Monday, June 30, 2014

46 days left. Letter from mom and back from Malynne

Dearest Daugher,
Wee are on vacation in Santa Barbara California.  It is beautiful!!!!!!  When we opened the car door upon our arrival, my nose was blessed with the most wonderful smells....ocean, lavender, basil, jssmine, palm trees and all kinds of othet things.  It is like a little piece of paradise here.  We are not on the beach like last year, but we are close and you can see the ocesn from all the front windows.  The only thing that could mske it better is if you were here with us.
How are you?  We wil be watching for your letters.  How many more days till you come home?  Ate you staying focused?
I will let dad tell you about our squirel friend.
I love you.

Hi mom. :) I am totally jealous of California ha ha I am sure it smells better than Montana :P I want to come with you to California next time okay?

Well, I am doing good. My companion is a little sick, but I am good. Also I only have 46 days until I come home. I am also trying to stay as focused as I can...I am waaay more focused now than I was a couple of weeks ago. I have made a lot of progress. 

I love you too!!! :) LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe 


We met the craziest people this week. Seriously!!!! Oh man, crazinesss. So we went out teaching with Sister Tubbs, she is  a member in our ward and super nervous about everything. But we promised her that everything would be alright. So we went to go and find a less active named Alice Morrison. She lives in some apartments (which is kind of an important detail.)  We went and the only door that wasn't marked was this door that we were trying to find. So I asked a guy outside if he could help us. (Oh, it was pouring rain by the way) He helped us and couldn't find it, so he asked the gardener, and he couldn't find it, so we just ended up talking to  the gardener. We found out that his name was Polar Bear.....(red flag! :P) So, we talked to him about Jesus Christ and he said "I believe in Jesus Christ, I believe in every church that believes in him and I am out here trying to spread the word just like you." We gave him our number on a pass along card and then he asked us where the church was and we told him. Then he said "Yeah, I was living in Florida and I just drove up here with my 3 month old baby and my girlfriend and we don't have anywhere to live, so we are living in my car and I just got this job and this lady just told me that I am one of the laziest people. She said I don't even work hard! Last year they cut all this grass down with a weed wacker and this year I am doing it all by hand and I am doing such a good job." He just kept going on and on and was working himself up more and more, and he was clipping the grass the whole time he was talking to us and just kept cutting it faster and harder and throwing it at us. But, I wanted his number and also I am not super skittish so I wasn't scared. But yeah he was working himself up and was crying and freaking out and stuff. Then sister Tubbs said "I am ready to go, he is scaring me." So we told her to go and sit in the car...except that she didn't. So we finally said "Hey, we gotta go. So, call us if you need anything." But he said "Wait, I want you to meet my son before you go." Then he walked to his car and pulled out this tiny little was naked because he couldn't afford any clothes. Not even diapers. It was the saddest thing ever! I got all emotional and my companion was all emotional. Then there was a guy standing on the second story of this apartment complex and asked the guy to come over to his car. The other guy pulled out a whole thing of diapers and gave it to Polar Bear. It was awesome. So, we started talking to the other guy and we said "That was so nice!" Then he said "Well, I didn't need 'em I don't even have kids." Then we said "Wait....why did you have diapers in your trunk?" and he said "Well, I had this friend and I was trying to help her out, but then we lost contact." Then he said "Oh hey, you are Mormons..I used to be a Mormon in Alaska." So, we said "'re still a member, can we come visit you sometime?" and he said " name is Dunstin I live right there." Yeah the Lord totally figured out how to help us find that less active! CRAZY!!!! 

Also we met another guy who told us that he was going to be the worlds first trillionaire because he owned a gold and diamond mine in Gahna....he said we would get 100 million dollars every month until the day that we die so that we can carry on the Lords work. We made sure that he had our number just in case ;) Ha ha. Yep Whitefish has crazy people! I love it so much though. 

We had a whole sacrament meeting on Sunday about missionary work. Then 3rd hour they started talking about missionary work. We had a member who was baptized a year ago bear his testimony and it was soo awesome! The ward is doing a 40 day fast too. Meaning that everyday for the next 40 days someone in our ward will fast for the missionary efforts. :) Maybe every day for the next 40 days we will find a new investigator!!!! :D We are so excited about how the work is going to pick up. :) 

I love can be a hard area and there are crazy people here, but I love it. I love that the people here are total hippies, I love the mountains I love the ward...I just love it. Also, I love that people rename themselves after something weird to do with nature ha ha. like Whitefeather, and polar bear, and even Whitefish itself. Sister Ayala and I gave ourselves nature names :P She is Water Droplet and I am Rising Sun sky. Ha ha. Now we officially fit in! 

