Monday, April 28, 2014

More hair issues. Don't do anything more to your hair!!!!!

Malynne:  Dear Malynne,
I need to submit a missionary update tomorrow.  I would love for you to write this.  Please tell the ward where you are, what is going on, a spiritual thought, etc.  I think Your words are the best! Please help me out.
Love, Mom

Mom:  Okay ha ha. Well my update.....I am in Whitefish. My companion is Sister Ayala and she is the craziest/funniest person that I know! :) We are working on finding people to teach, but nobody seems to interested.. Maybe there needs to be some sort of natural disaster or something. Ha ha, Just kidding. We have tons of Less actives that we are working with. We were able to work with one less active family and help to organize their 8 year old daughters baptism on Saturday. One of the things that I love the most about working with the less active families is that I get to be able to help them to remember what really makes them happy. Things are going good! I absolutely love it up here. However, it would be a lot nicer if the sun would come out every once in a while. I think the thing that I have learned the most is who my Savior is. Missions are super hard! But as we come to know our Savior through our trials we will all know that whatever price we pay it will be worth it if we come to know our Him. 

Mom:  Thank you.  I will send it to Karen this aftetnoon.  Now help me with my lesson for Sunday.  I do not even have a topic.  I am thinking obedience, talk by president Hale.
Malynne:  Send me the talk, or the name of it so I can skim over it. :) 

Mom:  I need one.  I heard one at conference..... Dont have one for sure.  Help me

Malynne:  K, here's a list...
"If ye love me keep my commandments." -Elder Robert D. Hales April 2014
"Personal Peace: The Rewrad of Righteousness" -Elder Quinton L. Cook April 2013
"Obedience to Law is liberty" -Elder L. Tom Perry April 2013
"Obedience Brings Blessings" -President Thomas S. Monson April 2013
"What shall a man give in Exchange for His soul?" -Elder Robert C. Gay
"The First and Great commandment" -Elder Jeffrey R. Holland October 2012

In no particular order. :) There are some talks...I can send some scriptures too. 

Mom:  Dear Malynne,
This week was family, family, family.  Marc graduated from BYU with a degree in middle eastern studies.  He will be working for the CIA, FBI, secret service....something like that.  We will never know exactly what he is doing or where he is.  Apparently he had to go through a huge security clearance.  susan and Mike stayed at our home, but we only saw them on Friday night when we had a large party at our home to celebrate Marc's graduation.  Rachel stayed at Jon and Glenda's and everyone was happy about that arrangement.

I was able to spend time with Gretchen this week.  We went out on Tuesday and Thursday evening and talked and talked and talked.  We talked a lot about free agency and how vital it is to our gospel. it is so vital that Heavenly Father allowed 1/3 of his children to make a decision that would mean he would never see them again.  As a parent I would do EVERYTHING possible to help any of my children to make the correct decision.

Makenna is going to be going to a pediatric gastroentronoligist on Thursday..  Please keep her in your prayers.  We need to find an answer.

So please explain to me what is going to happen with your ears again.  Do you have enough money to pay for the prescriptions, nutty pots, and nasal sprays?  I added $100 to your account and that will be it until the 15th unless you gell me other wise.

I love you! I hope all is well with you.  I pray for you multiple times a day.

I am sorry that this is a short letter, but I have lots of Reliefsociety stuff to do.  I will watch for you tomorrow.


Malynne:  Aunt Susan told me about you letting them stay at our house and I was like....hmmm I hope everyone survives. Ha ha. I am glad that everything worked out! :P I am glad that you got to hang out with Gretchen. Man I love her! :) I thought Makenna was feeling better :( What the heck!!!!! 
So My ears. Well, I am going to be on some nasal spray and using a netty pot for a couple of months and then we will reevaluate and see how my ears are looking and see if any of the swelling in my ustation tube has gone down. If it doesn't, then when I get home we should look into a procedure where they stick a balloon in my ustation tubes and inflate them so that they will have more elasticity or something and work better. :) I was able to afford the nasal spray. Thank you soo much! I appreciate it. 

So, what did you hear about my hair? Anything. I just went and got a hair cut and they took of like an inch and then 2 inches in other places. They took off all of the damaged parts of it. Then they told me that I wouldn't be able to get the red out, so I should just grow it out and cut it off until it's all grown out and fix it. I might want to go lighter. I have been thinking about it. It's really ugly right now! AHHH...maybe it will grow out enough that I can just cut off all of the red before I come home. Or at least most of it.....I think it would be fun to do a blonde thing. I just hope that it grows!!!!!!

Well, that's all I guess....sorry this one is short too. :P I love you though!!!! 
-Sister Malynne Erbe

Mom:  Greg is the guy I work with at the school.  His wife does all  kinds of wondrrful with hair.  I will ask her what you can do.  Are you going to bethere for a minute?  I will call her.
Malynne:  Yeah I'll be here for a minute. :) 

Mom:  Don't Color your hair any more!!!!!!!

Malynne:  I'm not planning on coloring it anymore. Is there any way to naturally pull the color out? 
lemon juice? applecider vinegar? hydrogen peroxide?....anything 
Or at least pull the color out a little bit? Lighten it...make it less red? 

Mom:  No, no and no.  Do not do anything more to your hair.  I am waiting to hear back from Jodi.  She said there is stuff to use, but highly recommends that you don't do it yourself.  She is looking for something to recommend.

Malynne:  OKay sounds good. :) Okay....I won't even cut it again. 

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