Monday, April 7, 2014

Conversation with mom.

Mom:  Hey Baby girl we are in San Diego right now the kids are some in the pool and I am trying to get it and I'm sorry that I didn't write to you earlier. I am hoping to be able to catch you today and maybe have a little chat with you on via text messages Tina wants to come and stay with us in August the week that you should be coming home I told her that I would talk to you and see if that is okay with you if she's there I know you asked for it just to be family but what if tina is there? What are your thoughts? Please let me know and please be honest I wouldn't want to make your homecoming less than what it should be. we got a letter from your mission president saying that we need to not talk about you coming home. Did you enjoy conference? I loved it. how is your companionship going please tell me everything I want to know also if you're still going to be getting a new companion. I'm doing text to speech so I hope that you will be able to read enough to understand what I am saying. the missionaries called us on Saturday night and asked if they could come over for breakfast on Sunday and watch conference with us we had a lot of fun. Elder polyma is amazing . You would really like him. I'm going to be watching for your emails all day so please email me multiple times to ask if I'm available I hope you have a great day love you. Mom

Malynne:  Hey mom! :) okay so I would love it if Tina were there, just maybe like not the first day I get there?.....maybe a few days after. I just want to catch up with my family first. I know whats most important! :) Ha ha, honestly you can not talk about me coming home and I will still think about it. It's something that I have to think of at this point, it is getting close. I loved conference! We watched on Saturday with all of the other missionaries and had a barbeque and ate burgers. :) It was super fun! I loved conference, I feel like I have gotten a lot of answers to my questions through it, and I can't wait to read it. My companionship is awesome! Sister Ayala is soo much fun. I honestly can't understand why others couldn't get along with her, she is really laid back and easy going and I adore her. I feel a lot more relaxed this week, like just knowing that I don't have to fight with my companion about the smallest things has relieved a lot of stress! I am glad that you had the Elders over. Maybe Elder Polima will be there when I get back and can meet him. Ha ha just maybe, he only has to survive 4 more transfers there! :P I love you! We are going to glacier so hopefully you are right there because we only have like an hour left. LOVE YOU!

Mom:  so where are you at are you still in Whitefish? Where did the other sister get transferred to?.  Did you get the package I sent to you?

Malynne:  I did get it. :) unfortunately it arrived the day Sister Wilbert left so she didn't get any of the clothes....I kept the white undershirt to send to her and the sketch pad. I do this thing where when my companions get transferred I write them a letter every day for the first week that they are transferred, then print off some pictures and then get them a candy and send it to them. So I will send the sketch pad and the undershirt to her in the package. She went to Missoula and I stayed here in Whitefish. I almost went back to Missoula, but I am really thankful I stayed here. :)

Mom:  do you like the skirt that I sent you you might need to sew it up a little bit on the side but I think it's really cute and should go with everything I love you.

Malynne:  The skirts that you sent are the best! :) the skirts were just a little bit too big, but I think I figured out how to make them work. :) Thanks mom! :) I get the beauty from you! My companions name is Sister Ayala and she is from Longbeach California. She has dual citizenship in Mexico and the U.S. She is like 5'2" and wears a size small and extra small ha ha. She loves clothes and make up and has an amazing soprano voice which is super fun for me! Yep, she is loads of fun! :) 

Mom:  you need to tell her that we are in California right now and maybe I can meet her mom what is your mom's phone number would love to meet her family is her family members? Love you bye

Malynne:  Okay her phone number is 661-912-9310. :) Her name is Myra. She might be very cautious as to how you know about her, but Sister Ayala is telling her mom right now. :) OH, and they are members. 

Mom:  I will call them I'm a little worried about our time schedule so I'm not sure if we will have time to meet them but we can try

Malynne:  K, awesome! :) How are you doing mom? 

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