Monday, February 24, 2014

Conversation with mom. Scott King, Ryan Ditty.

Malynne:  Hey mom!

Mom:  Hi girl.  Sorry for no letter.

Malynne:  It's okay! How are you?

Mom:  I am doing OK.  I have had better days.  Can't say what is wrong because nothing is wrong, just not happy.  Nudd is coming over.  Not sure why.

Malynne:  I love her! :) Is she coming over tonight? Did you love Scott?!

Mom:  She is coming over right now.  Scott....WOW can he down the Sushi!!!!!!  When just your dad and I go out for Sushi we can eat 5 or 6 rolls.  He seriously ate 12 or more by himself.  He told us a little about his life....again....WOW!  He did not sound hopeful about joining the church.  He said that he has things he needs to take care of and he doesn't see that happening.  We sent a package to you with him.  He said he will deliver it to Missoula himself.

Malynne:  Yay! He will join. His wife moved to Hamilton because she said that she felt that it was an answer to her prayer. She has been praying for Scott to join the church, and she knows that he will be able to be baptized and enjoy the blessings of the gospel in Hamilton. He will be baptized because of his wifes faith. If for nothing else. 

Malynne:   Hey, are you still there?

Mom:  yes

Malynne:  Oh good. Why are you not so happy today? 

Mom:  I wish I could tell you why.  What are your thoughts on Scott?  Do you think he will ever be baptized?

Malynne:  Yes. :) I know he will be baptized, it will just be a process. He thinks that he does lots of bad stuff like drinking and smoking and stuff and his wife was telling us that he only smokes when he is stressed and he drinks because he thinks it's fun but then gets bored. She doesn't think it will be that big of a deal to give it up, and he is reading the Book of Mormon. He was almost baptized before, but I think that the Elders made a pretty big mistake and really hurt him a lot and he needs loads of love and fellowship before he will be ready. But yes, I know that someday because of his wifes faith, and my faith, and all of the other missionaries faith that he will be baptized. :) 

Mom:  He did tell us about the missionaries that just stopped comming.  He said that he almost got baptized then, but they didn't show up.  He was still angry about that.  What do you think about his wife supporting the family?  He did not seem to have much gumption to work.  Am I wrong?  And he was getting more tatoos while he was here. He told us that they cost a is his wife paying for these and is she aware?  I am sure you are getting upset reading this.  We liked the guy, we just see with our worldly eyes and you see only with your spiritual heart.

Malynne:  I know that the missionaries made mistakes. I know lots of us do because we are just kids sometimes. But, I do know that he was getting his tattoos, and no his wife isn't paying for them. He has some friends who will do it, and he just getting some of the ones that he didn't finish, done. I am not upset ha ha, I just know him and I know that he is awesome! His wife is supporting the family, and I don't know if he will work because he stays home and takes care of Cambree and Seqori. He used to be the one to support them until they moved to Montana because she found a job and moved their whole family up. She really likes working, so yep. :) Ha ha, Scott is funny because he sees himself so differently than other people see him. He can't see himself as a member because he has these little hold-ups, and he can't see himself progress because he holds himself back. I don't know I just love him a lot! 

Mom:  I can tell you love him a lot and I can see why.  He is a very likeable person.  Tell me about Missoula.  Have you talked to Uncle Frog yet?  Do you want to see a picture of Grandma?  We were with her yesterday.

Malynne:  MIssoula is great. :) It was really stressful, and still can be since it is like ginornous!!!! I feel like I am in...well I don't know where I feel like I'm in, but it's not Montana! :P it's huge here. Oh, yes, I did talk to Uncle frog. :) We might go out to lunch today, I don't know it might have to wait until next week. I do want to see a picture of grandma! :) 
OH, I heard from Ryan today! :) 

Mom:  What did Ryan say?  I miss seeing him!  I am sending you a picture of Grandma Alma.  I just sent it to you.  Let me know when you get it. 

Malynne:  I got it. It doesn't even look like her.   hmmm. I miss her, but I hope that she goes soon. It's just another step, and I know she'll be okay. I will send you Ryans email. :) 

Makayla:  Malynne, Malynne, My most amazingful Malynne!! This is Kayla. :)

Malynne:  Hey Kayla! Are you just going by Kayla now? What the heck? 

Makayla:  No, that is just what I said this time.  I am always Makayla.

Mom:  So what do you think is going on with Ryan?  I am worried about you two when you come home.

Malynne:  Why? I don't know what's going on with him. Mom, that is honestly the most upbeat happy email I have gotten from him. I don't know about a mission, and I just don't care anymore. I was worried about that for a really long time, but I have just been worried about him as a person lately. Why are you worried about us? 

Mom:  I love Ryan.  I love you and Ryan.  I love the person you are when you are with Ryan.  But I want you to be with someone that is worthy of YOU.....I don't know if anyone will be worthy of you.  
I know what you mean about Grandma.  I pray that she will just die in her sleep.  No pain, no more dragging it on....just quietly go home.  She doesn't like her physical body right now.....I know she doesn't.  She has always served others and never wanted to be a burden on anyone.  I know that she is still learning and growing, even in the state that she is in, and maybe she is here to teach others to serve.  All I really know is that she is a wonderful lady and I love her!!!!

Malynne:  Hey, I have like 60 seconds left on this computer, so i am going to have to jump off. I love you!!!! 

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