Thursday, January 23, 2014

Letter from Mom and reply from Malynne

I am going to get permission to call uncle frog I am still waiting on the zone leaders to give me permission, but shoot it to me and then I will have it for when I get permission. :) Ha ha and I am sorry to break it to you, but you are a mom of an Elder...I have a little brother you know? :) I am so glad Grandma is doing well, I told God I would go if he would keep her alive. Then I came out and realized whatever needs to happen will happen, but it kind of sounds like he is keeping his promise too..... :) I am sorry the Dupaix's are stinky. some people never learn. But, I am proud of you for keeping your head about everything. Maybe you should've just taken the flowers though.....shown humility right? I can't wait until I come home and can be like "Okay mom, we are going to the temple on this night." And then you and I can go and do a session and then go out for dinner! :) Yes it will happen! I love you soo much, and I am so proud of you! Hang in there, I will be home and can help you with errands soon! :) LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe
p.s. what happened to Makaylas knee?

On Thu, Jan 23, 2014 at 7:10 PM, Jacinda Erbe <> wrote:
Dear Malynne,
Tonight for about an hour I am here all alone.  I am trying to decide it I like it, or miss all the noise, chaos, and homework. Dad took the girls to the temple to do baptisms and Connor is at Scouts.  I would have liked to go to the Temple with them, but someone needs to be home with Connor....he still doesn't like to be alone too long, especially at night.
I am so sorry for not having a letter for you last week.  I went to write one and you had already written and sent all of those BEAUTIFUL pictures of Montana.  It is truly beautiful there.  I am sure it is even more beautiful when you can behold it with your own eyes.
This week has been interesting.  Monday was a holiday.....we went to lunch with dad in Draper....holy moly, I can't remember what we did.  Tuesday I worked all day.  WEdnesday was PACKED and did not end well.  I had a presidency meeting, drove to Saratoga Springs to get your Valentines Day present :), ran back to Lehi to get Connor from School, dropped him off to run to Makayla's school to check her out a few minutes early so we could get the power chain fixed on her braces, and then left from their to go to Dr. Weiperts office to have Makayla's knee looked at, was sent to the hospital for x-rays, ran home to eat dinner, feed my face so I could go get flowers for Sister Dupaix who had surgery.  I thought I was actually going to have time to breath for a minute, but phone rang.  It was Brother Dupaix complaining, upset, wanting to know where his dinner was (brought in by someone in the ward).  Apparently they forgot and Brother Dupaix let me know that his kids went to mutual without eating dinner, and that they had been waiting all evening  (it was now about 7:30).  I threw the flowers that I just drove to Costco to get....(I went just for the flowers) and cried.  I am sorry that their meal did not get delivered, I am sure it was because someone had forgot or had a day like me.  Either don't complain about it, you don't let your kids go hungry, you make dinner! ruined my day.  There is more to this story, but you get the gist of it. got transferred!  I am sure it was a bitter sweet thing. I could tell in your letters that you were having a hard time in that area, but I could also tell that you love Sister Jones!!!!!  I am sure you too will keep in touch and be life time friends.
Please tell me about your new area and your new companion.  Please tell me your address!!!!!  What would you like for Valentines Day?
Oh....We went and visited with Grandma Alma on Monday evening for FHE.  She was doing better than I have seen her in a long time.  She was smiling, laughing and even a little talking.  It was good to see her so awake.  She is having a very hard time getting up from her chair.  She pretty much lives in her chair and in her hospital bed, doesn't make it to the bathroom more than once a is physically too hard for her, but....she was doing good.  She always asks about you when she is "awake" and on Monday I read your letter to them.  I forgot to take the letter you sent to them to them, so I will need to just get it in the mail and sent....I keep forgetting. I think she might make it until you come home.
Sweetie, I love you.  I think of you so often and sometimes very intensly.  I try not to do that, because then I miss you more and start to cry.  I can't imagine being a mom of an Elder and having to wait for TWO years.  It is hard to believe that you have almost meet your one year mark.  How does that feel?
I love you!  Please do not ever feel forgotten.  We pray for you every day....all of us do.
Take care, keep working hard.
Love, Mom
If I can get Bruno's phone number can you call him?

Update:  I did deliver the flowers to Sister Dupaix that evening. 

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