Monday, January 20, 2014

We've moved locations.

Okay so this email is going to be pretty short we have a lot to do today! But I did do some stuff this week and I am alive! So I will list out the highlights of my week Okay?! :)
1-We have had lots of appointments
2-it has actually been pretty warm
3-We got to go out with the Wortleys on Saturday and meet lots more less actives
4-This week was "Crash week" the week where our truck was figuratively crashed for the evenings in order to provide opportunities for members to come out with us. We had some really great appointments with people.
5-Sister Jones is still the best and we had lots of fun
6-We were given money so we could go and eat some delicious pizza and also get some hot chocolate from the gas station.
7-We got to sit down with our branch president in thompson Falls and talk about the work in the area and so now we have some more ideas to make it go better.
8-We have the most beautiful area in the world and We took some amazing pictures of it.
9-WE MOVED OUT OF THE TRAILER!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a Sister in Plains that is older and she went to be in an assisted care facility for a while until she can recover from an injury in her legs and come back. She wanted her house to have someone in it and invited us to come and live we did! Can you imagine Sister Jones and I in a two story house all to ourselves!?! So great!
10-We had a fireside on Sunday with the youth all about missionary work and it was great!
Yep, those are my top 10 highlights of the week. You might be interested to know also that I am no longer going to be in Plains and Thompson Falls...I found out on Saturday night. :) ept praying that I ould be able to stay here in Plains and Thompson Falls all week. I really felt confident that I was going to be staying here. On Saturday night Elder Eiselin called and said that he would like to interview each of us....which freaked us both out. He interviewed me first and we had a really good discussion, and then he said "Sister Erbe you are going to be going to Hamilton, and your companion will be sister Siilata." (I will tell you how to say it in a minute...:P) As soon as he told me that I was going I felt relieved.....Oh man, this area has been hard and I am so ready to go. Hamilton sounds like a great area and I am soooo excited! I have never ever felt this good about being transferred ever! Oh and Sister Siilata (See-ee-La-ta) is from Samoa....what is it with me and Samoan companions? :P Ha ha I am pretty excited!
Well, we gotta run we have soo much to do! But, I love you all and I will talk to you next week! LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe

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