Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Warm weather, miracles, Porta Potties, Plan of Salvation and Service.

Well, this last week was full of miracles! :) We don't really know if it is because the weather finally warmed up and people actually want to talk to us, or if it is because the ward has finally decided that they should help us. :) We don't really know, but we are really excited about it. This is the very first week that we had a dinner appointment every night. Usually we only get 3 or 4 a week, but we were able to fill our calendar up. We also had at least 1 appointment every single day this last week. It was an awesome week!
Monday night we had an appointment set up to teach an investigator the plan of salvation at a members house. We went over and Trini didn't even come. We were kind of bummed, but felt like we should teach the lesson anyway. We taught it to them as a family home evening and it was such a great lesson! We had such an awesome spirit there and we were able to get some revelation as to how to help our area! It was seriously so awesome! 

Tuesday night we went out with Brother Reagan who is a member of the Bishopric. We went and visited this old lady named Ruth. We were at her house quite a bit longer than we thought and we didn't have time to go and visit the other lady that we wanted to because she was to far out. So, we went and tried another lady named Sister Cook. I have to tell a back story right now...So, Sister Ayala has the smallest bladder in the world. Last week we were going to try a former investigator couple and she had to go to the bathroom so bad. So, we found a porta potty just chillin' in front of someones house. There was a guy next door mowing the lawn and so she asked him "Can I use that bathroom?" He said "Oh yeah dude, totally, you have my permission." It was super funny! So, Sister Ayala used it and went on her way. We were able to meet the former investigators and set up an appointment and we just thought nothing of it. So on Tuesday night Sister Cook was sleeping and we weren't able to see her. Then, this guy yells across from the parking lot "Hey, there are no porta potties here!" We turned around and we saw him....which was crazy because this was miles away from where we had seen him before! We started laughing and we talked to him a bit. We asked "Can we visit you sometime?" And he said "Yeah totally, I live in #19 right there." We then had to leave. So Sister Ayala was backing me and he came running out of his apartment and handed her a piece of paper with his name and number. Sister Ayala asked "You do know we're missionaries right?" and he said "Yeah." Then he invited us to come bowling with a group on Monday nights for a dollar. CRAZY! He gave his number to us.....? WAAh? It was pretty cool, and the Lord definitely directed us that night.

On Wednesday we had an appointment with our investigator Joan. Sister Lee came and we taught the Plan of Salvation. It was a really good lesson, but we didn't know how much she understands the priesthood. But she said "If I am ever going to know then I better read and study more." She committed herself to doing that and said she would pray about being baptized. :) We also were able to go out and teach on Wednesday night with our relief society president. It was good and we were glad that she finally seems willing to come with us and to help.

On Thursday we went out with Sister Lee who is one of the greatest people on earth. She is just so sweet! She is the primary president in our ward and we were able to go through her list and try a bunch of people. We found this one family that was pretty cool, but they were moving. We are going to try and see if we can help them move so we can find out their address. But, they had a 2 legged dog! It only had its back two legs. It was super freaky actually! It was a really little dog and it was like defending its house. Sister Lee said "you're an inspiration to us all..." except that we all were dying laughing as soon as we got in the car. What the heck? Only in Montana would there be a two legged dog defending its little trailer home! Anyway....after we tried a bunch of people we had an appointment with our investigator named Jen. It was a good visit and then at the end she really opened up and told us her concerns. It was so awesome and we know that it was because Sister lee was there. We know that because we had a member there Jen was able to open up more than she ever has before. It we didn't have Sister Lee with us then that wouldn't have happened. 

Friday we had an appointment with the Wards. We invited a sister in our ward named Sister Acton. She is one of the sweetest ladies in the world, but when you first meet her she can be kind of freaky. Because she is just one of the loudest people I have ever met in my entire life. She doesn't talk to you, she yells to you. She is also very dramatic with her hand movements and loves to tell stories and  make like the longest dramatic pauses. Just the way that she talks is kind of off-putting at first. But we felt like she would be perfect for this sister. So, we invited her over last minute and she came. She had been studying her preach my gospel that morning and was getting all prepared for the lesson. But when we got there Nikki Ward had forgotten about our appointment, so we made a return appointment for that night. She said "Oh good, now my husband can come." So she left and we made some phone calls to rearrange our dinner appointment so that we could be there on time. We figured it all out and then we called Sister Acton back to tell her the exact time. She didn't answer and we didn't think anything of it. We went home to have our lunch and we decided to take a little power nap. Well Sister Acton called us shortly after we had fallen asleep. I asked "Hi Sister Acton, how are you?" She just cracked up laughing on the other line....I had no idea what to do it kind of freaked me out. Then Sister Acton said "Oh, well while I was on my way to tell my husband about the appointment tonight and I tried to answer your phone call and I drove right into a ditch." Then I felt super bad because we didn't know that she had been driving. I didn't know if she was hurt and if we needed to go and find her right then. "She said I am not hurt and my husband was able to get the car out and it's fine too." She then told us how proud of it that she was. She was so proud of the fact that she drove into that ditch because that meant that she is doing the right thing and that Satan didn't want her to come out with us. She and her husband both came to the lesson and basically taught it themselves, we were just there to back them up. It was awesome....although the whole ditch thing was super funny when sister Acton was telling it because she is so dramatic! 

Saturday we had a service project over at the ward missionaries house. They have a little farm so we were able to see their little chickens and their baby pigs and their brand new little cow. It was awesome! We then had a dinner appointment and that was basically all we did. 

Sunday we went over to the Lee's and we celebrated their daughter Mia's 11th birthday with them. :) it was super fun! Then we went and visited with an old lady named Ethel McNett. :) It was a good visit and not a crazy one like it usually is. Oh, we also found out that we were not getting transferred. I only have 1 more transfer call left! Yay! Staying in Whitefish forever. 

Monday we did a service project with all the rest of the missionaries. We went and helped laid sod/all the Elders told the sisters to stand aside and watch. It was a great service project. Then we went out and got lunch with everybody and then we went and played podball and then signs. it was pretty fun. It was sad though because our favorite zone leader is getting transferred and his companion and our Sister Training leader. So, we said good bye to all of them yesterday and they all are leaving tomorrow morning I think. That night we had a dinner appointment with the McDerrmotts and then our investigator Joan came. It was super fun! There was awesome food and we sang songs and then we watched the testaments. Joan loved the testaments and she now wants to read 3 Nephi. We showed her where it was and she said that she would read it. It is awesome! :) It was such a great night. 

So, that was my life this week. It was pretty good! Hopefully we continue to stay busy. :) Love you all, hope that you have a great week! LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe 

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