Monday, February 3, 2014

Curry, Curry, Curry Please!!!! I am Dying here! Conversation with mom.

Mom:  Mulin I'm on the freeway I want to talk to you how long will you be there

Malynne:  For a while. :) 

Mom:  I'm sorry that I didn't write you a letter I had to do 7 food orders this weekend and I had to prepare a lesson and I had time to really study stuff going on and then yesterday was a superbowl.  Seattle Seahawks won!  Booyahhhh.

Malynne:  Well, that's good. :) I think that I am okay ha ha I don't need a lot. Yep, It's okay that you didn't write me, I figure that you are busy so it's all good. :) 
Mom:  Jenny nudd is coming over for dinner tonight we are making curry I got the email from the people who you had dinner with last night and I will be mailing curry to them so they can make it.
(On Sunday I received a text from Melissa King asking me to text her the recipe for Mussaman Curry.  I bought the paste and coconut milk and mailed it to them so that they can make it for Malynne.)

Malynne:  YES!!!! :) Thank you! I am kind of jealous you are going to be seeing Jenny, how is she doing? 

Mom:  she is doing good I will take some pictures and send them to you

Malynne:  Yay! :) I am soo glad you are sending curry to the kings! Oh man, I am dying! 

Mom:  Mulin I want pictures of you in Hamilton and of your companion, you know the normal stuff.  I just want pictures of everything.

Malynne:  you keep spelling my name wrong!

Mom:  It is because I have forgotten what the name with the face looks like.  I am trying, give me some credit here.  Really, is again Text to speech.  I am in the car.

Malynne:  I don't have any pictures to send you this week. maybe next week. :)  Hey mom, sorry I gotta run. Maybe we will be able to talk more next week. I love you!!!! 

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