Saturday, May 10, 2014

Spartan Race in Kalispell, Montana

So these are pictures from the Spartan race. The first one is the waver I had to sign just in order to volunteer.....Ha ha. Then, Sister Austin, Sister owens, Sister Ayala and I after we finished and were exhausted and muddy. Then Sister Ayala and I are super proud of our medals
and showed them off to Sister Rogers.


Sister Ayala and my numbers. Also we are super proud of those medals!

Here are some pictures that were posted on the spartan websie! :)
 Elder Coleman is cheering us on on the left! :) He is so stinkin' funny. Elder Anthony and I are jumping over the fire. Elder Anthony has the Book of Mormon in hand! :) Elder Blackmon is kind of in the background lookin' like a stud!

 Elder Anthony tried to do this super cool flip thing and landed in the fire, thank heaven I cleared it! :)
 Elder Coleman is still cheering, the lady in grey is Merideth that we adopted, and Elder Anthony is dancing around in the fire ha ha. :P
 I was not happy to have that sandbag....I don't know why I am smiling!

 Sister Austin Is proud of that Sandbag! :P

 The last wall...I was so exhausted! and covered in mud and stuff, but it was totally sweet! :)

Sister Austin made it over the last wall! :) Yay!!!!

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