Monday, June 30, 2014


We met the craziest people this week. Seriously!!!! Oh man, crazinesss. So we went out teaching with Sister Tubbs, she is  a member in our ward and super nervous about everything. But we promised her that everything would be alright. So we went to go and find a less active named Alice Morrison. She lives in some apartments (which is kind of an important detail.)  We went and the only door that wasn't marked was this door that we were trying to find. So I asked a guy outside if he could help us. (Oh, it was pouring rain by the way) He helped us and couldn't find it, so he asked the gardener, and he couldn't find it, so we just ended up talking to  the gardener. We found out that his name was Polar Bear.....(red flag! :P) So, we talked to him about Jesus Christ and he said "I believe in Jesus Christ, I believe in every church that believes in him and I am out here trying to spread the word just like you." We gave him our number on a pass along card and then he asked us where the church was and we told him. Then he said "Yeah, I was living in Florida and I just drove up here with my 3 month old baby and my girlfriend and we don't have anywhere to live, so we are living in my car and I just got this job and this lady just told me that I am one of the laziest people. She said I don't even work hard! Last year they cut all this grass down with a weed wacker and this year I am doing it all by hand and I am doing such a good job." He just kept going on and on and was working himself up more and more, and he was clipping the grass the whole time he was talking to us and just kept cutting it faster and harder and throwing it at us. But, I wanted his number and also I am not super skittish so I wasn't scared. But yeah he was working himself up and was crying and freaking out and stuff. Then sister Tubbs said "I am ready to go, he is scaring me." So we told her to go and sit in the car...except that she didn't. So we finally said "Hey, we gotta go. So, call us if you need anything." But he said "Wait, I want you to meet my son before you go." Then he walked to his car and pulled out this tiny little was naked because he couldn't afford any clothes. Not even diapers. It was the saddest thing ever! I got all emotional and my companion was all emotional. Then there was a guy standing on the second story of this apartment complex and asked the guy to come over to his car. The other guy pulled out a whole thing of diapers and gave it to Polar Bear. It was awesome. So, we started talking to the other guy and we said "That was so nice!" Then he said "Well, I didn't need 'em I don't even have kids." Then we said "Wait....why did you have diapers in your trunk?" and he said "Well, I had this friend and I was trying to help her out, but then we lost contact." Then he said "Oh hey, you are Mormons..I used to be a Mormon in Alaska." So, we said "'re still a member, can we come visit you sometime?" and he said " name is Dunstin I live right there." Yeah the Lord totally figured out how to help us find that less active! CRAZY!!!! 

Also we met another guy who told us that he was going to be the worlds first trillionaire because he owned a gold and diamond mine in Gahna....he said we would get 100 million dollars every month until the day that we die so that we can carry on the Lords work. We made sure that he had our number just in case ;) Ha ha. Yep Whitefish has crazy people! I love it so much though. 

We had a whole sacrament meeting on Sunday about missionary work. Then 3rd hour they started talking about missionary work. We had a member who was baptized a year ago bear his testimony and it was soo awesome! The ward is doing a 40 day fast too. Meaning that everyday for the next 40 days someone in our ward will fast for the missionary efforts. :) Maybe every day for the next 40 days we will find a new investigator!!!! :D We are so excited about how the work is going to pick up. :) 

I love can be a hard area and there are crazy people here, but I love it. I love that the people here are total hippies, I love the mountains I love the ward...I just love it. Also, I love that people rename themselves after something weird to do with nature ha ha. like Whitefeather, and polar bear, and even Whitefish itself. Sister Ayala and I gave ourselves nature names :P She is Water Droplet and I am Rising Sun sky. Ha ha. Now we officially fit in! 

Thanks so much for all of your love and prayers! I love you all!!! 
-Sister Malynne Erbe 

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