Monday, April 7, 2014

Short!!!! Conference Weekend

Okay I am running super short on time because we are going to glacier park this week. But that's okay because I really don't have a ton to report.

Okay so I got a new companion! We found out Tuesday morning that Sister Wilbert was going to MIssoula on Wednesday. So she packed all day Tuesday. On Wednesday they drove me all the way down to Missoula with her. It was Elder Anthony and Elder Julander and Sister Wilbert and I. I got to see all of my Missoula friends Minus Sister Siilata. :( Totally bummed! We got cafe Rio and drove all the way back and that was the entire day. 

Thursday we did weekly planning then did service tracting for the rest of the day. Then friday we had a few appointments and we just tried to visit some other people. 

Saturday our zone got together and we watched conference over at the Shaws the Senior couples house. We had burgers and it was super fun. All of my best friends were there, Sister Owens, sister Todd, Sister jones, Sister Ayala, Sister Christensen, Sister Ashcroft, Elder Anthony, Elder Julander, Elder Coleman, Elder Costello, and the shaws. :) Ya know, all the best people were there! We did a service project for the rest of the night laying tile....oh the things you learn on the mission! 

Sunday we watched conferene by ourselves on my ipad. :) we streamed it live straight to our little apartment and ate lots of food and watched conference and then talked about our favorite things. :) It was soo much fun! Then we went and had dinner and then tried to contact a few referrals and then we went home. We are singing a song in church on Easter and so we spent the rest of the night practicing that. :) 

Now we are heading to glacier national park...that's right be jealous! :) Love you all, next week we'll have more time! love you!!!!! 

-Sister Malynne Erbe 

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