Monday, March 31, 2014

Knockin' doors all the days!

Well, this has been the longest/shortest week of my life. Have you ever had those weeks where you think, "holy cow that was the longest week of my life, how did I make it through?" but then you actually look at it and think "actually it was like the shortest week ever..." yeah that was my week. Ha ha.
Well, we went out and worked a ton! There was not tons of success, we knocked so many doors I never want to knock one ever again! We also tried to offer service to as many people as we could think of. We literally offered service at every single place we went to even the businesses. Nothin'. This area is slowing down a lot. On the plus side, walking everywhere in the world helped Sister Wilbert and I lose a bunch of weight ha ha so that's good! :) Tracting wasn't too bad after a while, it ended up pretty fun to be able to have conversations with people. There was a guy who was so excited that we came by to "brighten his day" that he told us he would call his whole family and tell them that we came over. We didn't believe him...until we tracted into his sister 4 houses down who was like "Ha ha I just got off the phone with my brother, he says he was so thankful he got to talk to you." That was pretty sweet. We also were invited into this old ladies house and we talked with her. She seemed really defensive about being Lutheran and so we tried to just talk about anything with her to see if we could lead it back to the gospel and then all of a sudden she stood up from the table and said "I'm gonna tell you who I really am." Oh my gosh my heart I was so scared! Ha ha, but then she said "I'm the huggin' grandma, that's who I am. And you aren't leaving this house without a hug from me!" So we gave her a hug and it was so funny! Oh man, tracting....we have a love hate relationship! 

Sister Wilbert and I hit kind of a roadblock and met with our zone leaders to talk things out. We worked things out and everything was great after that, it has been great ever since. I am definitely not the most patient person in the world or the most charitable ha ha. But, I am working on it. I guess I like progression, it makes me super happy and if I am progressing nothing else in the world could make me more happy! :) 

Here is a little insight that I learned from the scriptures this week. In Alma 26:2 Ammon asks "And now I ask, what great blessings has he bestowed upon us? Can ye tell?" I realized that sometimes we can't tell how God is blessing us because we don't look for it. We sometimes think "What the heck, why am I not being blessed?" And in reality we just aren't accepting the way God wants to bless us. We have to be willing to accept the blessings God is willing to give us. We also have to be willing to accept the type of love that he chooses to show us. That's my insight for the week.

Thanks for all of your prayers everyone! It seriously makes things easier to know that everyone I love at home is praying for me while I am praying for them. I love you all very much, and I will talk to you next week! LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe

