Monday, February 3, 2014

Awesome week in Hamilton, Montana

Hello family! I had one seriously awesome week! I love it here in Hamilton. We have had some awesome success here and I just love it.

On Monday we went and had a zone preparation day and played glow in the dark dodgeball. :) Oh man, soo fun! Then we came back and worked out the rest of the evening.

On Tuesday we spent a lot of the day tracting and we found a new investigator! So good, we were able to set up an appointment with him for Saturday and then went out and taught a few more people.

On Wednesday we went out and had appointments all that day and then that night went tracting. We couldn't see the house numbers and we made a rule to tract only the houses with a number 3 on them. So, I had to creep up to someones house and look at the house numbers. All of a sudden someone opened the door...most awkward 10 seconds of my life. And then I found out he hadn't even seen us creepin' he had just been coming outside to smoke! Oh man then it got even weirder....I don't know how to socialize as a normal person anymore! Well, then our investigator Scott drove up next to us really slowly. He was wearing a hood and totally freaked us out. Sister Siilata took off and left me there ha ha. Then we found out it was him and she came back and we were able to set up an appointment with him. It's good to know if anything bad happened my companion would be there to back me up! :P Soo funny! 

Thursday I don't really remember super well....actually I don't remember what happened at all. I know we wet out and taught, so that's good. I just don't remember who we taught.
Friday we had our appointment with Scott. We went into their house and asked a bunch of questions and talked and got to know them better. Oh man, I love the Kings. Not only are they from lehi, but they are seriously the best! He is just so great, and he is eventually going to be baptized. :) I just love them both so much. His wife Nicole told us the other day that after we left he felt the spirit and had a desire to read the scriptures. It was so awesome, and I am just so stoked to be able to work with them. :) 

Saturday we had a few appointments, but they all canceled. :( So we just spent the day visiting less actives. soo good! I just love the amazing down to earth people here.

Sunday we had all the normal things that we do. we had our dinner appointment early, and we had a corrolation meeting with our ward mission leader. Also, we tried a lot of people, but nobody would let us in because of the super bowl. Everyone would bring us in and give us food then send us away. :P Pretty funny! 

Yep, sorry this email is short. I am just really cold right now and I am having a hard time typing. :P But, I love you all so much, and I hope that you have a great week! LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe

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