Monday, May 5, 2014

Scheduling Skype - Conversation with Mom and Malynne

Mom:  Dear Schmoo,
I have to leave in one second, so this is super short.  I am hoping to catch you today so we can chat.  Yesterday we went to grandmas house.  She is not doing great, probably won't be improving at this point.
I want to talk to you about Mothers Day.  We have church between 1-4 and then we will be going to Kira's house.  Selfishly, I don't want anyone else there, so I am hoping you will call in the morning.
I will watch for your emails today.
I love you,

Malynne:  Hey mom, are you on right now? 

Mom:  I am here.

Malynne:  OH good! :) Okay so skype is going to be super complicated!  Okay, we have church in the morning and then we have the afternoon and the night free. We get out of church at 1 and then we are doing lunch with a member. We are going to skype from their house....I don't know when you can do it because you have church until 4. What time are you heading over to Kira's? 

Mom:  Right after church.  How about in the evening  seven ish

Malynne:  We are going to be at a members house all day....We can skype and then I can skype everyone at Kiras and then I can skype you again. 

Mom:  Why?  Are you going to call or Skype?  If you are going to dkype we will come home.  Call, we will stay at kiras.

Malynne:  I am going to skype. But Sister Ayala is going to skype earlier since she is skyping her mom and her dad and I just don't want to wait around all day.

Mom:  I want you to my self.

Malynne:  Ha ha. :) Me too! But, basically we have all day to skype. So, we could skype and then maybe I could skype everybody and talk to Grandma and Grandpa and Kira and Jay and stuff and then we can do another skype at night where I just talk to you. 

Mom, I only have like 15 minutes left and then we have to head out. But, what do you want to do? We can skype right as soon as you get home from church and then you can leave.

 (I told Malynne that we went and visited with Grandma on Sunday.  Grandma commented on how tall Connor is and I said, "yep!  His neck is the same height as my mouth which means it is easy to bite his neck."  Then I pretended to bite his neck.  Grandma laughed and laughed.  I commented on how good it was to hear her laugh.)

Oh good. :) I am glad Grandma can still laugh. Sometimes I think "Hmmm it would be really nice if I don't have to be there at the funeral." and then I think that's horrible....but I think it would be good if she could just let go and not suffer anymore. Anyway...I will call you at you have 15 minutes to be home! :P Then we can spend most of the day talking. :) 

Love you too! :) I am soo stoked! 

Mom:  I love you.  415!!!!

Mom:  Have a good day.  Loves.

Malynne:  you too! :) LOVE YOU! 

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