Learning Patience and Chairty

I'm glad that makenna and Makayla liked the broadcast. :) I was there too when it was happening, and thought the exact same thing! It made me so stoked for conference this weekend!!! yay! :) Well, big thing this week is that I decided I am going to be small when I get home. I only have 4 months ish now and I probably should have started earlier, but now all of a sudden whenever I want to eat something I just think of a dress that I want to wear home so I don't eat anything. Seriously I have worked out soo hard this week. Every morning when we wake up, and then again when I get home. Ha ha it's actually pretty funny because we aren't allowed to use handweights, so I am have been really creative with things. I got a box full of stuff, then put stuff on top of the box, then put more stuff on top of the stuff and so I had a pretty heavy weight. It feels nice to be sore. :P Sister Owens is doing it, and Elder Coleman, and Sister Christensen so I have friends to do it with me. :) I love like 3 or 4 pounds this week. I had lost like 3.2 pounds on Friday so hopefully by now I have lost the full 4. I am only drinking water, and I am eating so well! You would be proud of me. Yep, I wanna be a size 12 when I get home, that's only like 50 pounds. If I had it my way I would even be a size 10, but that might be pushing it ha ha. :P it would be like 70 pounds for that. I don't know maybe I might be able to, I have a lot of weight to lose. Also, this better not get posted on my blog because that would be embarassing! Oh, also other thing that happened. So Sister Wilbert and I hit a rough patch, and I was struggling a lot. So we met with our zone leaders to just get some new perspective on the situation and it helped a lot and things are better than they ever were. But, yesterday President Mecham called. I thought I was in trouble and I was freaking out a little bit. He was waiting by the phone because it only rang once and he answered and said "Sister Erbe." I was like uh-oh...what did I do? But then he got all emotional and said "Sister, I just don't know what to do!" There is another sister who has not gotten along with any companions she has ever had. President told me a bunch of stuff I probably can't tell anybody ever..until I get home and tell you ha ha. But basically he told me he couldn't trust anybody else with this task he is assigning me. He said "Sister Erbe, you are my last resort Sister because you are the most patient charitable Sister in this mission." yeah I don't know about that....but okay I guess it made me feel good. He told me that she wants to go to a Spanish speaking mission, that's where her heart has always been (she speaks Spanish fluently.) Then he said "She can be reassigned, but she has to prove she can get along with a companion for at least 3 weeks to a month and if not she will be sent home." He told me that it will be my job to make that decision. I may go to Missoula again, ha ha my last area, or I may stay here and Sister Wilbert go to Missoula. I don't know what is going to happen. President asked me to pray about it and to recieve confirmation and so I have been. I know that this will help me to progress if nothing else, and if it doesn't work out it's only going to last for maximum a month. So.....I feel like this is going to happen. I am waiting on a call from President though to see. So, don't post this! You will know next week what happens! :P But, I will be good because it is promised in my patriarchal blessing that I will get along with all of my companions, so I'm not worried. Also if I don't I guess I will just have a chance to fix some of my weaknesses right? Yep, so that was my news for the week. I love you!!!!! 
-Sister Malynne Erbe

On Sun, Mar 30, 2014 at 4:47 PM, Jacinda Erbe <> wrote:
Dear Malynne,
I got to take Makenna and Makayla to Womens conference.  I can honestly say that I was not excited about the new age 8 and older to attend WC, but I was excited about taking your sisters.  I was worried that it would be turned into a primary class, and I did not see any foresight in how they would make it for 8-80 yr olds.  I was so wrong!  The spirit was so strong and it was so well done!  I loved it.  Probably my favorite one yet!  And Makenna leaned over and said, mom, Malynne is watching this right now, so she is really with us too (don't tell me otherwise, it makes me happy to think that you were there).  Today in church it seemed the the over all theme was loving one another and having that perfect love that Christ has.  I had this thought running through my head all day that if we strive to be obedient to all of Gods commandments then we will be able to have a more perfect love and to be more Christ like. What is that scripture where Christ says that he does nothing but what he is instructed to do from his father?????  You know I am sure.  If you take that scripture and think about it tons, that is the way!  We obey Gods commandments and we will become perfected through Christ and along the way the more obedient we are go Gods commandments the more Christ like we become, therefore we can experience Christ like love (in our limited ability to do so).  Love it, Love it, Love it.
This week Makenna cut and colored her hair, nothing drastic, just lots of highlights and a cute short cut.  It is adorable!!!!!  When you come home I will make an appointment with this will love her.  She does magic with hair!  Makenna is taking after her big sister with the big black girl voice.  Makenna has been performing with the choir, she has a solo to this gospel song - a southern baptist song.  She rocked the house and was the star of the show.  She will be singing it a lot on tour.  Nudd texted me and told me that Makenna is "AMAZING".  You would be proud of her.
Makayla is doing great!  Nothing new, just good.
Connor has grown another inch this last month.  His size 18 boys pants are too small.  He is now taller than dad.
I have been thinking and praying for you a lot this week.  I have felt a calm, comforting feeling and I am believing that you are doing well.  I have known from the beginning that you are where you are suppose to be, and I take great comfort in that.
I love you!  I will try to be available to talk to you tomorrow.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Luau in Whitefish, Montana

Just takin' pictures hangin' out in the truck. Then we went to a ward Luau and took like a million weird pictures...not sure w

hy though.

Only in Whitefish, Montana

Sister Wilbert and I found this truck....only in Montana.

Really long week!!!!

Well, this has been a really long week. It was good, but I feel like yesterday was like 100 years ago. Yep.

On Monday morning we went out and taught a few lessons since it was the only day of the week that one of our investigators could meet. Our investigator is from Japan and her name is Masako. She is a missionary for the Korean unification church. She wants to share beliefs, but she is reading the Book of Mormon and really likes Joseph Smith. Masako made us some sushi from Japan. :) SOOO good.  So, we went and taught and then we did all of our normal stuff and then we went to dinner. So we finished our preparation day after dinner Laundry and cleaning our apartment and stuff. Then we went to bed.

Tuesday morning we woke up super early at like 4 and we got ready. We had zone conference that day in Missoula and so we had to drive to Columbia Falls to meet with the van that would drive us and all of the rest of the missionaries down there. Then we drove down and had our zone conference. We were split up into 13 groups and we all read the Book of Mormon. The entire zone conference was about the Book of Mormon and using it and utilizing it. It was pretty cool. While we were there, President Mecham pulled me aside and talked with me. He just told me that he was so proud of me, and that I was an incredible young woman and that he couldn't have trusted anyone else with the task that I have been assigned. I felt loads better about everything after that. I got to see Sister Siilata and a bunch of my friends. It was great. :) We took some great pictures and had a really great time. Then, we went home and had fun on the transfer van the entire way back. Soo much fun! Unfortunately when we got back Sister Wilbert exploded because she was 'ignored the whole time.' Oh man, if I am learning anything it's being patient. She had sulked in the corner the whole time and everybody kept asking me if she was okay. So, yep she had decided she was going to be ignored and she was. I very lovingly reproved her and we studied charity for 3 days. She is better now, but she just doesn't like being in big groups of people because she won't talk to anyone and then gets mad at everyone, so we're working on that now. 

Wednesday morning I was soo sick. My ears have seriously problems and I had vertigo and was throwing up and it was miserable. We went out and tried to work, and I ended up just staring at the member we were teaching. Then I called the Elders and they came and gave me a blessing. It didn't help me to feel physically better, but I felt better knowing that I had one and that i knew that I would eventually get better. I spent the rest of the day in bed. 

Thursday was rough too. We had a few appointments and so we went to those, but my face had so much pressure in it it made my teeth hurt, and decongestants did nothing to help. So, I spent as much time as I could holding my face under the covers since it felt like my eyes were going to blow out of my head...okay maybe not that bad, but it hurt pretty bad. 

Friday we went on exchanges and I went to Columbia Falls to be with Sister Ashcroft for the day. It was super fun, and we met with lots of people. Sister Ashcroft got soo lost. We spent half the day lost seriously. It was good though, I wish that we had as many appointments in Whitefish as they do in Columbia Falls. 

Saturday I spent part of the day with Sister Ashcroft and then Sister Wilbert and I headed back to Whitefish. There is a family that is recently reactivated and  they needed help with hair for prom. So, I went over and did their daughter Sierra's hair for the prom. Then we shared a lesson with then about family prayer and how important it is. We went off to dinner after that at the Actons. They have a son who is in Chile on his mission and so we heard all about his adventures. The work is soo different in other places of the world. We went and we saw a less active woman named Sister Ashley. Sometimes Sister Wilbert likes to get into really long political discussions and stuff and it causes a lot of fighting. But Saturday nights visit went really well and she told us all the reasons why she doesn't like the church. She is super feminist and she decided that she was going to be upset with the fact that women can't hold the priesthood. She told me that because I go to church I am a "second class citizen" and that I am letting myself be that way. :P Kind of funny because she promised us that she would come to church. 

Sunday morning came and we went to church. The entire sacrament meeting was about women and how much power they hold in the church even without the priesthood. The whole thing was just a super good meeting and it was definitely an answer to our prayers. We met with our ward mission leader and then we went home for food. We called our investigator named Trevor and we were like "Hey how are you?" and he was like "Good...I'm married!" (We have been waiting for him and his girlfriend to get married for a while!) So I asked "What? Oh my gosh who married you?" (since they were waiting on the bishop to marry them and he was out of town.) Then Trevor said "Vickie!" (which is the name of his new wife.) Ha ha soo funny because I said, "Oh, well that's not really what I meant...." and we all cracked up laughing! :) We set up an appointment with him for next week. We went and visited Sister Murdock and Sister Cook who are 2 of the old widows in our ward that we go and visit for service every week. :) They are so cute and just so much fun. We had dinner with the Kaltscmidts and they invited a less active and an investigator over to meet with us. They're pretty awesome! We left dinner and went and tried a bunch of people, but nobody else was home. 

That was my whole week. :) I hope that you all have a great week. I love you all soo much! LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe

Conversation and letters from mom and Malynne

On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 7:50 AM, Jacinda Erbe <> wrote:
Dear Malynne,
I love you.  I need to leave for work in 5 minutes so we are going to see how fast I can type.
Yesterday in Church I heard something I wanted to pass on.  2 Nephi 9:39  the last line says "spiritually minded is life eternal"  if you take the first letter of each word it says SMILE!  I am hoping that I will remember that always and that in knowing that I will smile and show how happy I am to be a part of this beautiful gospel.
I have a small package to mail to you.  Debbie Troutman gave me some Chapstick and Stamps about 3 weeks ago and I forgot about them.  I will be mailing them in the pkg.  If you could get a thank you sent off to her it wouldn't make me look so bad.  What do you need?  Does your companion need anything?  Does she get support from home?
How are you getting along with her?  Are things better?  I hope so!!!!  We have kept you in our prayers, every prayer, and you are a constant on my mind.  Bishop Taylor requested that the ward pray for our missionaries BY NAME.  He said that "missionaries"  is too nebulous.  Hopefully you will feel the blessing and prayers that are requested on your behalf and they will buoy you up.
Dad got a bug up his butt this weekend and bought ANOTHER television.  Remember how I said we would NEVER have another TV in our bedroom....well now we do.  It is so big and ugly.  I don't know how long it will be there.....lets just say that I think we will have a TV for yo when you move out.....Someday!
I am so looking forward to General Conference.  Not only do I need the break from church, but I love listening to the words of the prophets.
I am anxious to hear from you today.  I will be watching for you, so let me know when you are on.
I love you!!!!!

Hey mom. :) I'm on right now! Are you there? Let me answer all of your questions quick just in case. :P I need to start sending some stuff home to you. :P Ha ha. Seriously I am going to send home my boots and I don't know if you even want the coat....Maybe I'll just send it home anyway. I just feel like I need to start getting ready to come home soon. You could send Sister Wilbert a hat. She wears the same hat every single day and she would like it. It's in all the pictures so you can see what it looks like. If you want to send a white longsleeved shirt that's like a 2X undershirt that's something else that she wants. The hat is just a request from me. Maybe also a sketch book, she just requested that too. She has support from home, so don't worry about that. Sister Wilbert and I get along most days. I feel like I am pretending a lot because if I have any form of emotion that is contrary to what she wants it to be then she shuts down and I have to work really hard to get her to be happy again. So, yeah that's what I am struggling with because I feel like I am losing my personality sometimes because I am a really really happy robot all the time! So, She is praying we stay together as companions. I told Heavenly Father I would do what ever he asked me to do, but I am exhausted with pretending. So, yeah I don't know what will happen. I was originally told only 1 transfer, but I have done the best with her out of all of her companions so I don't know if they will make me stay. So this is the crazy thing that happened this week. I got super sick from my ears. I have had so much pressure in my head. We went down to Missoula and back and it made me sick because my ears didn't pop. I had vertigo and was just in a lot of pain. The Elders came and gave me a blessing, and I have been taking tons of decongestants. It stinks!  But, there is an ear doctor up here in my ward who will see and treat me and he thinks that he might be able to help. Unfortunately the medical lady thinks that nobody can help and thinks I will be wasting my time. I feel like this is a tender mercy to help take care of a problem that I've had my whole life! So I got permission to go and see him to help with my ears and the problems that they are having right now. But, she said if I have to see him more than once than she would recommend I go home to take care of the problem. Yeah I was not a happy camper about it. So, I called Sister Mecham and she is going to see if she can work things out for me to take care of things so I guess we will see. But, she might call you and ask about my ear problems and stuff just a heads up. :) It's soo funny dad bought another t.v. :P cracks me up seriously! Ha ha. I would love to have one when I move out. Next January, that's still the plan anyway. :P Well, I love you very much! Hopefully I hear from you soon! LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe

The following conversations are a combination of two conversations that are mixed up.  

Mom:  Malynne,
I am still on.  I am hoping that you are on too.  I would be happy to talk to Sister Meacham.  Should I call her?  If there is a doctor that thinks he can help you then go for it!!!  We have insurance, and you can have the bills sent home.
I think you need to stop pretending and just try to enjoy her.  I know that you can do this.
Write back!!!!

Malynne:  I'm still here. :) Sister Mecham might call you, but they are going to work things out and might just let me go for it. Mom, I try so hard to enjoy her, but it's so hard when she gets mad at me for having emotions. I am kind of ready to come home right now. Not gonna lie, this week I have been soo trunky. Probably not the best thing to be. Yeah, days like today are hard. We are in Kalispell and if I am happy to be around Sister Owens I pay for it when we got home and she is so depressed she cries while she prays for like a half hour. Then I have to cheer her up for hours....I am exhausted. I will do what I am asked to do, I am just really tired and just kind of done with everything today. 

Mom:  Malynne, think of how it feels to be a third wheel.  Last week when I saw all your pictures I had a strong feeling that that is how she is feeling.  Make sure that you remember that SHE is your companion and include her in everything (all of your conversations).  I think I may have an idea of her can work through this.  You DO NOT have permission to come home!!!! :)  Love you.

Malynne:  I will come home in August. And, if she wants to be the third wheel she can be. I invite her into everything and she says "no" and then walks away to tell someone how horrible I am. I saved a seat for her at lunch and we tried to include her in a conversation and she just tells us we are stupid and leaves. Then I just get tired of trying. I am tired of putting on a show to get her to be happy, seriously I am just exhausted. She can be miserable if she wants to be, but I am not going there with her. I am going to talk to people who have a desire to be happy and sociable. That's just how I am feeling because I am seriously standing on my head half the time to get her to join in. So, she is fine when it's just the two of us, but she expects everyone to rearrange their lives to make her happy and it's not gonna work that way. She has to make an effort too. 

 What did you do to your hair?  It looks read in the pictures with the stuck truck.
Malynne:  Well, I tried to dye it all the same color but the box was mislabled so it was like super duper red. So, I tried to put a dark brown in it to even it out and sometimes it looks really dark, and sometimes it looks really red, and sometimes it just looks purple.....that's what happened. 

Mom:  How long until a transfer?  Malynne, put others before yourself.  Keep working on making her happy.  I know it is miserable for you, but you are what she needs.  I think she loves you!  I think she gets upset with you as her way of showing that she loves you, doesn't want to loose you and is jealous when you spend time/maybe enjoying yourself more with others than you do when you are with her.
I hope I am making sense.  I know you are what she wants/needs.

Malynne:  Yeah I know that too. Transfers are in 2 weeks. I could do another transfer, I might even be able to do 2. I know that she has super crazy jealousy issues. I can only put others before myself for so long before I just want to explode though mom. I don't want to spend the next 5 months of my life miserable and being completely exhausted and fake. I was tired this morning and didn't say anything for like 20 minutes and she got all kinds of upset because I was being mean and not talking to her. SOMETIMES I DON'T WANT TO TALK TO ANYONE!!!! I'm okay...I'm okay....I'm okay...I'm okay....I'm okay. I will also be fine if I have to spend 5 months here with her......

Mom:  You are freaking me out.....are you emotionally ok?  

Malynne:  I'm okay I promise. I can do this I know I can. I just have moments where I want to just freak out and then I have to calm down. I am just tired. Mom I have never been this tired in my whole life and maybe that's why I am having such a hard time. I am exhausted in every sense of the word and I am so tired of feeling like I have to carry my own burden and all of my companions as well. I am trying to hand them over to our Savior, but I guess I am just realizing that I don't understand this part of the atonement like I should. I am trying to learn about it more and more. I am just soo tired. 

Mom:  OK.  What color do you want it to be? 

Malynne:  Dark brown. Like a chocolate color....I just give up. When I get home I will go and have somebody do it professionally when I have money ha ha boxes aren't working so much.

Mom:  It is P-day.  Can you take a long long nap?  I know it is more than a physical tired, but a nap and some meditation can help.  Have to tried meditation?  try to make your mind empty.  It is a good stress relief.

Malynne:  It's preparation day, but a long nap would mess up my sleeping patterns for this week. I've tried it. I have tried using the oils that you sent me...but I'm not sure which one exactly would help so much so I've just tried using all of them in one way or another. I haven't tried meditation because I can't not talk. Like if I try to take a breather for myself then things get hard with my companion. Somedays even personal study can be hard if I don't make comments here and there all the way through it. I might be able to do it today when we are at the church and she is occupied with someone else. 

Mom:  The guy I work with, Greg, his wife does hair!!!  So, when yo get home we will call her.  I am so planning on doing things when you get home.  As soon as you have a release date you need to tell me.

Malynne:  My release date is August 16th. Yay! :) I am excited! :) I am soo down for doing things when I get home! going and getting pedicures (much needed....gross!) also fixing my hair and figuring out how to wear jeans again. :P 
Oh, also Sister (kelsy) Owens is coming home with me. :) You should talk to her mom and meet us at the air port at the same time and have a giant Montana flag! 

Mom:  Oils for sleeping are Lavendar, Serenity, lavendar, lavendar, lavendar!!!!  Do you need more oils?  Which ones are you out of and which ones do you want.  The man is here to clean the carpets and I am on and off the computer.  I will watch for your response closely.

Malynne:  I have to leave in a minute. There is a lady here who told me she would refill any of the oils that I have that need to be refilled. :) I don't know I just need something to make my headaches to go away and help relieve stress. 

Mom:  We will get you a pedicure the first day available (for you).  And we will make a hair appointment the day you get home.  We will be going shopping!!!!!  And we will be going to see Le Miserables!!!

Malynne:  Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes YESSSS! :) Yay! I can't wait to come home! ) 
I have no idea flight info, you should know before me. :) I kind of just want it to be our family too. 

Mom:  For stress Lavendar, frankensince, lemon, and.......can't think, can't think and can't get to my book.  Lavendar will do wonders for you!!!  Try IN TUNE for stress also.   Let me knwow what you need.  LOVES

Malynne:  I need in tune, I don't have that one. I will try lavender. :) 
 K, well we are heading out. :) I will talk to you next week, and I will write you a letter if I am going to explode. 


Zone Conference van ride. Going to Missoula March 18th, 2014

Sister Owens, Elder Coleman and I. :) 

WE are so funny! :) Sister Owens, Elder Colman, and I, then Elder Page is the last one. 

Elder Coleman looks like he is laying on my head. then, Sister Owens flipped the camera upside down and I was super confused, then we were just making stupid faces. :) 

just some pics of Elder Coleman. :)

pictures from zone conference. :) Sister Siilata Sister Barerra, Sister Monjoy and I. Then Elder Wood, Elder Roberts making the stupid face in the back, Sister Siilata, Elder Beck and I. 

more pics from zone conference. These pictures just have so much personality it's hilarious! Then there is Sister Moline. :) 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Movie night with Sister Wilbert

We had a movie night and we watched the testaments. :) It was great fun, and we took lots of weird random pictures.

More movie night pictures.

Alright, Sister Wilbert gave me a bow, and I look like I'm 5. Then notice how tiny our dvd player is, then we just took some weird random pictures of our movie night.

More pics of our movie night. Sister Wilbert kind of died on the bed...then the last one I look dead in....kind of creepy. Ha ha.