Monday, April 28, 2014

More hair issues. Don't do anything more to your hair!!!!!

Malynne:  Dear Malynne,
I need to submit a missionary update tomorrow.  I would love for you to write this.  Please tell the ward where you are, what is going on, a spiritual thought, etc.  I think Your words are the best! Please help me out.
Love, Mom

Mom:  Okay ha ha. Well my update.....I am in Whitefish. My companion is Sister Ayala and she is the craziest/funniest person that I know! :) We are working on finding people to teach, but nobody seems to interested.. Maybe there needs to be some sort of natural disaster or something. Ha ha, Just kidding. We have tons of Less actives that we are working with. We were able to work with one less active family and help to organize their 8 year old daughters baptism on Saturday. One of the things that I love the most about working with the less active families is that I get to be able to help them to remember what really makes them happy. Things are going good! I absolutely love it up here. However, it would be a lot nicer if the sun would come out every once in a while. I think the thing that I have learned the most is who my Savior is. Missions are super hard! But as we come to know our Savior through our trials we will all know that whatever price we pay it will be worth it if we come to know our Him. 

Mom:  Thank you.  I will send it to Karen this aftetnoon.  Now help me with my lesson for Sunday.  I do not even have a topic.  I am thinking obedience, talk by president Hale.
Malynne:  Send me the talk, or the name of it so I can skim over it. :) 

Mom:  I need one.  I heard one at conference..... Dont have one for sure.  Help me

Malynne:  K, here's a list...
"If ye love me keep my commandments." -Elder Robert D. Hales April 2014
"Personal Peace: The Rewrad of Righteousness" -Elder Quinton L. Cook April 2013
"Obedience to Law is liberty" -Elder L. Tom Perry April 2013
"Obedience Brings Blessings" -President Thomas S. Monson April 2013
"What shall a man give in Exchange for His soul?" -Elder Robert C. Gay
"The First and Great commandment" -Elder Jeffrey R. Holland October 2012

In no particular order. :) There are some talks...I can send some scriptures too. 

Mom:  Dear Malynne,
This week was family, family, family.  Marc graduated from BYU with a degree in middle eastern studies.  He will be working for the CIA, FBI, secret service....something like that.  We will never know exactly what he is doing or where he is.  Apparently he had to go through a huge security clearance.  susan and Mike stayed at our home, but we only saw them on Friday night when we had a large party at our home to celebrate Marc's graduation.  Rachel stayed at Jon and Glenda's and everyone was happy about that arrangement.

I was able to spend time with Gretchen this week.  We went out on Tuesday and Thursday evening and talked and talked and talked.  We talked a lot about free agency and how vital it is to our gospel. it is so vital that Heavenly Father allowed 1/3 of his children to make a decision that would mean he would never see them again.  As a parent I would do EVERYTHING possible to help any of my children to make the correct decision.

Makenna is going to be going to a pediatric gastroentronoligist on Thursday..  Please keep her in your prayers.  We need to find an answer.

So please explain to me what is going to happen with your ears again.  Do you have enough money to pay for the prescriptions, nutty pots, and nasal sprays?  I added $100 to your account and that will be it until the 15th unless you gell me other wise.

I love you! I hope all is well with you.  I pray for you multiple times a day.

I am sorry that this is a short letter, but I have lots of Reliefsociety stuff to do.  I will watch for you tomorrow.


Malynne:  Aunt Susan told me about you letting them stay at our house and I was like....hmmm I hope everyone survives. Ha ha. I am glad that everything worked out! :P I am glad that you got to hang out with Gretchen. Man I love her! :) I thought Makenna was feeling better :( What the heck!!!!! 
So My ears. Well, I am going to be on some nasal spray and using a netty pot for a couple of months and then we will reevaluate and see how my ears are looking and see if any of the swelling in my ustation tube has gone down. If it doesn't, then when I get home we should look into a procedure where they stick a balloon in my ustation tubes and inflate them so that they will have more elasticity or something and work better. :) I was able to afford the nasal spray. Thank you soo much! I appreciate it. 

