Monday, May 19, 2014

Advice from a Missionary.

Malynne:  Hey mom, are you there? :)

Mom:  I am here.  How are you.?

Malynne:  I am doing good how are you?

Mom:  Today I am super stressed.  I am trying to get this big finished for Nudd.  I am stressed about money.  I am stressed about Malaya.  She is having self esteem problems.  I am stressed about Makennas birthday....I have nothing fir her.  I am stressed about going to st George this weekend.  I an just stressed.  And it is not even my time of the month.

Malynne:  What's most important right now? Just tackle one thing at a time. Makaylas self esteem issues won't go away in one day...actually they will probably hang around until she is mine. Makenna still has a few days before her birthday, and you have a whole week before St. George. :) 

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