Monday, July 7, 2014

Conversation with mom: Transferring to Helena, Montana

Mom:  I just want you to know I love you and you need to tell me the Costco story.

Malynne:  The Costco story? We just found a member to take us. I we bought a bunch of food and I bought a little blender so that I could make smoothies for breakfast. It is small enough that I can pack it and bring it home with me. :) So it will be nice. Yeah not a huge story but yeah... 

Mom:  Alex Freeman came home.  Just found out from Mindy.  Apparently he was at church on Sunday.  No more information.

Malynne:  Weird....I am really the last one left. 

Mom:  (about an hour later)  So, I have been on the phone with T-mobile for hours, trying to straighten out our bill.  Then increased it by $200.....not happening.  I just got it resolved.  I just saw on FB that you got transferred?  How do you feel about this?  Who will your companion be?  Please send me your address.

Malynne:  I am going to Helena My companion will be Sister Rider. I was mad about being transferred, but now I don't care. I love Whitefish and it has become like home to me. No matter where I go Whitefish will be home and it will hold a piece of my heart. Well at least the people in it will. I am thankful that I got as much time as I did here and I don't know how Helena will be, but I am ready to go. 

Mom:  I am sure you will do great and 36 days is long enough to fall in love with people in Helena.  Make it the best 36 days!!!! 

Malynne:  Honestly I don't think I will love Helena ha ha. I think I will like it....but not love it. But hey I could be wrong you know? Brother Lane is our ward mission leader and he has had his sons in town, they're the ones we spent the 4th of July with. They are leaving on the 24th of July and we had all these plans with them because I love them. They are seriously like my little brothers! Hunter is 17 and Hayden is 14 and Hyrum is 11 so they are the exact same ages as my siblings. Yeah anyway I was pretty composed until I had to tell Hayden I was getting transferred and then we both cried and then everyone else was crying. I have kept it pretty well composed so far today. Ha ha, it's just like leaving my family again. That's what makes it hard. 

Mom:  So favorite areas?  Lovell and Whitefish?  Where will we be going in October?

Malynne:  Honestly I love them soo much! Both of them. It rips my heart out to think that I have to choose between them. Maybe we can go to Lovell and I can figure something out with Sister Owens so that we can come up to Kalispell/Whitefish right afterward. I am going to talk to her today. She is getting transferred her last transfer too and she has been in her area for over a year, so it's kind of crazy! 

Mom:  We can plan on going to Montana next summer and going to Glacier.  I think it would be good to stay kinda close in October, Wyoming.

Malynne:  Yeah, I don't know. We can come next summer and I can come in October! :) Ha ha. Well, we gotta go eat lunch a member is taking us out. I love you though and I will write you a letter! LOVES!

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