the I believe it is the Sidon Canal and Prayer rock in Lovell and Cowely-they settled that area. His family was not always active and he has a brother and sister in law that are not active. Actually My sister in law is not a member- 

How we learn from our past and our families past, and choices. I told my son, When you make a decision a bout a spouse, make sure she wants the same goal as  you do, it does not mean you cannot be different people-but ultimately you need each other to return to Heavenly Father, You should both agree on how and when you want children and how they will be reared and you want someone who will take care of your children not let them run wild like today. 

It is amazing how the lord saved such strong Spirits for today. I need to get going but I just cannot believe the similarities. You will always have a place here if you wish. Whitefish is beautiful, and Sister Erbe probably did not even get to see so much of it- Libby is beautiful, that is an hour away, as canada is 1 1/2 hours-to 3 depending on where you go. Glacier is nice when the tourist aren't there. Frankly We stay to our home during the peak times- UGH- 

You take care and I need to read a lesson a prepare to go the Wards- Your daughter thought we would be a great fit for this family-They are getting the lesson on the plan of salvation- We did the Priesthood Leson, The restoration, it is funny- this couple is truly being taught by the spirit and lessons are done by the way questions are asked. This was a real come out my comfort zone but after the first time, I loved it! 

We are having a nice cool morning and it is a relief from the heat. Until next time,

Hugs to you and your family and see what project you will get done,,,My guess APRICOTS!  


PS what do you think our kids think of this?!

Again, thank you for loving my daughter. We will keep your son in our
prayers. What is his name?

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