Monday, May 5, 2014

THE SUN CAME OUT THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE SUN CAME OUT THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I could never live in Alaska because I know now how much I need the sun! I was so excited when we got 3 1/2 days of sunshine. :) Weird thing about the weather here is that you get like 3 days of sun and then like 3 days of clouds and then the sun comes out half the day and then it disappears again and you just never know what is going to happen. Also, the sun starts coming out by about 5:30 in the morning and it doesn't go down until around 11. But, when there are clouds everybody is just very sad. 

We were able to go out and work a ton because the sun was out! :) We found some awesome people to teach and the work has finally started to pick up here in this area! On Tuesday we had this crazy awesome miracle! :) We parked on 2nd street and were going to try to contact somebody on our list. But then, Sister Ayala had to go to the restroom. We had 2 options....either go to the member who lived right around the corner or walk a few blocks and go to the other member. So I decided to go to the member who lived further away....which was super weird. We were walking and there was this lady who was outside working on her yard. She looked at us at like the perfect moment and we asked "Hey would you like some help?" Honestly we didn't really think that she was going to answer us, but she said "Sure! Come on over!" So, we kind of floated across the street and we started talking to her. She said "So, what are you girls up to?" honestly we usually do the whole "Well we are missionaries" line and instead Sister Ayala said "Honestly, we are heading to a member of our church's house to use their bathroom." So this woman said "Oh, why don't you use mine?" So she did. I stayed outside and talked with her. Her name is Joan and she is awesome. She has really been searching and came to Montana because she married a guy, but now they are divorced. She also just lost a grandson, and has been struggling with that. She knows God has kept her here in Montana for a reason! :) We sang her a song (without laughing this time) and invited her to learn more. She said "Why don't you come over tomorrow." Then she told us that she was only home because she got surprise finished with her job 3 hours early and wouldn't have even been home. The spirit guided every single step of us meeting her! :) We also were able to catch our other investigators Jen and John and talk with them a bit. John actually stayed in the room this time, so the day was just full of awesome miracles! :) 

Wednesday morning we had a district meeting and then we came running home. Sister Ayala had made a hair appointment with a potential investigator ha ha. We do what we can! :P It was pretty funny and she said no, but Sister Ayala has great lookin' hair now. We then had our lesson with Joan. We invited a member to come with us and it was such a great lesson! Joan has a lot of beliefs that are similar to what we already believe. She would ask questions and then says stuff like "Oh, that makes sense!" At the end of the 3 hour long lesson we invited her to be baptized. She said "ABSOLUTELY!" She didn't pick a day yet because she wants to make sure that it is right first. She has been incredibly prepared by the Lord! :) We had dinner with a member and then we tried a bunch of people and no one was home, and that concluded our Wednesday. 

Thursday was bright and sunny too, but my companion and I were feeling very sick. We think we finally caught the bug that was going around. It wasn't the flu it was like a head cold thing. We found out that Siser Danielle had the same thing. So, we went and picked up ice cream and we ate it with her and stayed outside in the sun for a while. We went to dinner that night with a part member family. We taught about the's going to be a long road. He has a hard time with the "God in the scriptures" Because he is so different from the God that we teach about in church. He doesn't like that God is a rampaging God and that we teach that he is a loving God. He has his "own relationship with God" and he is good with that. We need to strengthen his wifes testimony so that she can build him up from the inside out. We then went out with a member of the Bishopric. He looked at our car and asked "Would you like a car wash?" Ha ha super funny. He paid for us to get a car wash. We then went and visited a less active named Carol Street. She is super awesome, we just honestly don't know why she doesn't come to church. She told us about her son who found out he has Lukemia. Brother Beagley he bore his testimony about the priesthood and priesthood blessings. He offered to give her son one. It really built my testimony of the importance of members because he was there and knew what she needed so now he can act on it. :) 

Friday we went on exchanges. Sister Helm came here to Whitefish and Sister Ayala went to Columbia Falls to be with Sister Christensen. Sister Helm and I tried a bunch of people and then we kind of ran out of people to try. It all worked out though because we had some appointments in the evening and didn't have to come up with stuff to do. 

Saturday we were going to do a service project and then go in to Kalispell to be interviewed by President Mecham and then go to the Priesthood session and then the adult session and then come home. But, Elder Anthony called us and wanted us in Kalispell at 10. I was not going to cancel our service project. So I called and made him rearrange stuff so we could be there at 2. We left and went and helped a member family move. They are having a really tough time and I just couldn't cancel on them. We came home and showered and raced to Kalispell and made it there like 15 minutes late...which was okay because President Mecham was about 2 hours behind in his interviews anyway. We took Sister Ayala and the 3 of us went and got some dinner. We came back and were eating since we wouldn't have time after that. President grabbed Sister Helm and I and asked if he could come back some time this week to interview us. Right after dinner we had the priesthood session. We were like a solid row of Sisters in a room full of priesthood holders. Oh man, sooo many jokes about women holding the priesthood :P It was good though. Unfortunately there were only 3 members of our ward there and none of them were in the Bishopric/missionary meeting except for 1 who is one of our ward missionaries who is getting released. It was a great meeting and there was a lot of talk about missionary work. Sister Ayala and I took really good notes for everyone in our ward council and we are going to discuss it. We then had the adult session and we were a little missionary choir. It was a really great meeting. :) 

Yesterday we had stake conference. Joan told us that she would come. We were saving a seat for her and were so excited and then she texted and said she couldn't make it. SOO heart broken! :( I was so sad! But, she is still planning on our lesson this week so, that's good. :) Stake conference was good, but not as good as the adult session. Sister Ayala and I are soo pumped. We set goals and made all these plans to help the ward with their missionary work! Then, we had lunch. Sister Ayala laid down for a little nap and I made phone calls to the ward council to make sure that they had someone to come out with us every single night this week. Brother Lane (our ward mission leader) was supposed to come out with us that night. Unfortunately he didn't want to make appointments and asked me to make them.....we aren't supposed to, but I figured I would do it this week. So, I started calling the ward list. I called every less active and every single part member family in the entire list. Only about 5 people answered and they all said no. After I spent 3 hours doing this, I realized that they hadn't answered because this wasn't my job. I was doing someone elses calling and I didn't need to do it anymore. I was pretty mad that I had wasted so much time. I was also really frustrated with Brother Lane since he knew that he was supposed to make the appointments. So, I wasn't going to let him off the hook.....he came tracting with us. We had a few people answer and they all said no. Then we had an investigator we tried to stop by and see call us and tell us he never wanted to see us again. Oh the joys of missionary work! It was pretty unsuccessful as far as seeing people went, but I hope that he makes appointments in the future! 

That was our whole week. The work is picking up here in this are and we are both pretty stoked. We had made a goal to baptize 8 people by the time I leave this area. I know that there are 8 people prepared many people are in Whitefish? Yeah like 5,000 in the summer time. Hmmm....8 out of 5,000? Heck yeah! Yep. It's been a really great week and both of us are excited about the work again! 

Well, I love you all! :) I hope that you have a great week! LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe 

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