Thanks so much for all of your love and prayers! I love you all!!! 
-Sister Malynne Erbe 

Monday, June 23, 2014

My 1/2 Birthday June 22, 2014!!!!!!

Sister Ayala gave me half a cupcake for my half birthday. :) 

Awesome week!!!!!!!!!!

THE SUN CAME OUT!!! Seriously every night we would go to bed and it would be pouring and we would wake up and it would be pouring. But Thursday morning we woke up and the sun had come out and we were very happy! Also, wonderful things happened after the sun came out! :) So that's when I will start since the beginning of the week was relatively boring because we were soaked the whole time and pretty miserable.
So thursday! :) We got up and the sun was out! We went out and decided to bike that morning. We had some appointments that we had to be to early on that day, so we biked everywhere. Halfway through the day all 4 of our tires went flat. We went around a corner and just happened to see a guy who owned a lawn mower shop. We walked up to him and he said "Do you need some air?" So he pumped up all of our tires and told us his name was scruffy. We told him that we have a pet squirrel named scruffy. It was interesting. :) We biked around and tried a lot of people but nobody was home. We were super happy to be biking's like freedom a little bit. I just want to bike all the time! 

Friday we had to get up early and go and help at youth conference. It was a tri-stake youth conference and so there was everybody in the Stevensville and missoula and Kalispell stakes. :) So I got to see all the youth from Hamilton! I was so excited to see them. :) It was super fun, they had an obstacle course and some was just super cool. All of the missionaries were there to help. Sister Ayala and I and a bunch of other Sisters were in charge of blowing up helium balloons. We blew up 400 fingers were super sore! But it was cool because at the end we got to go and release all the balloons at once. All the youth tied their burdens to them and then we let them all go. It was super cool to see 400 balloons all go up at once. :) (don't worry, they were bio-degradable.) After we helped out at youth conference we went and had our zone training. It was a great meeting, and helped us a lot. :) Then we came home and tried one of our potential investigators, Jackie, and we taught her the restoration. She said she believed that it was true. She said she would get baptized but she didn't want to pick a date yet. She said we could come back and read the Book of Mormon with her the next morning. :) Then the our district leader came over and came out teaching with us to go and meet some of our investigators. We went over to Joans and she was one her way out the door so she said we could come over the next day at 10:30. 

Saturday morning we got ready to go over to Joans and she texted and canceled. We haven't been able to meet with her forever and so we were both super disappointed. She rescheduled for Sunday night. We went and tried a bunch of people and then we went over to Jackies. A Sister from our ward came with us and we read with her. Jackie had already read the whole restoration pamphlet and the Book of Mormon up until halfway through Joseph Smiths testimony. We read with her and talked about it and she said that she had just been praying for friends and she was so thankful that we came into her life. She is awesome! Sister Lee is going to make sure that she is invited to everything. We also had interviews with our zone leaders. Then, we went over to have dinner with the Lanes. Our ward mission leader just found out that he is moving to the other side of Montana for work. He is going to be there for 6 weeks to 3 months unless there is a crazy miracle. It is just really bad timing because we don't have any ward missionaries and soon we won't have a ward mission leader. :( Yep, we are praying for a miracle. 

Sunday we went to church and then met with the Bishop after church. Then we had to go to an appointment that we have with our investigator named Trevert Adkins. We talked for 2 hours and basically it just came down to the fact that he needed to read and pray for himself. We told him that he could be prepared to know for himself by July 19th. He agreed and so he is getting baptized on that date!!!! :D WE FINALLY HAVE SOMEONE ON DATE!!!! It was awesome. We went from his house over to Joans house and she totally stood us up. We were ticked. We think that she is just avoiding us and doesn't want to meet anymore, but I guess that we will see. We are pretty sad about it though. But, it worked and we were able to go and talk to our other investigator named Jacob and we were able to teach him. He got emotional and loved the Joseph Smith story. He is going to come to church on Sunday with us. All in all it was a great day! :) 

Yep, that was our week. We are excited about this week too. Love you all! :) 

-Sister Malynne Erbe 

Obedient vs. EXACT Obedience

Mom:  Yesterday President Meek spoke in our ward for ward conference. It was all about being obedient and he read President Hinckleys 2002 conference address about missionary farewells and homecomings.  I am totally in a quandry as to what to do.  We are told not to have anything special, to attend all three meetings.  What do you think?

