Monday, December 30, 2013

Looking forward to wearing normal clothes. Conversation with mom

Mom:  Malynne, I see that you are on line.  I am on my way home please stay there

Malynne:  Okay, I am looking at my blog!  I am still here! :)

Mom:  I just got home, I haven't even had time to read your letters.  Are you good?

Malynne:  I am great! :) I haven't sent out a long email yet, I have to write it still, but there are some pictures!

Mom:  Your dad and I looked at the pictures.  They will be fun to put in your blog and to put on Facebook.  Do you like your blog?  I have still got to do a few months.  I think I am missing September and October or something like that and I have an email I sent to you about girls weekend and your response.....Can't put that up in case someone reads it.

Malynne:  Oh you better put that one up!!!! :P I will get on and put it up myself...Ha ha. I like those pictures too! Everyone who saw the pictures that I took on Christmas of our family asked "Were you adopted?" We don't look related in thoe pictures at all. Sister Jones looks more related to all of you! :P

Mom:  So, I am feeling a little liberated.  I have been dejunking!  Cleaned out the closet in the office and guess what dad did?  He parted with an entire box of cables, RAM, computer parts, an old computer, your old computer, Makenna's old computer.....lots and lots.  My car was filled!  Trunk FULL and entire back seat FULL.  In the front was the box of computer stuff that we took somewhere to be recycled.  It felt awesome to see it all go away!  I got rid of almost if not all of the halloween costumes, old sewing patterns, Ugly holiday decorations that we never put up (I kept the cute ones)....all your clothes in your closet....a bunch of scrapbooking stuff, etc.  (not really just wanted to see if you were paying attention.  All of your clothes are still in your or Makenna's closet).

Malynne:  Yeah what the heck I was ready to be so mad at you! I really am looking forward to just wearing normal clothes again. I love being a missionary, but I don't love looking like one. I went and got a hait cut today and Sister Jones and I are getting our nails done and someday I am going to get a pedicure so that I can just not have disgusting things that just come with being a missionary...I hadn't had a hair cut since July and it was bad. She cut off a lot of the straight pieces and relayered it so it looks better. :) I feel loads better. Anyway...please don't get rid of my clothes I will do that by myself when I get home.

Mom:  That sounds like a plan.  I will let you decide what to get rid of.  I need to be going.  We are heading to Grandma Alma's to pick up Makayla and Connor.  They spent the last two nights at Eric's house and are ready to come home.  I can still text you, it will be from the car.  We are waiting for your big letter.

Malynne:  Sorry, I am working on it. :P

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