Monday, April 14, 2014

Feeling weird and sentimental. I love everyone!!!!!

Well, I am like feeling super weird and sentimental right now. like I just feel like telling everyone that I love them and stuff. So, this email might be super weird and cheesy ha ha, but I have had some really cool experiences this week and I want to share them and they are least to me. So, if it gets to weird then just skip to the not weird parts...:P ha ha.
Well, on Monday we went to glacier. It was so much fun! I love the missionaries here in our zone. I learn so much from them and I seriously just love them. We got up there and hung out and hiked and had lunch together. Then we came back to the Shaws house and watched Ephraims rescue. Elder Julander made us pizza and it was great. Then Sister Jones and Sister Todd had to leave. I didn't know if I was going to see them again on the mission since transfers were coming up really soon. So, shortly after they left, we had a testimony meeting. Each of us got up and talked about something that we had learned in conference. There was a major theme that each of us learned about Christlike love. I thought about that one for a while. Elder Julander got up last and bore his testimony. He went home on Saturday, so this was the last time we were going to see him. He has been such a good example and I seriously love him so much. It was so stinky when we had to say goodbye and I shook his hand and then cried a little bit. Missions are hard because you learn to love everyone and then your little heart gets ripped out repeatedly! Oh well, it was good. The mission is one of the best paces to make friends that will last forever! :) That night was kind of hard for me though. Sometimes I really hate testimony meetings because I get overwhelmed. I think about everything that I am not doing right, and it stresses me out and then I end up crying a lot. Especially as a missionary! Sister Ayala and I talked a lot about it and I was just kind of sad. So, that night I prayed a lot. I came up with this thought and it was one of the coolest things that I have ever learned. I thought You know if someone told me that they were going to beat me within an inch of my life if I didn't deny Christ then I would stand there and let them. If someone shoved a gun in my face and asked if I would deny him then I would tell them to pull the trigger. But it's not the dying that's hard. It's the living for Christ that's the hard part. When you're so tired you don't want to knock on another door and you come to that cross road....what will you choose? When you're angry and don't want to read you scriptures and then you come to that cross road....what will you choose? When someone says something horrible and you have the choice to bite back or hold your peace what will you do? Dying would be easy. My answer has already been decided. The living for Christ everyday, that's the hard part. So, I decided that I am going to live for Christ and this week went so much better! :) 

Tuesday was beautiful. We went out and decided to just walk everywhere. So, we parked the car and started walking away. Something made us think about something we left in the truck and we went back. On our way back we met with a former investigator who wanted to meet with us again! :) WOOHOO! We set up an appointment with him and went tracting.....nobody was home! So we went and walked around the cute little downtown area. We met a man who tried to convince us that there was no God. The more I see of the world, the more I know that there has to be a God. Basically he was talking about stuff he didn't even understand and it was weird. But, sometimes it's nice to meet people like that because it really makes you look and reflect on what you really believe and it strengthens your conviction. We met some new less actives after that and made a dinner appointment with them. Then we went and got a new investigator. :) 

Wednesday morning we woke up and I felt so sick! We had a bunch of appointments so we went out and did what we could, but as soon as we got a break we went back home. I just laid on my stomach and prayed that it would stop hurting. I think I had food poisoning or something. If finally stopped hurting and then we had to go to our dinner appointment and it hurt again! Wednesday was just kind of miserable. 

I really don't remember much of Thursday.....I know we worked, but nothing super exciting so I can't even remember. yeah.....Oh well.

Friday we went to district meeting and then we went down the ward list to try and find more people to teach. No luck, most people on our ward list have moved. So, we need to hunt down where they went and try to find them so we can send their records elsewhere. That's seriously what we did all day.

Saturday we did nothing but service! YAY! STRETCHY PANTS! :) we helped with a yard sale and moved tons of stuff. We all smelled pretty gross after it all happened. The only problem was that the member is a less active who has some really weird ideas about the church. So, people would come to look through stuff and she would find a way to bring up the gospel, teach them a bunch of weird stuff and then show them to that's no okay! So we ended up just deciding that we had to leave. So, we went to throw on a skirt and our ward mission leader called and waned to have MCM in like 20 minutes. So we threw on a skirt, and still smelled pretty gross. We had corrolation meeting, then we had a dinner. It's a really good thing we both thought of packing deodorant! We had another service project that night and so we slapped some pants on and went and helped do more of the tile job that we started last week. It was a pretty good day. 

Sunday we went to church and we went to visit a few less actives. It was a really good day. Except that night Sister Ayala asked if she would be able to have some medicine to help with a headache and the member gave her some weird stuff that totally knocked her out ha ha. So last night when we got transfer called I couldn't even get her to wake up and find out what the heck is happening. :) We are both staying, so nothing is happening. Until she leaves for her new mission then there will be some changes :P But for now, we are all good here. 

Yep, that was my whole week. It was a really good one! :) I hope that all of you had as great a week as I did. And I hope that this week is better than last week! :) I love you all!!! LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe

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