Malynne:  I am here. :) I think we should do something special. It will be one of the times when we will have all of our family together in one collective place. 

Mom:  So, how do we do that and attend all our meetings and still be obedient?  I was thinking about maybe doing a breakfast before church?

Malynne:  I don't know. I just feel like that was super rude of President Meek because I am the next one to come home. 

Mom:  No you are not.  Justin Robbins came home on Friday and his home coming and Robbies farewell are next Sunday.  Personally.....I think Shane Kelly asked him to do it.  Robbie had sent out invites for his farewell and everything.  Last night at about 9:30pm he cancelled his event.

Shall we just talk about it when you come home?  We should give people more notice if they are wanting to come.  We could have a get together after church?????

Malynne:  Yeah, but I don't know if people would come and then come again later. I don't know....I just get annoyed. It was a seriously kill joy. The most important meeting is sacrament meeting. 

Okay, you're right...let's be obedient and do what is asked of us. We will figure it out when I get home. Hopefully I will have a week before I speak and not just one day. Maybe you can talk to Bishop about it? That would be great. Okay well I love you we gotta go though. LOVES! 
-Sister Malynne Erbe 
(p.s. I will write letters today so I will put more into it) :) 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Skunk Fillet

So I am not going to go into details about our rough week, but I am going to tell you what I learned. I learned that I have been carrying around my weapons or war. I have been holding onto things that aren't worth holding on to and they just needed to be handed over to the Lord. This week we read about the people of Ammon burying their weapons of war. Those people were so converted to the gospel that they gave up the things that were holding them back the most. So, Sister ayala and I both evaluated ourselves and decided what our biggest weapons are. We gave them up. At least we have for 2 days. I have seen that even though Satan is working harder that things are easier. Christ promised us that His "yoke is easy" and that his "burden is light". I feel like I have experienced it this week. I have learned that we don't have to be able to see the atonement to know it works, we just have to use it to know it works. I have learned a lot basically...I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior. I have learned it over and over and over again, but somehow every time I learn it, it seems to be more important to me. I love him more than anything in this world. I also owe him more than anyone in the world (even mom). This is really why I am on my mission...though I can never repay him in full, I am trying my hardest to repay him the best that I can. The people here deserve their Savior, and they deserve to know what I do. That is why I am on my mission.

Thanks for all of your love and prayers...seriously I feel them and I am thankful for them. Especially at night when I lay down and take time to count my blessings before I fall asleep. That's when I realize them the most. I hope that you all have an awesome week! LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe 

p.s. I saw a baby skunk this week....his name is skunk fillet. LOVE YOU DAD! 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Our pet Skunk.

Family Reunion to Crystal Hot Springs. Letters between mom and Malynne.

Well, we just got back from our family reunion if that is what you want to call it.  Grandma and Grandpa rented a trailer.  Corene and her family stayed with them.  Eric, Kira and us stayed in tents with Josh sleeping in his hammock between our tents.  The trailer area was about 200-300 yds away from where we were with the hot spring pools between us.  It felt very disjointed to me.  We only saw my parents and Corene when we ate.  It just didn't seem very family reunionish too me.  However, the kids had a great time!!!!  They always do, playing with cousins.  The nighttime was crazy!!!!! On Friday night we had what dad called "woodstock" in the camp sights across from us.  It was a polynisian family reunion and you can only imagine how that was....Everyone and their friend and their friends friend came to that family reunion.  They had a stage set up, with HUGE speakers.  They played music, danced, sang and ate!   Their music was SOOOO loud!!!!  Thank goodness they packed up and left Saturday morning, but then we got do endure the drunk family (actually preferred Woodstock).  From 1-3:30am there were two brothers fighting in the camps sight right next to ours. in fists!  I slept through it all, but everyone else heard it and it kept them all awake.  I just got the laugh of hearing about it.

I got your letter today (since we were not here over the weekend). I need to tell you to go lightly with Makenna.  If you push too hard she will push back harder.  The best thing you can do is encourage her, serve her, and love her.  I think gentle invitations to go to the temple, get up and go walking together (telling her the intention of spending time with her...NOT exercising, NOT talking church... don't mention those words.....will grab her attention and she will want to be with you).  When she is with you THEN you talk. She is a good girl, just trying to find herself and what she believes.  I think it is good.  I think everyone needs to find out what they believe by their self.  She has a great support system and lots of people that love her.  I think, like you, she would be so much happier and more eager to attend church if she had just one friend in our ward.  (Makayla does not have this problem).  Makenna is in charge of Stake Youth Conference and she is very excited about that.  YC is this weekend, Thursday-Saturday.  I will tell you how that goes next week.

