Monday, July 7, 2014

Another Great Week in Whitefish and Transfers???!!!?????

Well, this week was great! :)

Monday we went to Costco and I already told you about that. Then Monday night we had an appointment with our investigators the Wards and we had Brother Acton came with us to it. Nikki told us that she was working on deciding which religion was right for her. So, we read the beginning of the Book of Mormon with her and she said that she really liked it. We made an appointment to come back the next day and to watch the restoration and read a little more of the Book of Mormon.

Tuesday we had to get up early because we had an appointment with John Hoag another investigator. We had Phil another member come with us and he taught John all about the Plan of Salvation. It was good. Then we went and we had some lunch, then we went straight to the community center to play mexican train dominos with some old ladies that we met. It was so cute and so much fun and so we decided that we were going to do it every week from now on! :) Then we went over to the Wards house again and watched the restoration with them and we read the beginning of the Book of mormon with her. Then we went to the park to make some phone calls. While we were there, there was a guy who came and told us that we were the worst missionaries because we weren't going what Peter and John did in the bible and just going without clothes or anything and preaching the was weird! Then we went and ate dinner and I don't remember the rest of the night.

Wednesday we went and visited with some people and then had dinner with our relief society president. Then we had to go and pick up a giant 55" t.v. from a less active and take it over to the Wards. It was crazy and super heavy! it was one of those old ones with its old stand. The wards were so excited, but getting it into their house was crazy. Then once we got it in there they didn't have room and nobody knew how to hook it up. So, we called the Elders and they said that they could come over the next day to hook it up. After the wards we went and checked on our potential investigators Bob and Sue and set up a service project for the next day.

Thursday morning we got up and we had a service project, so we went and we mowed Bob and Sue's lawn and we weed wacked the back....I had never done it so we were sweaty and had grass sticking to us so bad that we couldn't pick it off or it would stick to our fingers. It was so fun! :) Then we picked up the Elders and went over to the Wards. We packed up everything in their entertainment center and moved it and then moved the entertainment center. Then Elder Blackmon hooked up the t.v. and we read a chapter out of the Book of Mormon and discussed the Word of Wisdom. It was super fun! :) Then we changed and went to our dinner appointment and it was great.

Friday morning we got up and went to the fourth of July breakfast. We had a bunch of people come lots of less actives and investigators and everybody had a great time! The Lanes brought a soccer ball and so we started a soccer game with all of the little kids and they all just loved tackling me a lot ha ha. :) We had stickers and made hats and we ate lots of food and socialized. It was honestly such a great morning! :) We then went to the art fair and we walked around and talked to a bunch of people and tried to hand out our pass along cards. Then we went home and changed into jeans because we were going to the Lanes for the rest of the day and going hiking and stuff. Sister Ayala decided to take a nap as soon as we got there. I hung out with the boys all day. :) We played 2 truths and a lie, and blew up everything we could find that was fun to blow up with fire crackers. We also played a game called fact or crap that was super fun. We goofed around on the guitar and played speed and ate food. :) Then Sister Ayala got up and we partied more. We had a bon-fire and told jokes and sang around it. Then, we went over to a little road and one of the millionaires that owns a big house over there puts on a $40,000 firework show. There was only about 50 cars so it was like our own little private show. :) Soo much fun! I love the Lanes they are like my little brothers. So yeah it was a good day. :)

Saturday was hard because we got permission to stay out so late on the fourth of July, so it was hard to get up. Also, Sister Ayala was very sad and homesick so she slept for most of the day. We finally talked about it and she told me how sad she was and we were able to fix it. Then, we went out to a magic show. One of our investigators has a husband who is a mediocre magician and he was doing his last show so they had a big party and invited everybody. :) So we went and watched it, and it was pretty fun! Then, we went over to the Lanes again. There is a Sister here visiting who used to be here on the mission and she was coming to visit so we were invited over to dinner. We went over there at about 7 and spent the rest of the night there. :) It was super fun...again! :P

Sunday morning came and the Zone leaders were calling to let us know our transfer news. We kept missing their call and finally as the sacrament started they called us. We decided that after the sacrament we would step out and call and find out our news. Sister Ayala is staying here in Whitefish, and I am going to be heading to Helena for my last transfer. I was very upset yesterday and didn't even want to do anything. So, we went to the Lanes again. I love everyone in Whitefish so much and there were lots of tears shed. I hate saying goodbye, but I know that I will be able to talk to them more often as soon as I get home. I guess going to Helena will be kind of a break because I don't have to know where anything is or who anyone is since I'm only going to be there for like 36 days. But after spending the day with the Lanes and talking to them and just getting a new perspective I know that this is right. They are bringing in Sister Davis one of my old companions and she is leaving at the same time as me ha ha. :P I called President Mecham to ask him why and he called back. He told me he wants me to end strong and that I can shine in this new area in a way that Whitefish wasn't allowing me. He told me that he knew that Whitefish was a hard area and that my numbers would never reflect how hard of a worker that I am. He also told me that Sister Davis needs to be in Whitefish for now. So, I guess I can accept that. ;)

Well, I love you all a lot, and I hope that you have an awesome week! LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe

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