Monday, June 23, 2014

Obedient vs. EXACT Obedience

Mom:  Yesterday President Meek spoke in our ward for ward conference. It was all about being obedient and he read President Hinckleys 2002 conference address about missionary farewells and homecomings.  I am totally in a quandry as to what to do.  We are told not to have anything special, to attend all three meetings.  What do you think?

Malynne:  I am here. :) I think we should do something special. It will be one of the times when we will have all of our family together in one collective place. 

Mom:  So, how do we do that and attend all our meetings and still be obedient?  I was thinking about maybe doing a breakfast before church?

Malynne:  I don't know. I just feel like that was super rude of President Meek because I am the next one to come home. 

Mom:  No you are not.  Justin Robbins came home on Friday and his home coming and Robbies farewell are next Sunday.  Personally.....I think Shane Kelly asked him to do it.  Robbie had sent out invites for his farewell and everything.  Last night at about 9:30pm he cancelled his event.

Shall we just talk about it when you come home?  We should give people more notice if they are wanting to come.  We could have a get together after church?????

Malynne:  Yeah, but I don't know if people would come and then come again later. I don't know....I just get annoyed. It was a seriously kill joy. The most important meeting is sacrament meeting. 

Okay, you're right...let's be obedient and do what is asked of us. We will figure it out when I get home. Hopefully I will have a week before I speak and not just one day. Maybe you can talk to Bishop about it? That would be great. Okay well I love you we gotta go though. LOVES! 
-Sister Malynne Erbe 
(p.s. I will write letters today so I will put more into it) :) 

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