Kira wants me to ask you if you might be interested in being a voice teacher for Kennedys group, Center Stage.  I told her maybe when you get home, but she said you would need to send in a resume right now, and maybe get an interview when you get home.  My opinion......Stay focused on finishing your mission and when you come home find your job!  I think Heavenly Father will help you as long as you stay obedient to the calling/mission you have right now.

I am glad to hear that you and your companion are getting along better.  I have had both of you in my prayers all week.  I love you so much and want you to be happy all the time.  Tomorrow will be the official 2 months left day!!!!  I can't wait to see your cute face and squeeze your cheeks.

I love you and will watch for your letter tomorrow.

Malynne:   Don't worry mom, family reunions aren't going to be super great until I get there!!! :) Ha ha. I would have gone and joined the Polynesian family.....but that's just me. :) Come one with the drunk people, now you have a great story to tell. It sounds like fun to me. :)

So about Makenna...I will go lightly now. But I was not very happy. I thought that everything was fine, and it's not really fine. I have had a hard time this week because I know that Makenna is just doing exactly what I did. If I can spare her the hard times that I had trying to "find myself" then I will. When I get home Makenna can come to church with me and it will be great. I am going to write her every week from now on. Makenna needed to know how I felt about everything. Her decisions aren't just affecting her, they are affecting me too...and everybody else. When I get home, Makenna can ultimately do whatever she wants....but I am going to excercise and that's what I am going to call it. I am also going to study the gospel, and that's what I am going to call it. I am just not going to dance around subjects anymore. It's not exactly going to be a benefit to anybody if I just don't say what needs to be said. I know Makenna is a good girl, but she needs some direction and needs to know what gave other people direction. I am aware that going to church without friend is hard but I also know that it doesn't have to be. It's not about friends it's about the gospel and if she could just spend some time reading and studying about the gospel then she would know that for herself. She needed to know how I felt about now she does. I am not always going to be around and she can't rely on me being there to give her the direction that she wants....she needs to find it. 

I would be interested in being a voice teacher, but I am not going to worry about it. If it's meant to happen then I will be able to do it after my mission no problem. I have had to do a lot of evaluating about my life this week. Things hit really hard for both my companion and I. Monday night, getting dads letter was rough. Tuesday I started getting sick, Wednesday Sister Ayala was sick. Thursday was Sister Ayalas year mark. We went out for Chinese food and we had been saving our money special for that and then the service was really bad and so was the food. I was also super sick on Thursday. Friday we were on exchanges and Saturday until Saturday night. Saturday night we had a meeting with our ward mission leader and let him know that we needed was just a brutal week for both of us. I really evaluated myself as a person and as a missionary. Then we read the story of the people of Ammon with a less active Sister. It made me think of what my weapons of war are. Sister Ayala kind of had the same revelation and we are on the same page. We have buried a lot of weapons of war in the last few days and things are going soo much better since then! I think everyone should do that....find your weapons of war and bury them. That's my invitation to you this week! :) 

Ha ha, I told Sister Ayala that people just love to squeeze my cheeks. It cracks me up that you said it in your email! :P Yep! Only 60 more days...and then we can have a super awesome family reunion!!!! :D 

K, I love you loads! Hope you have a great week! 
-Sister Malynne Erbe 

Mom:  Malynne, just remember you are her sister, not her mother.  Go light!  I do not want her to feel forced.  I believe that we each need to find our selves and our beliefs on our own.  Best thing you can do is be an example and encourage her.

Malynne:  That's what I will do. I am just not going to sugar coat things. That's all. Like if I want to talk about the gospel, then I will just do it. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Mission Tour Car Ride.

The carride back...

more of the carride home! 

Mission Tour, June 2014

Sister Moline & I.
Sister Ayala Sister Holbrook and I.
The Lehites. Sister Owens, Sister Parr, Sister Jones (honorary), Sister Todd, Elder Linton & I. Sister Barkdull is on the other side of the mission :( 
All the Sisters in our zone with Sister Mecham. Sister Owens, Sister Todd, Sister Jones, Sister Mecham, Sister Ayala, Sister Austin, & I. :) 
my MTC district....Elder Kinard, Elder Bishop, Elder Schlenker, Elder Coleman, Sister Holbrook and I. We are missing like 6. of them. :( 


My Montana and a Bear!!!!!

