Monday, March 24, 2014

Zone Conference van ride. Going to Missoula March 18th, 2014

Sister Owens, Elder Coleman and I. :) 

WE are so funny! :) Sister Owens, Elder Colman, and I, then Elder Page is the last one. 

Elder Coleman looks like he is laying on my head. then, Sister Owens flipped the camera upside down and I was super confused, then we were just making stupid faces. :) 

just some pics of Elder Coleman. :)

pictures from zone conference. :) Sister Siilata Sister Barerra, Sister Monjoy and I. Then Elder Wood, Elder Roberts making the stupid face in the back, Sister Siilata, Elder Beck and I. 

more pics from zone conference. These pictures just have so much personality it's hilarious! Then there is Sister Moline. :) 

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