Monday, January 27, 2014

Transfers! First week in Hamilton.

A week in Hamilton.

Well, last week I wrote a super short email about being transferred. Then I ran up to kalispell to spend the day with all the missionaries I was leaving. I didn't care about most of them, but sister Owens and sister wahlquist I am going to miss Soo much! Also sister jones I already miss her. I was so sad that she wasn't going to be my companion. But, I was just so ready to leave plains and Thompson falls. It is an awesome place, just a really hard area for me and I was glad for a change of scene. We stayed up in kalispell then came back and had some appointments to go to. We had about an hour where we went and packed things into the house and then we started a movie. We were able to watch Ephraims rescue together since it was approved! Oh man one of my last nights with sister jones and we watched a movie and had martinellis cider and lots of popcorn. Then we went to bed to get ready for a crazy day.

Tuesday morning we woke up and we went straight to work. We had to pack all of my stuff and then we had to move the entire trailer to the other house. Thus commenced the entire day of craziness! We finally finished with it all at around 4:30 when we stopped and ate and showered and then went to dinner. We had one last appointment and then we headed up to kalispell. We spent the night with the kalispell sisters sister Owens and sister wahlquist. It was such an awesome, but hard night. We were all having a hard time with transfers and we talked about lots of stuff. We signed goodbye books and talked and talked.....and then it was like 1:30 so they went to bed. Then sister jones and I stayed up talking just one last time....until about 2:30. Yep I know we were dumb ha ha that whole next day I ran off of 2 1/2 hours of sleep. I am not gonna say it wasn't needed though. You make lifetime friends out on the mission, and truth is I probably won't get to serve around most of those sisters again just because of how big the mission is. We will always be friends though! :)

Wednesday was a really long day! We woke up at 5 and drove up to Columbia falls from kalispell. I was picked up by the transfer van around 6:30. We drove from there to Helena which is a 5 hour drive. It was me and 4 elders being transferred and we just talked the entire way there about stuff. In Helena I got to see some awesome people I haven't seen in a while. Then they packed all of us in another van and drove us to Missoula. I got to talk to sister Davis all the way there. :) Soo good! We got to Missoula and our zone leader was waiting to pick us up. There was 2 sisters and an elder and we all went to cafe rio. From there we drove another hour down to stevensville and dropped off one sister and picked up my companion. Then we were driven to Corvallis and dropped off at our car....from there we drove down to Hamilton and had appointments that I honestly couldn't even tell you about.....:) then we went to sleep.

Thursday we got up and had lots of people to go and see. We had an appointment with an investigator first thing. We went over to her house and we got to walk her dog :) then we just talked to her and she told us about the things she is going through. It was a really great visit I loved it. We didn't really have appointments for the rest of the day we just went out and met with less actives and some active members for the rest of the day. Everywhere we went sister siilata said "yep we are just goin around so I can show off my companion!" :) she is the best! We had dinner with the Hawkes family. Brother Hawkes is in the bishopric and he has 3 little kids. One of his daughters names is Natalie and she has red curly hair and looks a ton like Kennedy! :) hey are such an awesome family.

Friday we spent going around....but there really weren't that many people home. We had a bunch of appointments. We met with a less active who is trying to get reactivated. It was pretty fun, and she is super sweet! We had service to do with a non-member. She just owns this store that has baby stuff in it and we go and help her once a week. We helped fold some stuff and then I got to use the tag gun and put tags on stuff! Super fun! :) Then we went to visit another woman who has recently been reactivated. We taught about faith and invited her to come to church. Then we walked over and visited another family who is going to be sealed in April. They are pretty awesome too. That night we had dinner with a part member family...,from lehi! The kings. :) they moved up here in august because sister king knows that this is where her husband will accept the gospel. Pretty sweet! Their daughter is like 5 and named cambrey and they told her "hey cambrey she is from your favorite place." And cambrey said "lehi?.....TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!" Ha ha she is so funny! We got to know them and I seriously just love them! Brother king asked me "do you like sushi? Have you ever been to the sushi house in American fork?" Oh my goodness I could've just died since that is like my favorite place in the world! Yep we are totally buds!

Saturday we tried to visit less active families but literally nobody was home.
Sow e ended up visiting active families. We spent all afternoon visiting them. We saw the Wynns and the majors and the Williams. They are all just so great! Seriously such amazing members here! We were given money for dinner and so we went out and got pizza at like 8 them we headed home for the night.

Yesterday was Sunday and it was awesome! Okay we got to church and the youth were doing musical number. Saturday afternoon we sang to a few families and so I guess word travels fast because I got sucked into helping the youth prepare this song that they were singing. It was so fun, there are great youth here. The whole sacrament meeting was centered around the new youth theme and they had 8 youth speakers who talked about coming unto Christ in different ways. For those of you who don't know the new youth theme, it is Mormons 10:32 "come unto Christ and be perfected in him, and deny yourselves of all ungodliness; and deny yourselves of all ungodliness, and love God with all your might, mind, and strength, then is his grace sufficient for you, that by his grace ye may be perfect in Christ; and if by the grace of God he are perfect in Christ, he can in no wise deny the power of God." Such a great theme! Oh man, that's what we are all trying to do right? Yep. Well after church they had a linger longer potluck. It was super fun and I got to meet a bunch more members. After church we went out and we had an appointment and we went and visited the Carson's who are less active. We talked a lot about books and then related it to the Book of Mormon and invited them or read it. Then we had our dinner appointment and ended up staying for a while. They used to be a part member family and told their conversion story which was amazing! They wouldn't let missionaries in for 5 years and then they just decided that they were going to and now they are active and sealed in the temple! Soo awesome! :)

Yep. Things here are great! And my companion is amazing! She is from Samoa and she is just so humble. She literally grew up in a shack with all 6 members of her family. She is learning English and sometimes she struggles but she always asks for help when she needs it. She just knows how to rely on The Lord! Oh man I love her. She is also super funny and she was telling a story and was trying to describe a woman to another woman and she said "she's Connecticut....Christmas.....Chinese? Hey what's that other word for white people?" And I said "um....Caucasian?" "Oh yeah, Caucasian, that's it!" Soo funny because 1- she couldn't come up with the word and 2- um, we are in Montana everyone is Caucasian pretty much! :) sooo funny!

Basically I love this area a lot! I am so blessed to be here. Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support! I love you all! I hope you have a great week!! LOVES!!!!!
-Sister Malynne Erbe

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