Monday, June 9, 2014

Mission Tour

Okay mostly I want to send pictures...also this has been a pretty slow week.

So on Tuesday we went and did loads of service. We spent a lot of the day painting with a Sister who used to be our ward missionary but is going to get released because her husband is now the 2nd counselor in our ward. We painted with her then she took us out to lunch. We had to run home before we could go to lunch and change and on our way there...we saw a bear! Holy cow!!!! It was pretty sweet. :) Then we went out to get chinese food. We had to go home and pack after that and then run to a members house who gave us lots of snacks and then we picked up the Elders and drove to Helena. 

Wednesday morning we got up at 4:45 and went to our meeting. We got to see soo many people. There was almost my whole MTC district there and that made me super happy. :) I also got to see lots of friends from Missoula and stuff. :) Elder Godoy was from Brazil and soo funny! Oh my gosh he had Sister Ayala crying she was laughing so hard. This meeting was super different because it wasn't all like spiritually uplifting stuff, it was more technical stuff and he taught us lots of techniques. It was really great for our mission though and I loved it. 

Thursday I thought my head was going to explode because my ears hurt...So we stayed inside and went out that night. We went out with a member in our ward and she had us go and find some visiting teaching sisters of hers and then we contacted a referral and stopped by the Danielles. 

On Friday we decided to go to the park and idea ever. We didn't really study because we just talked to everybody for like 3 hours. It was good, but we didn't study...I read 1/2 a chapter in the book of 8 whole verses. :P Then we went and visited a Sister named Carol Street and ate some dip with her. Then we went to a first aid training thing and it was boring.

Saturday we went and we visited so many people and we tracted a ton. But we didn't get into anywhere...we did find a bible study class to be able to go to. :) 

Yesterday we went to church and then we met with our Bishop and then we went to dinner/lunch thing. We went to mission prep that night and we got to meet some of the young men and get to know them better. We also went and tried to contact a was like in the middle of nowhere. Like when people think of Montana they always think of the back woods people who are super rough and stuff....that's who these people were and I was like "Oh my gosh they exist!" I had decided that nobody in Montana was actually like that ha ha. They weren't interested at all, but we are going to go back and try to teach their daughter. 

Yep, that was my life this week...I am going to send pictures and stuff. :) Hope you all have a great week and maybe next week my letter will be longer! :) LOVES! 

-Sister Malynne Erbe 

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