Monday, April 28, 2014

Zone Conference Training in Kalispell. I did not like it!!!!!

Hello everyone! This week I don't really feel like I have a ton to report, so It'll be brief. Here are the highlights though. :)

1- Tara got baptized!!!!!! :D Oh man, it was seriously the most awesome baptism I have been to in ever. I loved it. Tara looked so beautiful, and everybody in the ward brought food so we were able to have a little luncheon afterwards so that they could feel fellowshipped. Also, like half the ward showed up to support! Brother Lane (our ward mission leader) baptized and confirmed her. It was seriously so that family! Oh, also before her baptism we had a huge service project and we looked disgusting. So, we got ready at the church in the bathroom. Never have done that....:P

2- There was zone training on Friday. I did not like it. We all met in Kalispell for it. The zone leaders had assigned me to do 3 musical numbers....actually all of the musical numbers, and we had been working on them for the whole week. We had to pick up the Elders from Eureka and take them down, but they got lost. So, we were late. In the meantime they canceled 2 of the musical numbers. This normally wouldn't have been a big deal, it would have just been kind of whatever. But, they had changed the songs on me twice and made me drive down to Kalispell 4 times during the week to practice.....therefore it was a colossal waste of everyones time. Also the assistants came and didn't talk to anyone and then rebuked us for everything...literally everything. It was like an hour long session of being chewed out for stuff we didn't even think we were doing wrong. Then, I found out that the zone leaders had given me like 2 more assignments that I didn't even know about. They put so much on my plate I couldn't even keep up with it all. Then, the assistants picked a fight with another Elder and it got bad. It was incredibly awkward and super embarassing since there were lots of non-members there and members there too, but they all sat and watched these elders fight for like 30 minutes. I was embarrassed to be a missionary. What made it worse was that they had just finished rebuking us. It was a long and frustrating day. I was struggling a lot with a lot of things and zone training kind of made it worse...:( But, I was able to ask Elder Coleman for a blessing. He gave me one, and it was great! Seriously just what I needed. He gave Sister Ayala a blessing and then Sister Todd (who spent the day with us) got a blessing from Elder Schlenker. Everything worked out even though it was a hard day. 

3- We got to watch Ephraims rescue again with a family in our ward. Sister Pack is best friends with Sister Ruth. Ruth is 93 years old and really lonely, so we visit her once a week. We watched that movie with her, and had pizza and it was great. We also got pancakes for dinner! 

Yep, it honestly was a really slow week since we spent tons of time practicing songs and going to the doctor and that was basically our week.

I will send pictures of Taras baptism in a little bit! :) 

Love all of you, have an awesome week! LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe

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