Monday, June 23, 2014

Awesome week!!!!!!!!!!

THE SUN CAME OUT!!! Seriously every night we would go to bed and it would be pouring and we would wake up and it would be pouring. But Thursday morning we woke up and the sun had come out and we were very happy! Also, wonderful things happened after the sun came out! :) So that's when I will start since the beginning of the week was relatively boring because we were soaked the whole time and pretty miserable.
So thursday! :) We got up and the sun was out! We went out and decided to bike that morning. We had some appointments that we had to be to early on that day, so we biked everywhere. Halfway through the day all 4 of our tires went flat. We went around a corner and just happened to see a guy who owned a lawn mower shop. We walked up to him and he said "Do you need some air?" So he pumped up all of our tires and told us his name was scruffy. We told him that we have a pet squirrel named scruffy. It was interesting. :) We biked around and tried a lot of people but nobody was home. We were super happy to be biking's like freedom a little bit. I just want to bike all the time! 

Friday we had to get up early and go and help at youth conference. It was a tri-stake youth conference and so there was everybody in the Stevensville and missoula and Kalispell stakes. :) So I got to see all the youth from Hamilton! I was so excited to see them. :) It was super fun, they had an obstacle course and some was just super cool. All of the missionaries were there to help. Sister Ayala and I and a bunch of other Sisters were in charge of blowing up helium balloons. We blew up 400 fingers were super sore! But it was cool because at the end we got to go and release all the balloons at once. All the youth tied their burdens to them and then we let them all go. It was super cool to see 400 balloons all go up at once. :) (don't worry, they were bio-degradable.) After we helped out at youth conference we went and had our zone training. It was a great meeting, and helped us a lot. :) Then we came home and tried one of our potential investigators, Jackie, and we taught her the restoration. She said she believed that it was true. She said she would get baptized but she didn't want to pick a date yet. She said we could come back and read the Book of Mormon with her the next morning. :) Then the our district leader came over and came out teaching with us to go and meet some of our investigators. We went over to Joans and she was one her way out the door so she said we could come over the next day at 10:30. 

Saturday morning we got ready to go over to Joans and she texted and canceled. We haven't been able to meet with her forever and so we were both super disappointed. She rescheduled for Sunday night. We went and tried a bunch of people and then we went over to Jackies. A Sister from our ward came with us and we read with her. Jackie had already read the whole restoration pamphlet and the Book of Mormon up until halfway through Joseph Smiths testimony. We read with her and talked about it and she said that she had just been praying for friends and she was so thankful that we came into her life. She is awesome! Sister Lee is going to make sure that she is invited to everything. We also had interviews with our zone leaders. Then, we went over to have dinner with the Lanes. Our ward mission leader just found out that he is moving to the other side of Montana for work. He is going to be there for 6 weeks to 3 months unless there is a crazy miracle. It is just really bad timing because we don't have any ward missionaries and soon we won't have a ward mission leader. :( Yep, we are praying for a miracle. 

Sunday we went to church and then met with the Bishop after church. Then we had to go to an appointment that we have with our investigator named Trevert Adkins. We talked for 2 hours and basically it just came down to the fact that he needed to read and pray for himself. We told him that he could be prepared to know for himself by July 19th. He agreed and so he is getting baptized on that date!!!! :D WE FINALLY HAVE SOMEONE ON DATE!!!! It was awesome. We went from his house over to Joans house and she totally stood us up. We were ticked. We think that she is just avoiding us and doesn't want to meet anymore, but I guess that we will see. We are pretty sad about it though. But, it worked and we were able to go and talk to our other investigator named Jacob and we were able to teach him. He got emotional and loved the Joseph Smith story. He is going to come to church on Sunday with us. All in all it was a great day! :) 

Yep, that was our week. We are excited about this week too. Love you all! :) 

-Sister Malynne Erbe 

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