Monday, December 2, 2013

Trailers, SD Cards, Camera, MORE Pictures and Sherlock Holmes - Conversation with Dad

Dad:  So, Makayla and I were goofing around on Google Maps Street View and decided to look up the local LDS chapel. We "virtually" drove by, and noticed this...
Just wondering if this looks familiar???

Malynne:  Yep! :) That's our church building and the little ghetto trailer that is next to it. ;) Yay! Montana sketchy ghetto trailers that I have come to love soo much! :)

Dad:  Sweet! Me and Makayla cruised all over town. Of course, it was July last year when all the images were gathered so I suspect things look a bit different now.

Malynne:  Ha ha just more muddy and wet :P

Dad:  There's even a ghetto dog house out back!

Malynne:  Yep! For their ghetto little dog! :) Actually there are not tons of places that look that dumpy...but it is definitely different from Lehi!!!! :P

Dad:  What kind of a camera do you have?

Malynne:  I have a...I think it's just a GE, it just take normal SD cards and not like the weird skinny long ones or the really fat ones, just the ones that go in everybodys cameras. :)  

Dad:  Well, okay. But I still need to know whether it can handle an SD/HC Class 10 SD card. Do you think you could find a link on Amazon?

Malynne:  Okay, confession. My little camera broke like a lot and so I saved up some money and bought a newer nice one that I knew would last my mission.

Dad:  Well, okay. But I still need to know whether it can handle an SD/HC Class 10 SD card. Do you think you could find a link on Amazon?

Malynne:  I can't go on Amazon...I will just grab my camera. and tell you. Okay so it is from the General Imaging Co. it's a digital camera X400 DC6v. try that.

Dad:  Nice camera. I can support SD/HC up to 16GB. How many do you need?

Malynne:  Um, I don't know I have a 4 GB right now and it lasted for a while. a 16 would probably last the rest of my mission. :)

Dad:  Great. I'll get you six.

Malynne:  Yep that's my camera. :)

Dad:   Where shall I send this stack of SD cards?

Malynne:  You are getting me 6 SD CARDS! :P Ha ha. Well, how are you sending them? Are you sending them UPS? Or USPS?

Dad:  I'm kidding. I was going to get two. It looks like they'll ship UPS.

Malynne:  Oh, ha ha okay. :) Well, then I will have to give you an actual address then. Okay let me find out what Kelli's is real quick.
OKay, it is 120 Lewellen Street.

Dad:  Amazon didn't like 120 Lewellen Street. Are you sure that's correct? Using Google Maps, it looks like it's got the 10 commandments
>>>>>>>> posted outside?

Malynne:  That's it, it's like up the streeet from that, it's a little trailer house.

Dad:  Okee dokee. A pair of 16GB SD/HC cards are on their way to that address.

Malynne:  Okay good. Thanks! I am glad that it worked! :) Mom will expect me to fill both of those up right? mmm....I will try ha ha

Dad:  Yep. You better get busy taking pictures of everything in sight.

Malynne:  I seriously send home and take more pictures than any missionary, and everyone thinks that it's hilarious that mom is like "Why aren't you taking enough pictures!?" :P Yep ha ha

Dad:  Maybe you could take some time-lapse pictures of the grass growing or something. 

Malynne:  Yeah, except it's all dirt and mud and snow. :P Hey it still might work  :P Here is the snow, then the snow melts, but then there is more snow  later, but then it melts again, and now it's ice, and now it's snow and now it is melted and now it's SPRING! :)

Dad:    I think you're onto something!

Malynne:   good work sherlock! :)

Dad:  Sherlock... Has Makayla told you that she is obsessed with that show?  Holy crap! Every day I get the countdown to when the next season starts. I guess it's better than being obsessed with One Direction.

Malynne:  Ha ha oh now you've done it dad! Now you've spoken it and it's going to happen. :P Yeah don't worry, every letter I get I get an update on Sherlock and how much she loves it. :P I have a feeling that I am just going to spend the first 2 weeks at home watching it with her! :)  

Dad:   Yes. Yes you are.

Malynne:  thats all good with me, I miss movies...and Makayla, so it all works out I guess. :)

Well, I should probably go, I need to write some letters to people. But,
thank you for the SD cards, I LOVE YOU!  :)

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