Sister Ayala and I.

 here are just some more random ones...:P Sister Ayala and I and then me in this little ice cream shop.


Companions and Friends.

Sister Ayala and I on a random country road...
Sister Holbrook! 
this is my companion.

Beaches in Montana!!!!

did you know there was a beach in Montana? We just found out ha ha.

Mission Tour

Okay mostly I want to send pictures...also this has been a pretty slow week.

So on Tuesday we went and did loads of service. We spent a lot of the day painting with a Sister who used to be our ward missionary but is going to get released because her husband is now the 2nd counselor in our ward. We painted with her then she took us out to lunch. We had to run home before we could go to lunch and change and on our way there...we saw a bear! Holy cow!!!! It was pretty sweet. :) Then we went out to get chinese food. We had to go home and pack after that and then run to a members house who gave us lots of snacks and then we picked up the Elders and drove to Helena. 

Wednesday morning we got up at 4:45 and went to our meeting. We got to see soo many people. There was almost my whole MTC district there and that made me super happy. :) I also got to see lots of friends from Missoula and stuff. :) Elder Godoy was from Brazil and soo funny! Oh my gosh he had Sister Ayala crying she was laughing so hard. This meeting was super different because it wasn't all like spiritually uplifting stuff, it was more technical stuff and he taught us lots of techniques. It was really great for our mission though and I loved it. 

Thursday I thought my head was going to explode because my ears hurt...So we stayed inside and went out that night. We went out with a member in our ward and she had us go and find some visiting teaching sisters of hers and then we contacted a referral and stopped by the Danielles. 

On Friday we decided to go to the park and idea ever. We didn't really study because we just talked to everybody for like 3 hours. It was good, but we didn't study...I read 1/2 a chapter in the book of 8 whole verses. :P Then we went and visited a Sister named Carol Street and ate some dip with her. Then we went to a first aid training thing and it was boring.

Saturday we went and we visited so many people and we tracted a ton. But we didn't get into anywhere...we did find a bible study class to be able to go to. :) 

Yesterday we went to church and then we met with our Bishop and then we went to dinner/lunch thing. We went to mission prep that night and we got to meet some of the young men and get to know them better. We also went and tried to contact a was like in the middle of nowhere. Like when people think of Montana they always think of the back woods people who are super rough and stuff....that's who these people were and I was like "Oh my gosh they exist!" I had decided that nobody in Montana was actually like that ha ha. They weren't interested at all, but we are going to go back and try to teach their daughter. 

Yep, that was my life this week...I am going to send pictures and stuff. :) Hope you all have a great week and maybe next week my letter will be longer! :) LOVES! 

-Sister Malynne Erbe 

Companion, trunkie, Snot and clogged ears.

Mom:  I am waiting for you. ARe you there?

Malynne:  Hey mom, I am here now...crazy morning. 

Mom:  I am here!  You are there!  and we can carry on a conversation!!!  How are you?  Why has your morning been so crazy?  Only 61 Days until you are home!

Malynne:  Ha ha, actually it 67 ha ha I counted this morning. :P It has been crazy because my companion was kind of being a brat. I got up and did all the laundry, cleaned the apartment, washed the car, and then send in our numbers....she spent 3 hours getting ready. When I took a half an hour to get ready after doing everything she was like "Can we go now?" And threw a little tantrum....I should be used to it by now but for some reason it bugged me a little more than usual today. 

Mom:  Is that why your President said she was a hard one?  Is she always like that?  But you still love her?

Malynne;  Yeah she is always like that....I am like the most submissive person in the world. President knows she is like that, and that she loves tantrums. I wrote you a long letter the other day about it ha ha. :P I still love her but I am getting really frustrated with her. 

Mom:  where is this long letter?  I haven't got one.

Malynne:  I sent it Friday so I am guessing it should be there today or tomorrow. I sent a big stack to like a million people in Lovell and then also from home too. 

Mom:  I will be waiting at the mailbox!!!!  So, have your friends, that are bringing boxes to Utah for you, left yet?  I haven't heard anything.

Malynne:  Nope not yet...I haven't even finished packing them. I am sending home like 4 boxes with them, and they are leaving in like 9 days. 

Mom:  We are going out of town on the 26th.  Will they be here before then?

