Monday, June 2, 2014

Callings, death, and new beginnings....conversation with mom.

Mom:  Are you still there?

Malynne:  I am but only for a second because I am just sending pictures and then I am done.

Mom:  I really really really want to talk to you.  I need to take connor to summer band at 12:30pm  I got released yesterday, and Uncle Ron is dying...He has 3 weeks to 3 months.  Please stay there for a minute.  I will take connor to jr. high and be right back.
I got released yesterday.  I did not know it was coming.  I have cried, laughed, been happy and sad. 

Malynne:  YOU WHAT!   Ha ha, honestly...I am relieved. That means we get more time to hang out and I get to sit with you in relief society when I get home! 

Mom:  You had great plans....I am now a Nursery leader!  I am totally stoked about it!!!

Malynne:  :( dang it...Well, that sounds like fun though. But we still get to hang out more. Dang it I don't want to go to relief society anymore! What the heck! I don't even have anybody to sit with and I don't want to sit by myself....

Mom:  Gretchen will be there and she will LOVE to have you sit next to her.  Karen Ashman is the new RS Pres., Rebecca Glathar is the 1st counselor, Caroline Nelson 2nd and Mindy Tilley is the secretary.  Personally I think you will get a calling in Primary as soon as you get home.

Malynne:  Probably....I would be okay with that ha ha. Well, we really do have to go we need to get groceries and stuff. But, I love you and I will talk to you next week okay? K loves! 

Mom:  Schmoo, I want you to know that I love you.  I am sorry for not writting a letter this last week, I was planning on doing it before church, and then I got released and was too emotional to do it.....and I missed you and nothing was right about my day.  Then we went to a bbq/family prayer for uncle Ron.  Sorry.  I love you.  I will write you a letter so you will have a long one next week.  You should be getting the coconut and mangos today.

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