Monday, June 9, 2014

Companion, trunkie, Snot and clogged ears.

Mom:  I am waiting for you. ARe you there?

Malynne:  Hey mom, I am here now...crazy morning. 

Mom:  I am here!  You are there!  and we can carry on a conversation!!!  How are you?  Why has your morning been so crazy?  Only 61 Days until you are home!

Malynne:  Ha ha, actually it 67 ha ha I counted this morning. :P It has been crazy because my companion was kind of being a brat. I got up and did all the laundry, cleaned the apartment, washed the car, and then send in our numbers....she spent 3 hours getting ready. When I took a half an hour to get ready after doing everything she was like "Can we go now?" And threw a little tantrum....I should be used to it by now but for some reason it bugged me a little more than usual today. 

Mom:  Is that why your President said she was a hard one?  Is she always like that?  But you still love her?

Malynne;  Yeah she is always like that....I am like the most submissive person in the world. President knows she is like that, and that she loves tantrums. I wrote you a long letter the other day about it ha ha. :P I still love her but I am getting really frustrated with her. 

Mom:  where is this long letter?  I haven't got one.

Malynne:  I sent it Friday so I am guessing it should be there today or tomorrow. I sent a big stack to like a million people in Lovell and then also from home too. 

Mom:  I will be waiting at the mailbox!!!!  So, have your friends, that are bringing boxes to Utah for you, left yet?  I haven't heard anything.

Malynne:  Nope not yet...I haven't even finished packing them. I am sending home like 4 boxes with them, and they are leaving in like 9 days. 

Mom:  We are going out of town on the 26th.  Will they be here before then?

Malynne:  MOM I want to come home.....I don't want a companion anymore, I don't want everybody telling me who I am supposed to be all the time, I don't want to be here right now. Today has just been hard, and I am so ready to come home and to just be able to be my own stinkin' person. Instead of being like this submissive person who isn't allowed to make decisions anymore. 

Mom:  No.  You do not want to come home yet.  You still have 68 days.  Stop being submissive.  Have a voice.  State your opinion.  Someone once told me that it is ok to agree to disagree.  I have remembered that.  You can tell her how you feel.  She might not like it, but it will make you feel better.  You can finish this hard 68 days.  We will be waiting for you at the airport on the 16th of August and not a day sooner.  LOVES!!!!

Malynne:  Oh man, nope I can't say anything.....I really really can't. I have to keep everybody happy...except for me. I don't know why all of a sudden I am having a bad day. I am just tired of giving and giving and giving and never getting anything in return. I guess I kind of know how you felt when I was a brat. 

Mom:  (Sent her a saying that says "You have not failed until you quit trying."  President Gordon B. Hinkley)
I hope it makes you feel better.  Keep going.  I will remind you of how you felt next time you are a brat :)  Somehow I think you have grown up a lot on your mission and I am hoping the bratty days are over!  Is there any chance of you getting a new companion before you leave?  When is the next transfer?  Have you asked for a blessing?

Malynne:  Ha ha, the bratty days are over...I promise! Nobody should do anything by themselves and I wish that I had known this when I was growing up. But I remember dad saying "You can't judge the person you used to be with the knowledge you have now." I remember that and I like it a lot. :P I know I have grown a lot. Missions are super hard! Like everybody says "The best two years." They are like the hardest two years that become the best because you grow so much...but yes they are hard. Looking back on my life and the person I used to be I feel like the worst daughter/sister/student/everything. But I know now that who I used to be and the mistakes that I made don't matter because I have time to change. I can't promise that I won't ever get upset again or frustrated with things, but I can promise that I will never be the same person the next day when I wake up...I will be better. President Mecham wouldn't dream of moving her because I am the only one who will put up with it. She doesn't think that...but it's true. Next transfer is in a month. I have gotten several blessings for different things, Like being homesick and just being sad and stuff like that. So, I don't know if I will ask for this one....I mostly just needed a sound board for a while. 

Mom:  How much longer is she going to be on her mission and what is she going to do when you leave?  Personally I do not think it is fair that your last six months of your mission are spent baby sitting, but......maybe it is for you to learn something.  They say that a mission converts one person more than any other and that is the missionary.  I think that is true of you.  I am working on the hair appointment.  I think I will aim for us to be at Jodi's house at 7:30pm on the day you come home.  I am hoping that will work with President Meeks schedule, but Jodi is so flexible and will work out.  I think when you get home you should sign up for institute immediately, and go to a singles ward.  If you stay in our family ward you will get put in Primary for sure and your chance of meeting others will be little, slim, ziltch.  Go to the singles ward.  Secretly......I want you to hook up with Mason Taylor!  He is still here, attending our ward for the summer and boy is he a good looking man.