So, what did you hear about my hair? Anything. I just went and got a hair cut and they took of like an inch and then 2 inches in other places. They took off all of the damaged parts of it. Then they told me that I wouldn't be able to get the red out, so I should just grow it out and cut it off until it's all grown out and fix it. I might want to go lighter. I have been thinking about it. It's really ugly right now! AHHH...maybe it will grow out enough that I can just cut off all of the red before I come home. Or at least most of it.....I think it would be fun to do a blonde thing. I just hope that it grows!!!!!!

Well, that's all I guess....sorry this one is short too. :P I love you though!!!! 
-Sister Malynne Erbe

Mom:  Greg is the guy I work with at the school.  His wife does all  kinds of wondrrful with hair.  I will ask her what you can do.  Are you going to bethere for a minute?  I will call her.
Malynne:  Yeah I'll be here for a minute. :) 

Mom:  Don't Color your hair any more!!!!!!!

Malynne:  I'm not planning on coloring it anymore. Is there any way to naturally pull the color out? 
lemon juice? applecider vinegar? hydrogen peroxide?....anything 
Or at least pull the color out a little bit? Lighten it...make it less red? 

Mom:  No, no and no.  Do not do anything more to your hair.  I am waiting to hear back from Jodi.  She said there is stuff to use, but highly recommends that you don't do it yourself.  She is looking for something to recommend.

Malynne:  OKay sounds good. :) Okay....I won't even cut it again. 

Zone Conference Training in Kalispell. I did not like it!!!!!

Hello everyone! This week I don't really feel like I have a ton to report, so It'll be brief. Here are the highlights though. :)

1- Tara got baptized!!!!!! :D Oh man, it was seriously the most awesome baptism I have been to in ever. I loved it. Tara looked so beautiful, and everybody in the ward brought food so we were able to have a little luncheon afterwards so that they could feel fellowshipped. Also, like half the ward showed up to support! Brother Lane (our ward mission leader) baptized and confirmed her. It was seriously so that family! Oh, also before her baptism we had a huge service project and we looked disgusting. So, we got ready at the church in the bathroom. Never have done that....:P

2- There was zone training on Friday. I did not like it. We all met in Kalispell for it. The zone leaders had assigned me to do 3 musical numbers....actually all of the musical numbers, and we had been working on them for the whole week. We had to pick up the Elders from Eureka and take them down, but they got lost. So, we were late. In the meantime they canceled 2 of the musical numbers. This normally wouldn't have been a big deal, it would have just been kind of whatever. But, they had changed the songs on me twice and made me drive down to Kalispell 4 times during the week to practice.....therefore it was a colossal waste of everyones time. Also the assistants came and didn't talk to anyone and then rebuked us for everything...literally everything. It was like an hour long session of being chewed out for stuff we didn't even think we were doing wrong. Then, I found out that the zone leaders had given me like 2 more assignments that I didn't even know about. They put so much on my plate I couldn't even keep up with it all. Then, the assistants picked a fight with another Elder and it got bad. It was incredibly awkward and super embarassing since there were lots of non-members there and members there too, but they all sat and watched these elders fight for like 30 minutes. I was embarrassed to be a missionary. What made it worse was that they had just finished rebuking us. It was a long and frustrating day. I was struggling a lot with a lot of things and zone training kind of made it worse...:( But, I was able to ask Elder Coleman for a blessing. He gave me one, and it was great! Seriously just what I needed. He gave Sister Ayala a blessing and then Sister Todd (who spent the day with us) got a blessing from Elder Schlenker. Everything worked out even though it was a hard day. 

3- We got to watch Ephraims rescue again with a family in our ward. Sister Pack is best friends with Sister Ruth. Ruth is 93 years old and really lonely, so we visit her once a week. We watched that movie with her, and had pizza and it was great. We also got pancakes for dinner! 

Yep, it honestly was a really slow week since we spent tons of time practicing songs and going to the doctor and that was basically our week.

I will send pictures of Taras baptism in a little bit! :) 

Love all of you, have an awesome week! LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe

Tara's baptism. White Fish, Montana

These are pictures from right before Tara god baptized. :) There is Tara, Josh and, Angelique. Then Sister Ayala, and the Danielles and I, and then Tara and I, and then the Danielles again. :)

Tara and Angelique, Josh and tara....then Josh and Tara being hilarious. Then, just Tara. 

