Sunday, July 20, 2014

Letter between mom and Malynne

Dear Malynne,
I know it has been a while since I have written, I am sorry.  Last week I ended up working at Vinyl until about 1 and I think I missed you by about 15 minutes.  I was so bummed.  I need your Address!!!!
I have started a daily countdown on FB, today you only have 27 more days until you are home!!!!!  I can't wait.
Last night we went to the Scera Shell and saw Les Miserables.  It was very well done, but nothing like Alfie Boe.  When they sang the song Bring Him Home, I just smiled this time, no tears.  I know that our Heavenly Father has watched over you and that you will be home soon! :)
Grandma has picked a roommate for you and has rented the basement to this girl.  I told her that that was not cool, and that now it would be up to you if you even want to move in.  Grandma said that this girl needed a home and she know you will "just love her".  I told my mom that you have had 18 months of not getting to pick your roommates and now it will be 100% up to you if you want to live there or not.  We will talk more about this when you get home.
On Thursday I went and visited Grandma Alma.  The doctors are trying to decide if they should put her on a morphine drip.  Aunt Joleen does not want to do this because Grandma sleeps so deeply on morphine that she can't even be woken up to be feed and she feels that the few things she does enjoy will be lost to her.  She looks forward to watching a few shows on TV, and she loves visitors. Sometimes you will be talking to Joleen and laugh about something and Grandma will smile or laugh.  So we know that she is listening to the conversations around her and understanding them.  However, she is physically in so much pain that the morphine will help her to deal with that.  I think that morphine is just one step closer to death for her.  I did tell Grandma about your request to go from the airport to her home and she smiled and said, "Really?"  I said yes and she got teary eyed and kept smiling.
I need to get my nursery lesson together.
I love you, I will watch for you tomorrow.
Malynne:   Hey mom, you might be working and now in Helena we only have 1 hour to email people so not much time at all. I don't mind that Grandma picked a roommate because I have been really stressed out about the whole thing and finding a roommate. I just want to be the one to decorate....I have it all planned out in my head how I will decorate it! And if it doesn't work out...then I will find an apartment somewhere probably not in Lehi and just keep working until I can afford to go to school. I'm not worried about it. Also if I don't like her, then I don't have to stay so it's different than a mission. But I am pretty sure things will be fine. I don't know how I feel about morphine....maybe Grandma needs a blessing and then she can just go in peace. I do want to see her with all my heart, but I also want to see her happy and well like I remember her. On the other side ya know? How is teaching nursery going? I hope it's going good. I also hope that you have a great week! LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe 

Mom:  Dear Daugher,
I love the nursery.  i am in there with Maddie Tilley, who has decided that she LOVES you.  She follows all your letters, pictures and she has told me over and over "Malynne is BEAUTIFUL, those big blue eyes, curly hair, and big fat lips.  She will be married in no time."  She knows how many days until you come home and everything. 
On the day that you come home there is a ward party.  Do you want to go?  I think it would be fun.

Malynne:  yes let's do it! :) I love Maddie too! Ha ha. I am going to write you a letter today, but I was wondering if you could send me some stamps? I am almost out! I love you soo much I will write more in my letter but I am out of time here :( Tell Maddie that I love her!

Mom:  so I have a little bit of bad news we can not get your hair done on the day you return we're going to have to wait until Monday or Tuesday I'm sorry but it just won't work out

Malynne:  Well, there is a Sister here who will help with my hair and get it so that it's one color. :)

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