Monday, February 10, 2014

One year, Snow, 3 pointer, Snow, Lost keys, Lost phone, Faith, Snow, Sushi, and more Snow!!!

February 6th 2013. I woke up and loaded my suit cases in the car. Right before we left Chris Moore pulled up and said goodbye. He was the last person other than my family that I saw from Lehi. We drove to Provo and went to Mimi's cafe. I ate eggs and some pancakes, and there was another family sitting across from us with a boy in a suit. He was going to somewhere in South America. Then we drove further down and took a family picture in front of the temple. We drove to the drop off and I hugged my family and then walked with my suit cases and an Elder I didn't know into the MTC. They pinned my nametag on me, and showed me where my room was, then led me to a room where there were 11 complete strangers. My companion I found out was named Sister Holbrook, and she was from Fresno California. Our teachers Brother Welsh, and Brother Hales were sitting in there and they told us some of the rules and then we launched right into it. That is what I did the first day out.
February 6th 2014. I woke up and made my bed. It was snowing outside. We got up and got our snow shovels and went down the street shoveling people out. we did our studies, had lunch, and went to visit some people. We almost got stuck in the snow a few times. We spent a lot of that day doing service and got to watch the high school choir concert that night. Then I came home and laid on my bed and looked at the pictures on my wall taken exactly a year earlier. That was what I did on my year mark. 

Hmm...I feel funny. I just can't believe that I have been out a year! Yep. Nothing has really changed. This week was basically the same as every other week...well no, not really every week is different, but I mean I was doing the same kind of stuff. :) Not gonna lie though, it takes special kinds of people to serve in Montana, and put up with -8 all day! We shoveled tons of snow this week, and I wish that I could say that I was sore...but I'm not. :P 

So, last Monday we played a crazy game of basketball! Sister Erbe got the ball....and won the game with a 3 point shot!!!! :D I don't even know how it happened because I just kind of chucked it....but I won the game, so that's exciting! :) We had dinner at this super cute little cafe called the coffee cup. When we come back we will totally go because it's just so great! We came outside and it was like -12 and my companion was soo cold she couldn't get warm. So, we ended up going home and making some phone calls. She put on soo many clothes it was pretty funny! 

Tuesday we went out and shoveled lots of snow. We always shovel out the neighbors up the street, and so, we spent a couple of hours doing that. then we went and we visited with the Scotts who are reactivated now. We went and got to talk with them. Brother Scott has been pretty sick. Last week he finally called and said "I can't handle it, I need a blessing." So, we called the Elders and (since they technically live in their area right now) and they went over and gave him a blessing. So, when I got to go and meet with them, he talked to us about it. We had a seriously awesome discussion on faith. I am working on that right now. Especially since our mission president asked us that questoin "Do you have faith to raise the dead?" I am pretty sure that will haunt me for the rest of my mortal existence! I have faith in  Jesus Christ, I just don't know if he would back me up if I commanded someone to come back from the dead. Not that he couldn't do it, but just that I wouldn't know if that's what he wanted me to do, or if I were just doing it because I want to. I guess I have troubles with knowing whether my will is in line with Gods sometimes, and if my thoughts are his thoughts, or it's just something that I want to do because that's what I want to do ya know? So, I am working on finding that balance and having enough faith to know that as long as my desire is righteous that he will back me up. That's what our discussion was on :P Anyway. After that we went and visited with a less active woman names Violet Cox. She let me use her piano to sing a hymn for her. :) After her we went over to a part member family and invited them to read the Book of Mormon. They are crazy busy and we have only ever been able to catch them once. So, we will keep trying and hopefully they will be interested in learning more. :) Then we went to our dinner appointment and had an awesome lesson. Halfway through though a less active and investigator from the Corvallis area came over. Their names are Jen and Tariq and they used to live in the Hamilton ward, but they moved over to Corvallis. It was kind of crazy, but we got to share a really awesome lesson about the atonement with Jen since Tariq left because of some crazy family drama. Anyway, it was a really really awesome lesson, and I loved it. We set up an appointment to teach them later tonight, but the Elders from Corvallis have to come to and try and put him on date to be baptized. :) Then we were going home, and realized we lost our housekey. Oh man I cried! The lady we live with can be difficult sometimes and I knew she was going to be really mad at us...more specifically me since it was in my pocket. We looked for it, but couldn't find it. I was really really upset and she was really really upset at me. I cried a lot. 