Malynne:  She is going to be here until November 1st. So...I don't know what will happen once I leave...I hope it will work out. I am so glad I can get my hair done! Yay!!!!! It is awful right now...I know that there is some greater purpose in all of this and that God wants me to learn something from this....It is just really hard to keep that perspective every second of every single day. I have learned mostly from it that the world doesn't revolve around me...I can look like poo one day and it won't kill me. There are so many more important things to worry about than just me. So, I do want to go to institute immediately and I will go to the singles ward....I don't know which one I might go to one in Orem or something. I really don't want to go to the one in Lehi. I don't want to remeet everyone from high school and deal with their drama I just want to meet new people. :) Also, I think I am going to find a Spanish ward and go to that...I am going to learn Spanish I have decided. I know you secretly want me to hook up with Mason ha ha, I don't know though I guess we will see when I get back how things will work out. He is super good looking I have had a crush on him since like 2nd grade....Oh well. :P 

Makayla:  Hi Malynne. I sent a letter a few days ago, but I don't know if you got it or not. I said I would include some pictures, but dad sent the letter before I could put in some pictures. I took a bunch of pictures and put them in the envelope and we're sending it off today.

Mom:  kGandma and Grandpa would love for you to go to their singles ward.  I think that the only way your records can to another area is if you move and live in that area.  We can say you are already living with Grandma and Grandpa.  
Makayla is here and wants to say hi.  Then she and I are going to run to the store.  

Malynne:  OKay. :) I would love to not go to our singles ward. :P I can't wait to get letters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't got letters in soo long! Maybe I will get it today...I hope I get it today. 

Makayla:  I haven't really sent any letters because I've been sooo busy with the end of school but now there probably won't be any because this is summer, and I haven't really done anything. I've spent the majority of my summer on Netflix. Ethan was this kid at my school, he was a 9th grader, and I was an 8th grader and me and him were having a fight (we were just screaming things at each other sarcastically) so Ethan yells "YOU NEED TO GET A LIFE!" (remember that we were BOTH being sarcastic) SO I scream "I HAVE A LIFE, IT'S CALLED NETFLIX!!!" and he just kind of looked concerned and then said. "I TAKE THAT BACK, GET SOME HELP!" It was really funny. 
    I played my violin in sacrament meeting yesterday. I was nervous out of my mind, but once I got up there to play, I just got this awesome warm sensation and then my hands completely stopped shaking and I did awesome. :) People have been texting and calling Mom to tell her that I did awesome, which makes me feel really happy.
    Every morning Dad wakes us up at 8 and then leaves. Makenna usually goes back to sleep until 9:30 and Connor gets up at like 8:30 so I'm all alone for at least 30 minutes every morning. I get on the blu-ray player and watch things on Netflix. Usually Supernatural. That's like all I ever do anymore, and I kinda feel pathetic about my life, but hey, it's my life and I'm having fun so screw whoever makes fun of that. 

Malynne:  Maybe with those 30 minutes you get alone everyday you can read the Book of Mormon? Then you can think "Wow Malynne and I are reading the Book of Mormon at the same time everyday." :) 

Mom:  This is your mom.  I just read what you wrote out loud to Makayla.  She smiled and said, "YES".  When you come home I think you will/can be a great infulence on both of your sisters.  We are going to run to the store.  We will watch for your letter when we get back.  We love you.  we pray for you and we we hope that you are always happy.  We can't wait for August 16th to get here.  Hopefully you will still be online when we get back.

Malynne:  OKay good. :) She better do it...I am really good at following up. :P Ha ha. I am going to send my letter in a minute and then some pictures. :)

Mom:  We are back.  Are you still there?

Malynne:  Yep I am still here. 

Mom:  I am so glad that you are still there.  I want you to go and get something for your ears.  It is called a Neti Pot.  You can buy it at a grocery store by the nasal sprays and stuff.  Basically you pour saline in one side of your nose, it drains out the other side and then you repeat it on the other side.  Dad, Makenna and Makayla are doing it daily and it is helping them with their allergies, stuffy sinus, and plugged ears!!!!  Makayla's ears popped about 10 minutes after she tried it for the first time and they haven't plugged up since.  TRY it.  It costs about $20, but it will be the best $20 you will have spent.

Malynne:  Ha ha, that's so funny because I was just talking to dad about it and I actually have one from the doctor. I am going to start using it he talked me into it. :P 

Mom:  It is really good.  I hope that it poops your ears until they pop!

Malynne:  That it does what to my ears? H aha 

Mom:  It is kinda gross, all this snot will drain out of the nostril that you are not dumping the solution into.  It is kinda like a pooping nose.  :)   I had to talk dad into doing it and now I think he is addicted.  Go home and do it, especially if you already have one.  If you don't, but you have a prescription for it use the card.  (I gave you one didn't I?)  It is a mastercard, blue, and says United Health Care on it.

Malynne:  I don't have the card thing, but I do already have one. I will go home and use it. :P 

Makenna:  Malynne, here is Makenna!
Hey Malynne!~ Its Me! Um so I had my first kiss this week..... :D
Malynne:  K, we are heading out like right now. I love you so much though! I hope you like my letter when it gets to you! :) LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!

Malynne:  Oh man! Crazy! I gotta go...but write me a letter. I started writing one to you, but I won't send it until I get a letter okay? K, love you!!!

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