Monday, April 14, 2014

P-Day at Glacier National Park

So there will be a lot of pictures coming, because we took tons at glacier park! :) These are just in the car on the way to glacier. It was me, Sister Jones, and Elder Costello.

So, this is us in the car again. There is Me, Sister Jones and Elder Costello in the back, and then Elder Coleman, and Elder Julander in the front.

Okay so all the Sisters wanted a picture in front of this awesome lake.....but the sun was in my eyes and then a bug flew in my eye and the pictures just disintegrated from there. There is me, Sister Jones, Sister Ashcroft, Sister Christensen, and Sister Todd, and Sister Ayala.

Alright, more Sister pictures. Then Elder Coleman was holding my bag ha ha. Then Elder costello and Elder Anthony did a handstand, and Sister Ayala and I are soooo attractive!

photo 1.JPG

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