Wednesday morning we had to leave at 7 to go and switch our car with the Elders so that they could take it to Missoula to go and get an oil change and a tire rotation done for us. We left a note on the front door asking her not to lock us out if she left for work before we got home. We switched the car and then we headed home and it was locked. We were both still in our pajamas and freaking out because we couldn't get back in. Luckily she was still there, but she was really mad that we had asked her not to lock us out. I cried more. I didn't know what else I could do except apologize for my mistake. We figured out that we could go through the back and lock ourselves out and then we wouldn't be able to get back in until she got home at night. We then found out we lost our phone. Yep I was pretty sure my life was over. It was just really bad. It sounds super dumb, but I was really upset since it had been my fault that both of these things had gone missing. Also, believe it or not mom, I am pretty organized now. I never have clothes on the floor and everything is picked up and I don't know when or how everything changed, it just did. So the fact that I knew where everything was except for 2 of the most important things was really really frustrating. So, I prayed. Honestly I don't know how much faith actually went into the prayer to find the key because I was so sure that we wouldn't find it. It was actually mostly a prayer that I would not be so sad. As soon as I finished praying I looked at my ipad and had a message from the Elders telling us that they found our phone in the car and that they would be back with it at 1:45 which is a lot sooner than we thought that they would be. Then, I found a random silver key in a box when I was looking at the ensigns, it just kind of fell out. I tried it on the door, and it worked!!!!! So we had a key and we didn't have to worry so much about finding the other key because now we could just go and get a copy made! Yep, sometimes even when we don't excercise the faith that we need to God answers our prayers just to show us that he loves us and he is aware that we are worried about things. He really does take care of everything! Even stupid lost keys, and stupid lost phones. :) We did look for the original key like we promised but never found it...maybe in the spring when all the snow melts some little kid will have a new key to pretend that they are opening doors with.

Thursday was my year mark and I already told you about it. :) 

Friday we had an appointment with a less active named Ruth. :) Last week when we were there we were talking about food that we like, and I was like "Oh man, I love sushi!" sister Siilata was like "Me too!" Then we talked about mexican food. :P But Friday when we went over there, Sister Cook pulled out a $30 gift certificate to the sushi place!!!!! I almost died! it was soo great! :) Made my whole life to be honest with you. It was one of the sweetest things that has ever happened! We were at her house for a while actually and it was pretty awesome. Then, we went over to our investigators house. Her name is Betty Swift and she would totally get baptized except for that her daughter isn't a member and her son is and she doesn't want to make them feel like she is choosing sides. It is pretty sad, and I hope that we can help her to see how much she needs the gospel in its fulness. We are goign to have bible study with her, and go through the new testament and talk about Christ, which is going to be good for all of us. :) Then, we had dinner, and then tried a bunch of people and went home. 

Saturday was really slow. We had no appointments and no one was letting us in. We had several discussions with people out on their porches, but no luck with getting in. We were looking for some referrals and I got totally stuck in the snow, and Sister Siilata had to push us out...Yep that was embarassing. :P We decided to come to the church and do our online proselyting. We spent about 45 minutes on facebook and then we left. We had left our phone in the car and there was a few missed calls on it from a number we didn't recognize. Sister Praast called and said that she had something for us and was sondering if we could come over. She was totally in the other ward...and I totally didn't care because I knew that her daughter was from Lehi and knows Makenna and Makayla! :) So, we went over there, and she was soo sweet, and gave us a basket full of stuff for valentines day. :) We shared a message with her and it was such an awesome visit, and gave me a boost that I needed! We had dinner at Subway with Sister Leiter and her daughter sister Cook. :) Yep same Sister cook. It was great, and we had a really good discussion, and then we got a ton of marriage advice. :P 

Sunday it snowed a lot! We woke up and it was still snowing and there was snow everywhere! The bishopric was soo awesome though, and decided to come and shovel some sisters in the ward out instead of doing PEC. So, they came and shoveled us out and it was soo great! Unfortunately our car was buried with the snow plow and we had to dig it out, and then still got stuck! :P Super funny though. Sister Siilata had never seen so much snow and her eyes were huge. Then we drove down main street and saw 8 ft snow banks and her eyes got even bigger!!!! :) It was pretty fun. they cut church down to only 2 hours and then told us to spend the day being Christians. That meant that they wanted us to shovel out our neighbors. So, that's what we did for the rest of the day. :) 

So, my week was full of snow. :P I loved it, and it was seriously great and we had lots of little miracles just to show us that God is really aware of us. Seriously a great week. Well, I love you all so much, and I am so thankful for all that you do, and the letters and stuff. I love you, and hope that you have a great week! :) LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe

I read this letter and responded.

Mom:  Dang, I have only read the first paragraph and I am in tears.  It seems like years ago since we went to the MTC to drop you off.  I miss you!!!

Malynne:  Ha ha, it feels like a long time ago, but like the shortest time ever too....

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