Thursday, July 10, 2014

Letter from Sister Acton to the Erbes re: Sister Erbe

 Sister Erbe,
I want to let you know that over the years we have had truly only a couple of missionaries that we have asked for their parents email. You are one. Sister Erbe was in our life during a real difficult time in our life as parents of a missionary. Our son has I guess been blessed with receiving Elders who need extra help, who frankly in our opinion, this companion should have gone home. Every rule was broken, our son drained his personal bank account twice because this companion felt that he did not have to pay, he slit our son's shoes, was with girls, lied, and I can not even remember it all. I do know that the  Lord blessed us here at home with shoes that were of equal or better quality for 33.00 a pair, During those months, it seemed to be that there was alot of extra from ward members putting in to account, which alleviated the pressure so we could keep funds in his personal account, and Sister Erbe always knew what to say to us to help us through,  She is much like our son and was able to give him advice to help him with this Elder. If it were not for her, I felt as if he was giving up. Was this connection to her we will never know. She is a special spirit, and has a great spirit about her. We apparently made her laugh. We are "crazy mormons" or as my son says
"chueco"-crooked but obedient. We like to think of ourselves as living the gospel, always trying to progress, but having fun in the process. There is such a thing as clean, wholesome fun. They got to experience some one night when we had our autistic grandson. They loved it and from then on felt like they good just be at home. Your daughter will be greatly missed, and I am sure she feels like my son at times, he feels like that he did not complete his job, partly due to his bad companion, but as I reminded him...think of the souls you saved by saving one soul. Not every missionary can do as our children do. It is trying for them but do know this You can be proud of your daughter. She is a great example of how she was brought up.

May you continue to be blessed as she serves in Helena. I am sure you are busy preparing a welcoming party for her. Do me one favor? Give her a big Hug and tell her it is from SIster Acton.

God Bless you and your family,
Sister Acton

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