Monday, January 27, 2014

Conversation with mom.

Mom:  Hey Melinda I hope that I get to talk to you today I really miss you and want to hear about your transfer in about your new companion I'm watching for your email I love you mom    .....(sent from my phone via text to speech)

Malynne:  You just called me Melinda.....

Mom:  You have been gone so long I forgot how to spell your name.....really it is just text to speech.

Malynne:  Ha ha well I am glad you didn't forget! :) How are you?

Mom:  I just read your letter and I am crying.  Sometimes I just really miss you. And I ffeal like a lousey mom for not writting mire.  Do you or your companion nerd anything?  It sounds like she doesnt have much.  If I send you domething for vslentines shoukd I send her something toi? What size id she?what would you like?

Malynne:  She is around the same size as me. Honestly she today was talking about how she would like Carinessa garments since all they sell in the islands is dry silk. I can't think of anything specific and I would be happy with anything, but she would love a few pairs. Probably just a size bigger on both top and bottom would work really well for her. :) Also, I really miss you too! I can't believe I am coming home so soon it is kind of freakin' me out. So, you won't have to miss me for long. Also I have a question, when I get home from my mission (and you can say no) I would love to stop at the draper temple on the way home. I just want to be at the temple that I love as a missionary. Ya know, I watched them pick the ground announce it in conference, I watched it be built and then do the open house and then do most baptisms there. It's kind of my temple and I love it. So, don't know if that would be cool with you, but I would love it! Also, tentative release date for me is August 16th. 

Mom:  Yes yes snd I thought you would be home sooner.  Sad tears.  When you come home Connie will be able to do baptisms with us.    (again, text to speech.  Connor = Connie).

Malynne:  Yes! :) Thank you! I am so excited! Wearing my tag in my temple! Yes! :) Hey, it's still a tentative date so it might be sooner. But I am kind of grateful it's not in July when they were talking about it! :) 

Mom:  Lucy sndersons mom lives in hsmilton.  Her name is sparky.  I need a msiling address.

Malynne:  guess they decided to have us stay longer. :) Oh, I get the phone number now! Is her mom a member? 

125 snowberry st.
Hamilton, Montana 59840 :) 

Mom:  Hamelin I'm on my way home now how long are you going to be there I want to write back to answer some of your questions  (Hamelin = Hey Malynne)

Malynne:  I am going to be heading out really soon we have to go to some stupid meeting. Totally bugged, but it's all good, next week we'll have more time. :) 

***Mom's Note:  There was a lot more to this conversation, but it was between my texting, Lowell's texting and Malynne's replys.  Lowell and I were at lunch together, and we were both texting as fast as we could.  Malynne sounded so happy.  She loves her new companion and loves the new area.  

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