Monday, June 2, 2014

Less talking and more doing!

Well this week was long....Seriously long. It was kind of a rough week too. Sister Ayala her sister graduated and turned 18 this week and Makenna turned 17. It was totally hard not to be there for those big events. Also the members forgot about us. We had no calls no appointments no nothing. This was the first week that we were going to let them try and do it without us riding their butts and they let us down a lot. Our ward mission leader hasn't talked to us for 2 weeks and nobody signed up to feed us this week. We have 3 dinners. It's just rough and can be very lonely sometimes. But, after all of it we're okay. We are doing good and the work is still progressing. We did see some miracles regardless.
Sister Ayala and I have been talking a lot about things that we want to do better with our work and us as people. We have been talking a lot and not doing much about it. But we finally changed some things and we feel better and can feel the spirit more in our lives. Sometimes it's really easy to teach about repentance and change and tell others that they need to do it, but it's super easy to forget about it ourselves. But I definitely learned that repentance is for every single person. Some of us have smaller things to repent of than others or more minor waking up at 6:32 instead of 6:30 and taking a few extra minutes to each lunch than we should....But we still have an opportunity to repent and do better. Honestly as soon as we made a decision to do better we saw some awesome miracles come into our lives. It wasn't like we had to wait for those blessings, they came as soon as we changed they were immediate and we saw them. Man God wants to bless us soo much just sometimes we are to stubborn to let him! 

We were able to go and visit the wards again with the Actons. Don't worry no crazy car accidents or anything like that which is good. :) We taught a little about the restoration and they seemed like they understood but they were trying to wrap their heads around it so we didn't want to overwhelm them. We set up an appointment for tomorrow night that we can't go to because we are going on a road trip to Helena for a mission tour meeting. We will meet with them again though. 

We also were able to do face painting for the primary party on Saturday...So much fun! we had so much fun with all of them. :) I will send you some pictures of it. Little kids are the best! 
Yesterday at church was hard but there were a few people who actually talked to us which made it a little better. We then went and saw Joan our investigator. It was more of a casual meeting with her. We didn't have any lesson planned to teach her we didn't have members there it was just us and her and it was perfect. We know her on a more personal level now and we will be able to teach her. It just made me love her soo much more! It was a perfect ending to not the best week. 

So tomorrow night we are picking up the Kalispell Sisters (Sister Owens...basically the best!) and we get to drive to Helena with them and spend the night there. In the morning we are going to meet with half of the mission and a general authority is coming. His name is Elder Carlos A. Godoy, and I know nothing about him other than everyone is really excited. :) But then we will get back Wednesday night probably late. Basically this is our week! :) I'll let you know how it goes. it is definitely going to be a much needed break and to get spiritually recharged...we need it a lot! :P 

Well, hope that you have an awesome week! LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe 

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