Monday, December 16, 2013

Said Goodbye to Sister Wallace

So, this week was crazy! We had transfers and so we had to say goodbye to everyone Sister Wallace wanted to say goodbye to. We went and said goodbye to mostly active member families, but then we got to see a few less actives. She also spent a lot of time packing. On Tuesday we found out that a woman from plains had died on the road from here to Kalispell because they were so icy and dangerous. We decided that we were not going to drive up there at night. So we left super early and we drove up there. We spent the whole night with the Kalispell Sisters, we went out to dinner at applebees and then to target and walmart since we never get to go over there! It was pretty fun. Also, I got to hang out with Sister (Kelsy) Owens!!!!! :) I love her and I love her even more now that we get to serve around each other and be missionaries!
Tuesday we woke up really early and went up to Columbia Falls and I dropped Sister Wallace off. It was good, but I didn't have a companion. So, the Sisters from Columbia Falls came and got me and we went over to their house and studied and stuff. They had appointments all day and so I got to run around with them and meet some awesome people from their area. :) They are so awesome, and it made me happy to be able to work. That night Sister Jones got here, and she was at the Shaws house (they are a senior couple kind of like the mission President in this zone since we are so far away from the mission home right now.) So, we left and went over there to get her. They dropped us off, and they invited us to stay to eat pizza with them. So we did that, and then we had to drive a couple of Elders down the Kalispell with us where we were going to be spending the night again since it was dark. Well, we stuffed as much as we could of their luggage in the back of the truck, but then we still had to fit some inside. We put the Elders in the back seat, and then Sister Jones strategically placed the sleeping pads on one of their laps and slammed the door, then walked around and strategically placed the one on the others lap and then slammed the door. It was literally just a big black trash bag, that's all we could see. We asked them if they could breathe, and Elder Julander said "It's okay, I have like a 5" radius around my head where I can so it's good." We cracked up and it was soo funny! :) Sister Jones has been in Kalispell before and has a bunch of missionaries that she knew before. We were with the Sisters and one of the Elders that she loves called and she was soo excited to talk to them she did this weird rollie thing and the bed flipped up in the air and dumped her off. She fell off and landed on a glass and got a pretty nice bruise, she also didn't even feel it since she was laughing soo hard! :) The Sister who was holding the glass had milk dumped on her, but we were just laughing to hard to even care! It was soo funny! :) I love Sister Jones can you tell? 

We went out to lunch with our district leader on Thursday. It was good, but it was a really awkward lunch because he really didn't want to talk to us so much. I don't think that he really wanted to be there very much. :P But it was good. We made it back at about 4:00 and it was to dark to drive up to Thompson Falls so we stayed in Plains and we just tried some people. 

Sorry, I don't have much time. The rest of the weekend we spent in Thompson Falls. We forgot the area book, so it was an interesting 3 days, but it worked out. We spoke in church on Sunday and it was really good we spoke about christmas. I can't believe how much missionary work goes with Christmas! :) Easy to talk about it. 

We came back last night and we got to teach Bill. His baptism is a go on Saturday!!! :) He is the most prepared person I have ever met in my life! Sorry, I am just running out of time, didn't realize how late it is! I will write more next week and send you pictures of Bill's baptism! :D I am pretty excited! 

Well, I love you so very much, and I hope that all of you have an awesome week! LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe

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