Malynne:  MOM I want to come home.....I don't want a companion anymore, I don't want everybody telling me who I am supposed to be all the time, I don't want to be here right now. Today has just been hard, and I am so ready to come home and to just be able to be my own stinkin' person. Instead of being like this submissive person who isn't allowed to make decisions anymore. 

Mom:  No.  You do not want to come home yet.  You still have 68 days.  Stop being submissive.  Have a voice.  State your opinion.  Someone once told me that it is ok to agree to disagree.  I have remembered that.  You can tell her how you feel.  She might not like it, but it will make you feel better.  You can finish this hard 68 days.  We will be waiting for you at the airport on the 16th of August and not a day sooner.  LOVES!!!!

Malynne:  Oh man, nope I can't say anything.....I really really can't. I have to keep everybody happy...except for me. I don't know why all of a sudden I am having a bad day. I am just tired of giving and giving and giving and never getting anything in return. I guess I kind of know how you felt when I was a brat. 

Mom:  (Sent her a saying that says "You have not failed until you quit trying."  President Gordon B. Hinkley)
I hope it makes you feel better.  Keep going.  I will remind you of how you felt next time you are a brat :)  Somehow I think you have grown up a lot on your mission and I am hoping the bratty days are over!  Is there any chance of you getting a new companion before you leave?  When is the next transfer?  Have you asked for a blessing?

Malynne:  Ha ha, the bratty days are over...I promise! Nobody should do anything by themselves and I wish that I had known this when I was growing up. But I remember dad saying "You can't judge the person you used to be with the knowledge you have now." I remember that and I like it a lot. :P I know I have grown a lot. Missions are super hard! Like everybody says "The best two years." They are like the hardest two years that become the best because you grow so much...but yes they are hard. Looking back on my life and the person I used to be I feel like the worst daughter/sister/student/everything. But I know now that who I used to be and the mistakes that I made don't matter because I have time to change. I can't promise that I won't ever get upset again or frustrated with things, but I can promise that I will never be the same person the next day when I wake up...I will be better. President Mecham wouldn't dream of moving her because I am the only one who will put up with it. She doesn't think that...but it's true. Next transfer is in a month. I have gotten several blessings for different things, Like being homesick and just being sad and stuff like that. So, I don't know if I will ask for this one....I mostly just needed a sound board for a while. 

Mom:  How much longer is she going to be on her mission and what is she going to do when you leave?  Personally I do not think it is fair that your last six months of your mission are spent baby sitting, but......maybe it is for you to learn something.  They say that a mission converts one person more than any other and that is the missionary.  I think that is true of you.  I am working on the hair appointment.  I think I will aim for us to be at Jodi's house at 7:30pm on the day you come home.  I am hoping that will work with President Meeks schedule, but Jodi is so flexible and will work out.  I think when you get home you should sign up for institute immediately, and go to a singles ward.  If you stay in our family ward you will get put in Primary for sure and your chance of meeting others will be little, slim, ziltch.  Go to the singles ward.  Secretly......I want you to hook up with Mason Taylor!  He is still here, attending our ward for the summer and boy is he a good looking man.

Malynne:  She is going to be here until November 1st. So...I don't know what will happen once I leave...I hope it will work out. I am so glad I can get my hair done! Yay!!!!! It is awful right now...I know that there is some greater purpose in all of this and that God wants me to learn something from this....It is just really hard to keep that perspective every second of every single day. I have learned mostly from it that the world doesn't revolve around me...I can look like poo one day and it won't kill me. There are so many more important things to worry about than just me. So, I do want to go to institute immediately and I will go to the singles ward....I don't know which one I might go to one in Orem or something. I really don't want to go to the one in Lehi. I don't want to remeet everyone from high school and deal with their drama I just want to meet new people. :) Also, I think I am going to find a Spanish ward and go to that...I am going to learn Spanish I have decided. I know you secretly want me to hook up with Mason ha ha, I don't know though I guess we will see when I get back how things will work out. He is super good looking I have had a crush on him since like 2nd grade....Oh well. :P 

Makayla:  Hi Malynne. I sent a letter a few days ago, but I don't know if you got it or not. I said I would include some pictures, but dad sent the letter before I could put in some pictures. I took a bunch of pictures and put them in the envelope and we're sending it off today.

Mom:  kGandma and Grandpa would love for you to go to their singles ward.  I think that the only way your records can to another area is if you move and live in that area.  We can say you are already living with Grandma and Grandpa.  
Makayla is here and wants to say hi.  Then she and I are going to run to the store.  

