Monday, March 24, 2014

Really long week!!!!

Well, this has been a really long week. It was good, but I feel like yesterday was like 100 years ago. Yep.

On Monday morning we went out and taught a few lessons since it was the only day of the week that one of our investigators could meet. Our investigator is from Japan and her name is Masako. She is a missionary for the Korean unification church. She wants to share beliefs, but she is reading the Book of Mormon and really likes Joseph Smith. Masako made us some sushi from Japan. :) SOOO good.  So, we went and taught and then we did all of our normal stuff and then we went to dinner. So we finished our preparation day after dinner Laundry and cleaning our apartment and stuff. Then we went to bed.

Tuesday morning we woke up super early at like 4 and we got ready. We had zone conference that day in Missoula and so we had to drive to Columbia Falls to meet with the van that would drive us and all of the rest of the missionaries down there. Then we drove down and had our zone conference. We were split up into 13 groups and we all read the Book of Mormon. The entire zone conference was about the Book of Mormon and using it and utilizing it. It was pretty cool. While we were there, President Mecham pulled me aside and talked with me. He just told me that he was so proud of me, and that I was an incredible young woman and that he couldn't have trusted anyone else with the task that I have been assigned. I felt loads better about everything after that. I got to see Sister Siilata and a bunch of my friends. It was great. :) We took some great pictures and had a really great time. Then, we went home and had fun on the transfer van the entire way back. Soo much fun! Unfortunately when we got back Sister Wilbert exploded because she was 'ignored the whole time.' Oh man, if I am learning anything it's being patient. She had sulked in the corner the whole time and everybody kept asking me if she was okay. So, yep she had decided she was going to be ignored and she was. I very lovingly reproved her and we studied charity for 3 days. She is better now, but she just doesn't like being in big groups of people because she won't talk to anyone and then gets mad at everyone, so we're working on that now. 

Wednesday morning I was soo sick. My ears have seriously problems and I had vertigo and was throwing up and it was miserable. We went out and tried to work, and I ended up just staring at the member we were teaching. Then I called the Elders and they came and gave me a blessing. It didn't help me to feel physically better, but I felt better knowing that I had one and that i knew that I would eventually get better. I spent the rest of the day in bed. 

Thursday was rough too. We had a few appointments and so we went to those, but my face had so much pressure in it it made my teeth hurt, and decongestants did nothing to help. So, I spent as much time as I could holding my face under the covers since it felt like my eyes were going to blow out of my head...okay maybe not that bad, but it hurt pretty bad. 

Friday we went on exchanges and I went to Columbia Falls to be with Sister Ashcroft for the day. It was super fun, and we met with lots of people. Sister Ashcroft got soo lost. We spent half the day lost seriously. It was good though, I wish that we had as many appointments in Whitefish as they do in Columbia Falls. 

Saturday I spent part of the day with Sister Ashcroft and then Sister Wilbert and I headed back to Whitefish. There is a family that is recently reactivated and  they needed help with hair for prom. So, I went over and did their daughter Sierra's hair for the prom. Then we shared a lesson with then about family prayer and how important it is. We went off to dinner after that at the Actons. They have a son who is in Chile on his mission and so we heard all about his adventures. The work is soo different in other places of the world. We went and we saw a less active woman named Sister Ashley. Sometimes Sister Wilbert likes to get into really long political discussions and stuff and it causes a lot of fighting. But Saturday nights visit went really well and she told us all the reasons why she doesn't like the church. She is super feminist and she decided that she was going to be upset with the fact that women can't hold the priesthood. She told me that because I go to church I am a "second class citizen" and that I am letting myself be that way. :P Kind of funny because she promised us that she would come to church. 

Sunday morning came and we went to church. The entire sacrament meeting was about women and how much power they hold in the church even without the priesthood. The whole thing was just a super good meeting and it was definitely an answer to our prayers. We met with our ward mission leader and then we went home for food. We called our investigator named Trevor and we were like "Hey how are you?" and he was like "Good...I'm married!" (We have been waiting for him and his girlfriend to get married for a while!) So I asked "What? Oh my gosh who married you?" (since they were waiting on the bishop to marry them and he was out of town.) Then Trevor said "Vickie!" (which is the name of his new wife.) Ha ha soo funny because I said, "Oh, well that's not really what I meant...." and we all cracked up laughing! :) We set up an appointment with him for next week. We went and visited Sister Murdock and Sister Cook who are 2 of the old widows in our ward that we go and visit for service every week. :) They are so cute and just so much fun. We had dinner with the Kaltscmidts and they invited a less active and an investigator over to meet with us. They're pretty awesome! We left dinner and went and tried a bunch of people, but nobody else was home. 

That was my whole week. :) I hope that you all have a great week. I love you all soo much! LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe

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