Monday, December 2, 2013

Conversation with mom - Holidays are hard.

Malynne:  It's okay mom, I am missing you a lot too. Never thought being away for all of the holidays would be this hard. We had a good thanksgiving, but it wasn't with you. I miss everyone at home a lot this week and I don't know if it is just because of the holidays or if I am just feeling a little homesick ha ha. :P 8 months can seem like the longest time ever. I really miss you all a lot! I am also jealous that you had Mexican food! I still seriously want Mexican food the night I get back okay? like carne asada or pork burritos kay? :)


Malynne:  I am here now, are you on right now?

Mom:  Schmoo.  Coming home are you still there?

Malynne:  Yep, I'm still here. : )

Mom:  Hey girl, I am home and on the computer.  We can talk now.  How is the trailer working out?  Have you taken a picture of it yet?  If I wanted to send something to you via UPS I need a physical address.  Can you get one for me?

Malynne:  Um, I could probably give you Kelli's address, but wait until we have had transfers so like next week just wait for that. :) The trailer as far as I know it is working out great. I spent the week up in Thompson Falls so we haven't even been there yet. But, no I haven't taken a picture of it yet.'s been crazy! :P

Mom:  So you haven't had to live in the trailer since the heat went out?  Do you think you will get transferred?  What about your companion?  What is her name?  Do you like her?  Can you send me the names of all your companions?  Have you kept a list of them and when and how long you served with each of them.  I have a big surprise for you......I am doing a blog for you.  I couldn't figure out how to do the one you set up, but Gretchen showed me how to start a new one.  I am hoping that Kira will show me how to decorate it soon.  So SEND MORE PICTURES.  Send pictures of your name badge on land marks, send pictures of you in front of landmarks.  Send lots and lots and lots of pictures!!!!

Malynne:  Yeah we have lived there, but they have this little infrared blowing space heater that keeps it up to like 62 so it's not like oober warm, but we aren't freezing, especially with lots of blankets. :) I don't think that I will get transferred, but I mean I guess that I don't really know, but I really think I will stay here. I better stay here! I just barely am well enough to do anything! Now we finally have things going and they better not move me! I am riding out the next 4 1/2 months here! :P My companion is Sister Wallace. Yes, I love her. :) and my list of companions goes like this:
Sister Holbrook: MTC companion; 13 days
Sister Letalu: Trainer, and with me in Billings; 10 weeks.
Sister Wood: With me in Burlington; 2 weeks.
Sister Davis: #1 I trained; with me in Lovell; 6 weeks
Sister Lasson: #2 I trained: with me in lovell; 3 months
Sister Wing: #3 I trained; with me in Lovell; 6 weeks
Sister Wallace: #4 I trained; with me in Plains and Thompson Falls; so far with me for 5 weeks. :) 
Yay, I am glad that you are making a blog! :) I really need to get back in the swing of taking more pictures, I kind of stopped for this recent time. But, for christmas I am sending home both my SD cards! :) I am going to buy another one tomorrow at Walmart! :) 

Mom:  Hang on.  Let me ask dad to get you one (an SD card).  Today is Cyber Monday and everything is on sale.  I will get you one and send it to you.  If you send the SD cards home you better send home papers identifying all your pictures (Your homework for all your P-day in December).

Malynne:  What? what do you mean identifying all my pictures? I printed a lot of pictures out, I had a big picture wall in Lovell and I am sending home most of my printed pictures too because I don't want to lose them or anything. :P 

Mom:  I want to know who all the people/places are in all your pictures.  A picture will not mean anything in 20 years from now if you can't remember their names.

Malynne:  Okay, well I will write names on the backs of the pictures that I have, but the ones on the SD card I will just have to do when I get home. Since, most of it is just from Lovell and I could never forget those people in those pictures. Ha ha most of them are people from my district who will be my friends until I die. :) 

Mom:  Here is what Josh Nelson says: (This was on FB.  He goes into the MTC on Wednesday)
Hey everyone, if you'd like to write me while I'm in the MTC this is my address:

Elder Joshua Steven Nelson
2007 N 900 E Unit 41
Provo UT 84602

I want to thank everyone who has been a good example to me and helped me to prepare for my mission. I am so grateful for wonderful parents who raised me with the knowledge of the gospel. I am grateful for great friends who have encouraged me, helped me have tons of fun, and been there for me in hard times. And I'm grateful for my siblings(I'm not an only child) who are my friends and who have given me good counsel and advice. I'm also grateful to have lived in such a great ward for so long. I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is Christ's true church. This gospel has blessed my life and I am excited to share it with others. I'm excited for more people in the Czech Republic to be able to have the blessings of the Atonement of Jesus Christ in their lives.

Once I'm in the Czech Republic in February you can get my mailing address from my mom by emailing her at anymoreancestors at gmail

Malynne:  He's going to be in the MTC until FEBRUARY 4TH!!!! Oh my gosh he is going to be there until my year mark! That's a really long time! 

Mom:  He will be there for 8 weeks, learning Checz.  I just sent you a fun video.  Did you get it?  Makenna LOVES playing on her Uke.  She will be even happier when she gets a guitar for Christmas!

Malynne:  SWEET! :) I can teach her how to play a little bit when I get back. :) She will pick it up nicely and then we will be able to have a rockin' jam session! I haven't got the video yet I will give it another minute or so. :) 

Mom:  Here is something for you.
Malynne:  Not everywhere. :P Ha ha here in Plains and T. Falls it is just way too cold for all the old people that live here. :) it is mostly old people ha ha not young people with families, just old people living off of retirement. 

Makayla:  Malynne!!!!!!!!!  Hooray!! I get my braces off in 9 weeks. They're going to be GONE by the time that you get home. I will get to have a permanant retainer and I'm not exactly excited for that because I can't stand things like that on the back of my teeth.

Malynne:  nah, they're not so bad you just gotta get used to it. :) They are waaaay better than braces! 

Makayla:  I'm doing SUPER awesome in orchestra. Mrs. Kelley is pregnant! That's the only new news for school. Except that Mr. Shelley's wife is pregnant and my math teacher's wife is pregnant too. YOU KNOW MY MATH TEACHER!!

Malynne:  For Thanksgiving we went to a family named the Vaneks and we had steak instead of turkey, and we ate until we wanted to puke, and then we ate a bunch of pie! :) Yep itwas fun. I can't wait for you to have Christmas break either, I loved Christmas break when I was in school. But, by the end you'll be ready to go back to school. Wow, that's interesting that she's pregnant, who is your math teacher. Tell Mr. Shelley congrats for me! 

Wow, you really wanted to talk to me ha ha. :P LOVE YOU TOO!  And no, I don't remember him at all. I don't remember ever having a student teacher in Mrs. Lakes math class...

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