Well here is everyone at the baptism. Ha ha, there are some super funny things in all of look! :) 

Monday, April 21, 2014

This was a seriously incredible week!!!!!!!

This was a seriously incredible week! So many wonderful blessings for both my companion and I, and the wonderful people here in whitefish. I love them! :)

Monday night we went over to the Danielle families home. We went over to teach Tara about the plan of salvation. she just turned 8 yesterday and is getting baptized on Saturday, so we are teaching her. :) We have spent a lot of time with their family this week and have been able to build a really great relationship with them. Monday we were going to teach the Plan of Salvation and we ended up just talking and getting to know Angelique (the mom.) It was good though, it was what needed to happen, we built a really good relationship with them both and things are good. :) 

Tuesday we had an insane day since it was transfers and we had to help run missionaries places and go and pick up some stuff in Kalispell and all that jazz. We said goodbye to everybody and then we had to go back to our area for dinner. Yeah long day of driving places. We had dinner with a less active couple named Dani and Dillon James. They are awesome! We had tacos for dinner and then we played apples to apples with them. They are soo much fun, and we were laughing so hard! After we played the game they asked us if we wanted to see some fire dancing.....they know how to do fire dancing! :) Super cool. Afterwards they pulled out a huge bag full of bracelets. They told us that they were good energy bracelets and that they make them for anybody who has good energy. They make them out of old T-shirts. They cut them into strips and braid them. It started when they were moving to Montana and they gave them to a bunch of their friends. They told us to choose one for ourselves and for some for anyone that means something to us. I picked one out for me, and then one out for mom, and dad, and Kenna, and Kayla, and Connor! :) Yeah they are the coolest people ever and I am soo happy that I met them! 

Wednesday nobody was home! Seriously nobody we tried forever to try and find people who would be home or would let us in. We tried tracting and trying less actives. We walked around for like 4 hours with nothing to do except tract and didn't get into a single house. Finally our relief society president called and asked if we wanted to practice. YES! So we drove over to her house and practiced our song and then talked about a bunch of the sisters in the ward that we needed help with. We had dinner on our own that night and then we went to the Danielles. We taught Tara the plan of salvation and it was a good lesson. 

Thursday I woke up and my ear hurt. I am so sick of them hurting that I finally called the doctor. I don't even care if I have permission or not. I will ask forgiveness later. So, we are going to the doctor this Wednesday and he will do a hearing test and just check and see if there is anything that he can do to make me feel better. We got out of the house late because I didn't feel good. But I decided sitting on my butt wasn't going to make me feel any better, so we went out. We went and visited a less active and sang to her and then we went to dinner. We had dinner with the Blalacks. They are an awesome family! They gave us a referral to go and visit a less active member. His name is Life noelle everlasting.......his parents were hippies. And so is he! They said "He's working over at alpine market right now." So, we drove over there. Sister Ayala walked in and looked at the 2 guys working and said "Alright, which one of you is life?" ha ha. soo funny! We talked with him and he is awesome. We committed him to coming to church for Easter, and he said he would bring his whole family. :) 

Friday we had lots of appointments. In the evening, we were kind of winging it through out the day. :P We went and we visited a Part member family named the Ratchyes. We have discussed what we thought would help them the most and we decided that we were going to focus on Sister Ratchye since she is the member. We helped her with her house and did a bunch of service and then shared a mormon message. We watched a bunch more bible videos about the last days of the Saviors life and it was a really good lesson. After we were at her house we went over to visit a member who is in a nursing home that we visit every week. It was the weirdest thing that had ever happened while we were there. We walked in and Ethel told us that she needed a really sharp knife. The way she said it kind of freaked us out. So I asked "Ethel, what do you need a knife for?" She said "If I have to go through all of the explanation then just forget it." Okay so we decided not to talk about. But then she was talking with other people who lived there and kept bringing it up. She kept asking everyone "Do you have a sharp knife?" She asked some of the staff and they said "No Ethel we don't have that kind of stuff here." So, she asked these two men "Do you have a sharp knife?" One of them said "No we're not allowed to bring them home with us." Ethel said "Are you that sick?"....."you would kill your wife?" Dead silence.....he said "How the heck did that come in the conversation?!" Oh my gosh it was soo funny. Sister Ayala and I were trying not to crack up because she would've been mad. It turns out that she just needed a knife to cut some puzzle pieces out. :P But it was kind of freaky! We had an appointment with a part member was the most uncomfortable hour of my life. They just said anything that they could to see how we would react.....yep not going back there to frequently. Then we went over and we taught Tara Danielle the gospel of Jesus Christ. :)  I absolutely love that family! 

