Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter letter between mom and Malynne

Moms Easter letter to Malynne:
Dear Malynne,
I hope you had a wonderful Easter.  I am sorry for not being a good missionary mom and sending you an Easter Basket, or goodie basket, or something.  I sent your Easter skirt in February because I thought you needed something special at that time.  I sent you a bunch of clothes because I wanted to send everything all at once (Debbie Troutman, Grandmas stuff).  I was tired, trying to recover from our vacation and honestly did not have the time or energy to put everything together and I don't want you to have to send more stuff home for lack of room.   I hope that you were able to focus on the Savior and have a truly spiritual Easter Sunday.
When we were in CA I did not call your mission companions family (honestly, we were too busy).
Have you seen the movie that the church put out called "Because of Him"?  If you have a moment watch it and while you watch it write down the words.  Later read them, over and over and over.  It is such a beautiful message.
So, news from home.  Big news.....Makenna got asked to prom!  We found her a dress at a rental place in Saratoga Springs.  Right now it is being altered to be modest.  When we get it back I will send you a picture.  She is going with a boy named stands for Azracam.
Nothing new is happening here.
I will watch for you tomorrow.  If you can be on after 1:30pm that is when I can talk the best (I am home then).
I hope all is going well for you.  Today at church a number of people asked about you.  Sister Taylor and I had a big discussion about time, how your 18 months has flown by and how I hope that I have grown as much as you have.  I am sure that your testimony and spirituality will far surpass mine and I hope you have patience with me.
I love you.  I am so looking forward to Mothers Day so that I can talk to you!

Malynnes Response:
I did have a wonderful Easter. :) I loved the time that we got to focus on the Savior. It kind of made me a little sad to know that when I get home I won't be waiting like a crazy person for them to post new videos of the Savior on or be so excited for 8:00 to hit so I can study. I will still be excited about things like that, but I know that nothing will be the same because my obligations will be a little different. I will still take time to study the gospel and think about my Savior, but I will have a lot of other things to worry about that will distract me. I know that sometimes I will be's just a fact. But for now, I am thankful that I got to spend Easter thinking about my Savior. I watched the Because of him bible video the other day and have watched it several times since them. I also love the new bible video called My kingdom is not of this world.....but maybe don't watch all the bible videos until I get home. Then we cane have a bible video marathon. That's sounds like the coolest/weirdest thing ever. I would have never been this excited about watching bible videos had I not come on a mission. :P
Sweet that Makenna got asked to Prom! :) That's exciting. I wish I had gone to prom, but nope never. Are you buying the dress? or renting? I didn't know you could alter rentals. 

Yeah, my 18 months has flown by. I don't know how I feel about it. In some ways I am just ready to come home now, but in other ways I never want to come home. Maybe if I could just suck both of my worlds into one I would be perfectly happy I couldn't even tell you how much I would love it. :) I mostly just miss you, my family. Yeah....I can't wait to see you on Mothers day!!! :) Hopefully I will have lost 20 lbs. by then.  I have lost 13.5 since when I first started going things, so hopefully I can lose all that I want to before I come home! :) Man, I didn't know how much laughing and breathing could hurt until I did like 180 crunches the other day! 

hmmm....yeah there's not really a lot to tell you either. If you are on again we can talk! :) LOVE YOU! 

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