Malynne:  OKay. :) I would love to not go to our singles ward. :P I can't wait to get letters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't got letters in soo long! Maybe I will get it today...I hope I get it today. 

Makayla:  I haven't really sent any letters because I've been sooo busy with the end of school but now there probably won't be any because this is summer, and I haven't really done anything. I've spent the majority of my summer on Netflix. Ethan was this kid at my school, he was a 9th grader, and I was an 8th grader and me and him were having a fight (we were just screaming things at each other sarcastically) so Ethan yells "YOU NEED TO GET A LIFE!" (remember that we were BOTH being sarcastic) SO I scream "I HAVE A LIFE, IT'S CALLED NETFLIX!!!" and he just kind of looked concerned and then said. "I TAKE THAT BACK, GET SOME HELP!" It was really funny. 
    I played my violin in sacrament meeting yesterday. I was nervous out of my mind, but once I got up there to play, I just got this awesome warm sensation and then my hands completely stopped shaking and I did awesome. :) People have been texting and calling Mom to tell her that I did awesome, which makes me feel really happy.
    Every morning Dad wakes us up at 8 and then leaves. Makenna usually goes back to sleep until 9:30 and Connor gets up at like 8:30 so I'm all alone for at least 30 minutes every morning. I get on the blu-ray player and watch things on Netflix. Usually Supernatural. That's like all I ever do anymore, and I kinda feel pathetic about my life, but hey, it's my life and I'm having fun so screw whoever makes fun of that. 

Malynne:  Maybe with those 30 minutes you get alone everyday you can read the Book of Mormon? Then you can think "Wow Malynne and I are reading the Book of Mormon at the same time everyday." :) 

Mom:  This is your mom.  I just read what you wrote out loud to Makayla.  She smiled and said, "YES".  When you come home I think you will/can be a great infulence on both of your sisters.  We are going to run to the store.  We will watch for your letter when we get back.  We love you.  we pray for you and we we hope that you are always happy.  We can't wait for August 16th to get here.  Hopefully you will still be online when we get back.

Malynne:  OKay good. :) She better do it...I am really good at following up. :P Ha ha. I am going to send my letter in a minute and then some pictures. :)

Mom:  We are back.  Are you still there?

Malynne:  Yep I am still here. 

Mom:  I am so glad that you are still there.  I want you to go and get something for your ears.  It is called a Neti Pot.  You can buy it at a grocery store by the nasal sprays and stuff.  Basically you pour saline in one side of your nose, it drains out the other side and then you repeat it on the other side.  Dad, Makenna and Makayla are doing it daily and it is helping them with their allergies, stuffy sinus, and plugged ears!!!!  Makayla's ears popped about 10 minutes after she tried it for the first time and they haven't plugged up since.  TRY it.  It costs about $20, but it will be the best $20 you will have spent.

Malynne:  Ha ha, that's so funny because I was just talking to dad about it and I actually have one from the doctor. I am going to start using it he talked me into it. :P 

Mom:  It is really good.  I hope that it poops your ears until they pop!

Malynne:  That it does what to my ears? H aha 

Mom:  It is kinda gross, all this snot will drain out of the nostril that you are not dumping the solution into.  It is kinda like a pooping nose.  :)   I had to talk dad into doing it and now I think he is addicted.  Go home and do it, especially if you already have one.  If you don't, but you have a prescription for it use the card.  (I gave you one didn't I?)  It is a mastercard, blue, and says United Health Care on it.

Malynne:  I don't have the card thing, but I do already have one. I will go home and use it. :P 

Makenna:  Malynne, here is Makenna!
Hey Malynne!~ Its Me! Um so I had my first kiss this week..... :D
Malynne:  K, we are heading out like right now. I love you so much though! I hope you like my letter when it gets to you! :) LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!

Malynne:  Oh man! Crazy! I gotta go...but write me a letter. I started writing one to you, but I won't send it until I get a letter okay? K, love you!!!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Callings, death, and new beginnings....conversation with mom.

Mom:  Are you still there?

Malynne:  I am but only for a second because I am just sending pictures and then I am done.

Mom:  I really really really want to talk to you.  I need to take connor to summer band at 12:30pm  I got released yesterday, and Uncle Ron is dying...He has 3 weeks to 3 months.  Please stay there for a minute.  I will take connor to jr. high and be right back.
I got released yesterday.  I did not know it was coming.  I have cried, laughed, been happy and sad. 