Saturday morning we went over to the Danielles storage unit and we had an entire day of pulling out boxes and moving furniture and loading up the truck and moving stuff. She is trying to get rid of the storage unit. We ran home and showered then we went over our ward mission leaders house. We spent the rest of the night there having dinner and sharing a message and then doing missionary corrolation meeting with him. That was our whole Saturday.

Sunday was amazing!!!!!! We went and we had a devotional with our district in Columbia Falls. We talked about the plan of salvation and we bore our testimonies and it was just really good. :) We came back and went straight to church. We had to give talks that morning and we were just finishing them up. We also were doing our song. We sat up on the stand and we watched people filter in and saw an investigator and 5 Less actives including life and his family! :) WE were soo stoked. We did our talks and they went really well. Then we had to sing. We were singing I need thee every hour. We sang the first verse together, then I did a solo, then Sister Ayala did a solo then we sang the last verse a'capella. We did the first verse then I did my solo.....then Sister Ayala forgot to sing. She had made eye contact with a less active and she just forgot. I got super nervous and started laughing......It was either laugh or cry so I'm glad it was a laugh. Then Sister Ayala started to laugh. I seriously can't even believe that it happened, but we were soo mortified we couldn't stop laughing. It was a train-wreck. We sat down and Sister Ayala just hid her face and I just stared at my scriptures for the rest of the meeting. Oh my gosh I was soo embarassed! But, then everybody in the whole ward came up. Like I have never seen that many people on stage waiting to talk to one person in my whole life except maybe a General authority. they gave us tons of hugs and told us how much they love us and how happy our song made them. They told us Easter is a time to be happy and we brought joy! I don't feel soo bad about it. I still can't believe that it happened, but it ended up being good. :) After church we went and had lunch with a member of our ward. We watched a bunch of bible videos and shared a message with her. Then we had dinner with another family. Then we went over and had a birthday party with the Danielles. We dyed eggs, and roasted smores, and had an easter egg hunt, and ate cake and watched Ephraims rescue. It was a good day! 

All in all, this was an exceptional week. The sun is finally coming out and we got to celebrate Easter. On Friday Sister Ayala were sitting in the car and I said "you want to know what I just realized? 2014 years ago, today was the worst day ever!" But then Saturday came and she said "Imagine finding his body gone? Today would be the worst day ever." But then Sunday came which was, and is, and always and forever will be the best day ever. Our Savior was resurrected. Because he lives we all can too. Because he was resurrected we have the opportunity to be with our family for time and all eternity. We have the chance to return to live with our Heavenly Father again. And it's all because he did what he was sent here to do. :) I love Easter, and I am thankful we had a chance to celebrate. 

I love all of you too! Thanks for all of your love and support. :) have an awesome week. LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe 

Easter Weekend more fun with the Danielles

Dying easter eggs with the Danielles. I said, take a funny picture ha ha. yep, they're pretty funny. Me, Josh, Tara, and Angelique. Tara showing off her egg to Josh. all of our eggs. and Josh and Sister Ayala hanging out by the fire. 

More pictures of roasting marchmallows! :) SOO much fun! Ha ha. Priceless pictures. 

Here are the kids final chalk drawings, and then all of us just hanging out dying eggs. :) 

Service with the Danielles - Easter Weekend

This is what happens when we do service with the Danielles. :) We find chalk in their storage unit and take crazy pictures. :P The little boy is named Josh the girl is named Tara. :) Then, Sister Ayala and I.

This is our Easter roasting marshmallow mess with the Danielles. :) It was Taras birthday and so she wanted smores. 

Making faces with Josh and Tara. :) 

Tara blowing out the candle on her cake, and more faces with Tara and Josh.