Monday, May 19, 2014

Should we start praying for Natural Disasters?

Honestly I really don't have a ton to report on this week since not a lot happened. We spent a lot of time tracting....not much success. We need to start praying for natural disasters or something! Hey Nephi did it, I read it. He prayed for a famine....we are thinking more like a mud slide or something. Lots of fires? I don't know which one sounds better?
The work is finally starting to pick up. We are so happy because we have a bunch of appointments this week that we don't usually get to have. YAY!!!!! We met 2 potential investigators that we can try and hopefully will be able to start teaching. 

Okay other thing that happened this week. Joan came to church! Yay!!!!!!! :D We stopped by and saw her with Brother Blalack since he was coming out on visits with us. He is the best! We went over and we met with Joan and we were able to talk to her. She was going through a hard time and she is stressed out because she has to go to court to get her divorce finalized and stuff like that. So, we sang her a song and invited her to church, and then Brother Blalack invited her over to his house for dinner. :) Next Monday we are going to have Mexican food and sister Ayala is going to make it. Joan said that she would love too, we also invited her over to church on Sunday. Although we didn't hear from her for the rest of the week. We texted her on Saturday night and told her we would have a seat saved for her, but she didn't text back. w were totally bummed. Until like 20 minutes before church started when she sent us a text that said "I will send you a text when I get there." We freaked out! We told our ward mission leader and our bishop, and a few sisters in the ward. Then she came!!!!!! :D She sat by us and the Blalacks and we explained things to her through sacrament meeting. She really liked the talks and it was great. SO AWESOME! She is so prepared to hear about the gospel I just love it! She didn't stay for all of the meetings, but she stayed for the sacrament meeting and it was really good. We have an appointment set up on Wednesday and we are going to teach her the plan of salvation! YAY!

Yep, that was pretty much the coolest thing that happened this week. I hope that you all have a great week! LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe 

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