Monday, January 6, 2014

Having fun, saving money, when I come home. Conversation with mom.

Mom:  I hope that you are doing well and not having too much fun, but remembering what your mission is about (Sister Jones emailed me and said that this was one of her concerns with you and her daughter. You two are too much alike and she said may be having too much fun?!?!?)  Have fun teaching the gospel.

Malynne:  We are doing great mom, don't worry about Sister Jones and I. :) We are having lots of fun, but we are working really hard. The fact that we are friends definitely helps a lot, and I am really grateful that she is my companion! :)

Mom:  What have you been doing today?  It is a little later than normal for your emails.  I am not scolding you, just wondering.

Malynne:  I was writing all my Christmas letters and taking life easy. :P Cleaning the apartment, running to the post office...writing my much needed presidents letter. :) It's been good

Mom:  Are you sending pictures today?  I have your blog done until I scan in the documents!

Malynne:  Ha ha yes, I am sending pictures. We took some beautiful pictures of Montana, and it was awesome!

Mom:  Are you still there?  Had to take a bunch of stupid phone calls.  I want to know, do you like your pink Columbia sweater?  If not send it home.  I have one just like it and it is my favorite!!!!  It keeps me like the perfect temperature.  I don't care how ratty it looks I think I will keep it forever and if you don't like yours then I will have two to keep forever.

Malynne:  When winter is over, I will be sending home lots! My blue jacket, and all of my heavy sweaters. I will probably keep the red one just because I am not sure about the cold and stuff. :) When I get home we can share it okay? :)

Mom:  I am so excited!!!!  New clothes!!!  When exactly are you sending them?

Malynne:  Not until like march or when it isn't cold anymore. So, don't get too excited! :P

Mom:  Just sent it home before we go to Disneyland.  I would love to have an extra pink sweater to take with me.

Malynne:  When are you going to Disneyland? I just told you I was keeping it?

Mom:  We are going on tour with LHS in April.  Dad and Makenna are going on the bus and the rest of us are flying.  (Makayla and Connor can't go on the bus).

Malynne:  Oh, well hope sorry not gonna get it then. I am in Montana mom! Who knows when it won't be jacket weather anymore.

Mom:  Schmoo.....I am just kidding.  I really do like my pink sweater and hope you like yours as much.  I think you should keep your clothes for a while Mayish.

Malynne:  We will have to see. I am ready for warm weather now! So, as soon as I can oh man they are coming home! :)

Mom:  Schmoo, I am trying to fix dinner and I am back and forth to the computer.  If I don't respond right a way please know that I love you!!!!!  I hope you are safe, happy, and doing well.  Please let me know if you need anything.  Also, just a reminder.....any money that is in your account when you get home will be yours to keep. 

Malynne:  sweet! :) K thanks I will remember that!

Mom:Schmoo, it would be great for us if you had some money in your account when you get home.  I am worried about going on vacation and preparing you for normal life again (cell phone, car, car insurance, clothes etc.).... ===$$$$

Malynne:  don't worry about me. I am going to start working as soon as I can, and I am going to get my own stuff. I may have to borrow a car for a little bit...but I will pay for gas. I want to be able to be independent and not be more of a burden than I need to be!

Mom:  Your dad and I have plans of helping your money.

Malynne:  I just asked Grandma if when I go back to school I may be able to live in her basement with some of the Sisters on the mission that I have been talking about being roommates with anyway. So, maybe she will say yes. I will still spend a few months at home though!

Mom:  Just fyi....grandma may need to let Dal live in the basement.  Sarah is not letting him see the kids and refuses to come visit.  Dal is getting an attorney to protect his parental rights and one of the things he needs is a place to live to have the kids come to.  This situation is a mess.  If Sarah calls and tells Dal he can come home Dal has already said he will go home.  If not he will follow through with the legal seperation (custody document).  I believe this is the beginning of an ugly battle to come.  
Don't put your heart into living at Grandmas house....I know she would love it, but just letting you know it may not happen.

Mom:  Well it definitely wouldn't be right away....I kind of hope that they are separated. As long as it happens quickly, this is ridiculous with all that has happened that it continues and no one has done anything about it!  (Looked at pictures).....It looks like Sister Jones fell gracefully.....her skirt is down and I don't see any panties.
Yeah for her!!!!

Malynne:  Yeah, I hope that everything works out. You know Heavenly Father said 2 Nephi 2:27 "Adam fell that men might be and men are that they might have joy" Mom I honestly truly believe that if people will be happier, if their spirit won't be weighed down by being together then that's when they need to split. I mean not that you shouldn't try, but when you can understand that maybe the best thing for everyone all around is to not be together. I know that things have always been rough and that we have always voted that they don't stay together. Maybe that's our own earthly view of things, but maybe God has another plan for them, and maybe Sarah will let him come back just long enough to fulfill what Heavenly Father wants their family to do and to be. Family relationships aren't perfect...but God is our Father. Our literal Father, and when we don't have a family, we lean on him! :) Oh how wonderful is this gospel!

Mom:  Also, did you get the package I sent last week?  It should have been at the post office on Saturday.
Malynne, how do you know what President Mecham said about the 5 Lehi girls?  Do you get emails from him?  Save them or forward them on to me.  I want to blog them.

Malynne:  I do every once in a while, but I don't want to. They are mine and I will share them with you at home. I really don't want all of my emails and his reponses put online where everyone can read them. they are kind of sacred things to me and very special. So, I will share them with you sometime, but just not now.

Mom:  I totally understand.  Can we make a seperate blog so that we can have them put into a book for you?  It can be a private no one can see it.  It can be our project when you come home.

Malynne:  They give them to you in a book at the end of your mission! :) hey, I gotta go though. We are running off to dinner! I love you soo much and I hope that you have a great week! LOVES!

Mom:  Did you get Grandmas gift????  Garments, thermal ones.  She keeps asking.

Malynne:  I got them....I won't wear them, don't tell her I said that. Thermals are way too hot even for Montana! I will send them home at the end of the winter.

Mom:  Write her a thank you note and tell her how much you LOVE them!!! 

Malynne:  I did, it's going to come! in the mail right now! :)

Mom:  Love you!!!!  

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