Malynne:  YOU WHAT!   Ha ha, honestly...I am relieved. That means we get more time to hang out and I get to sit with you in relief society when I get home! 

Mom:  You had great plans....I am now a Nursery leader!  I am totally stoked about it!!!

Malynne:  :( dang it...Well, that sounds like fun though. But we still get to hang out more. Dang it I don't want to go to relief society anymore! What the heck! I don't even have anybody to sit with and I don't want to sit by myself....

Mom:  Gretchen will be there and she will LOVE to have you sit next to her.  Karen Ashman is the new RS Pres., Rebecca Glathar is the 1st counselor, Caroline Nelson 2nd and Mindy Tilley is the secretary.  Personally I think you will get a calling in Primary as soon as you get home.

Malynne:  Probably....I would be okay with that ha ha. Well, we really do have to go we need to get groceries and stuff. But, I love you and I will talk to you next week okay? K loves! 

Mom:  Schmoo, I want you to know that I love you.  I am sorry for not writting a letter this last week, I was planning on doing it before church, and then I got released and was too emotional to do it.....and I missed you and nothing was right about my day.  Then we went to a bbq/family prayer for uncle Ron.  Sorry.  I love you.  I will write you a letter so you will have a long one next week.  You should be getting the coconut and mangos today.

Face Painting and missionary work.

 I am painting a clown face on Micah Lee 

 I am painting a clown face on Micah Lee 
all the primary kids making faces.
whatever- Sister Ayala and I with our smile & rainbow we
 my giant eye...
 more face masks because we were cleaning mold with the zone leaders. (Me, Elder Schlenker shh-lane-ker, Elder McKeachnie Mc-kak-nee, and Sister Ayala)
painted on each other.

Less talking and more doing!

Well this week was long....Seriously long. It was kind of a rough week too. Sister Ayala her sister graduated and turned 18 this week and Makenna turned 17. It was totally hard not to be there for those big events. Also the members forgot about us. We had no calls no appointments no nothing. This was the first week that we were going to let them try and do it without us riding their butts and they let us down a lot. Our ward mission leader hasn't talked to us for 2 weeks and nobody signed up to feed us this week. We have 3 dinners. It's just rough and can be very lonely sometimes. But, after all of it we're okay. We are doing good and the work is still progressing. We did see some miracles regardless.
Sister Ayala and I have been talking a lot about things that we want to do better with our work and us as people. We have been talking a lot and not doing much about it. But we finally changed some things and we feel better and can feel the spirit more in our lives. Sometimes it's really easy to teach about repentance and change and tell others that they need to do it, but it's super easy to forget about it ourselves. But I definitely learned that repentance is for every single person. Some of us have smaller things to repent of than others or more minor waking up at 6:32 instead of 6:30 and taking a few extra minutes to each lunch than we should....But we still have an opportunity to repent and do better. Honestly as soon as we made a decision to do better we saw some awesome miracles come into our lives. It wasn't like we had to wait for those blessings, they came as soon as we changed they were immediate and we saw them. Man God wants to bless us soo much just sometimes we are to stubborn to let him! 

We were able to go and visit the wards again with the Actons. Don't worry no crazy car accidents or anything like that which is good. :) We taught a little about the restoration and they seemed like they understood but they were trying to wrap their heads around it so we didn't want to overwhelm them. We set up an appointment for tomorrow night that we can't go to because we are going on a road trip to Helena for a mission tour meeting. We will meet with them again though. 

We also were able to do face painting for the primary party on Saturday...So much fun! we had so much fun with all of them. :) I will send you some pictures of it. Little kids are the best! 
Yesterday at church was hard but there were a few people who actually talked to us which made it a little better. We then went and saw Joan our investigator. It was more of a casual meeting with her. We didn't have any lesson planned to teach her we didn't have members there it was just us and her and it was perfect. We know her on a more personal level now and we will be able to teach her. It just made me love her soo much more! It was a perfect ending to not the best week. 

So tomorrow night we are picking up the Kalispell Sisters (Sister Owens...basically the best!) and we get to drive to Helena with them and spend the night there. In the morning we are going to meet with half of the mission and a general authority is coming. His name is Elder Carlos A. Godoy, and I know nothing about him other than everyone is really excited. :) But then we will get back Wednesday night probably late. Basically this is our week! :) I'll let you know how it goes. it is definitely going to be a much needed break and to get spiritually recharged...we need it a lot! :P 

Well, hope that you have an awesome week! LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe