Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Siitia! It means transfer in Samoan. We are going to Missoula

So, this week was a really good week, we finally had some good progress going with people and lots of appointments. We were seriously running around really crazy We went on exchanges and had some really good appointments.

Last Monday we had our preparation day and then we went out and went to dinner, and then we saw some less actives that are awesome. Then we both felt like we should see Barbra one of our investigators. We went over to her house, and no one had shoveled her driveway. So, we borrowed shovels and shoveled it, but we stopped to talk for a while, and it was good. 

On Tuesday we had our district meeting, and then we went out and we taught. Honestly I really don't remember much of tuesday except that we went out to institute that night. We went with a young woman that the bishop asked us to work with. 

On Wednesday, sister Siilata got the flu. She was sick and dizzy and she just didn't feel good at all. So, we decided to stay in. We literally spent the whole day inside and called a bunch of people and set up a bunch of appointments. 

Thursday was our weekly planning day, and then we had some service. Every week we do service at a secondhand store called little britches. The lady who owns it is a non-member and she just needed some help. We went over and we helped her rearrange some things and it just crazier and crazier. So, we offered to come over the next day and to help her since we had to go to dinner that night. 

On Friday we were on exchanges so we had sister Moline with us. It was so weird when people were like "Hey Sister Moline!" and I was like "What?" Ha ha. We had soo many appointments and we were running around. then we got a call from Sister Praast who told me that she had something for me. We ran over to her house in between appointments and she had a boquet of flowers for me! :) SOO sweet! They were from my family, but still. :) We ran around the rest of the day, going to appointments and then Sister Moline went home, and we went to bed.

Saturday we had tons of appointments too. We were running around inviting people to stake conference and nobody really said that they were coming for sure. That night we had an appointment with the kings. They are the best, and they made us curry! :) Then we had a lesson with them, and talked to Scott about taking the lessons officially. He declined for now, but he isn't opposed to spiritual thoughts. So, we set up another appointment with them for Wednesday and then we headed to stake conference. Unfortunately we were 45 minutes late to stake conference because of our appointment. We told our bishop and ward mission leader and zone leaders we would be late. Unfortunately we didn't know that all the missionaries were asked to sit on the stand!!!!!! We had to walk up in front of everyone 45 minutes late. The whole meeting was about missionary work, and here come the Sisters Waltzing in late....Yeah I was pretty embarassed. Which I shouldn't have been because teaching was waaaay more important than being to conference on time. I just didn't like everyone looking at me. 

Sunday morning we had interviews with president Mecham. He is so great, but he really intimidates me. So, we started talking, and he started teasing me, and saying "You're really scared of me aren't you?" The answer is yes, but I was like "No, you're scared of me." He cracked up and I felt like a total dork! It was a good interview though. Stake conference was really good, it was all about the sacrament and stuff like that, which was good. :) After church, we had a dinner appointment, and then a less active appointment, and we were fed dinner at both places. I felt like I was going to explode! 

Monday was yesterday, and we had Preparation day, but it was like Presidents day or something stupid like that, so we didn't get to email! I slept. :) yay naps! We went out that night and had dinner with a family, then we had an appointment with an investigator. His name is Eddie, and he is just soo close to being baptized. The only thing holding him back is that he is not divorced so he can't marry the member that he is living with. He doesn't want to just move out, get baptized and then move back in because that would be lying. So for now, he is reading, and coming to church, and working on the divorce. He is soo great! They fed us a second dinner, and we shared a message and then left. We went to a less actives house, and she fed us a third dinner, and then we went home. We were running a little late, and didn't think anything of it. until we pulled up and found out the zone leaders were waiting outside our house.....oops. They were like "Why didn't you answer you phone?" We searched for it, and found out it was inside. They were like "Okay, just as long as you weren't ignoring us." What?! Why would I ignore them? They are so silly! Well, they told us that we were being transferred. SURPRISE! We are going to Missoula together. We are staying companions and stuff, but we are just not going to be here in Hamilton. there will actually be 2 sets of missionaries in the ward. Reason? Well, President Mecham called and told us this morning that they are like 130 baptisms away from splitting the stake, and building a temple. :D Yep, so I get to be a part of it all!!!!!!! They think the temple will be announced in April, and then it will be built in 2015. :) 

Yep, pretty exciting stuff. I am leaving actually in like 20 minutes, so we gotta go soon. I love you all very much though! I hope that you have an awesome week! LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe

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