Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Week!!!

Alright well it was Christmas this week. Loads of fun getting to talk to my family and spend time doing other normal Christmasy things! :) I liked it. So, here is a run down of my week.
On Monday we left and went up to Kalispell to spend our preparation day with the other missionaries. I got to spend all day with Sister Owens who is from Lehi who I love! :) We had laods of fun talking about 'old times' in highschool and having Sister Jones keep yelling from the background "It's just soo weird!" Just so everyone knows. Sister Jones was trained by Sister Parr, and then Sister Owens finished her training. Then she went up to Great Falls and was companions with Sister Barkdull for 2 days while they were waiting for their companions and then Sister Todd for like 2 hours. So, I am companion from Lehi official #3, but #5 if you count them being their companions for a few days! :) Soo funny. So, we drove up to Kalispell and we went to Walmart and I got to make Christmas cards! Finally! :) We decided to just go out and grab dinner. Sister Jones wanted Panda express and I really wanted Bajio So, we went to Panda first and Sister Jones got food, and then we went to Bajio. When we got to Bajio there were abunch of members there who offered to pay for our foor (without knowing Sister Jones had food in the truck) and we said yes. Sister Jones looked at me like "Do I really have to?" And I got closer to her and I told her "Just order something and you can box it up and eat it later!" So she did. So, then we had 2 dinners from Bajio, and a panda express, and then we walked over to coldstone to get ice cream. Soo fun! We went back to the Sisters apartment and started digitalitizing our area book and we inhaled our food because we were starving.
On Tueday it was Christmas eve. We went to a zone district meeting that was the whole zone but put on by the district leaders not the zone leaders. They asked me to sing, and Sister Jones did a roleplay about teaching the atonement. We focused on the Savior and his life and different aspects of him and stuff. It was one of the best meetings I have ever been to. There was anawesome member who bought all of the missionaries giftcards to go to subway. He spent over $200 on all of us and it was soo nice! We went to subway and then headed up to the Shaws for the rest of the day. We played a bunch of games and just sat around and talked. We played the what if game and there were lots of questions about Ssiter Jones and I. One was "What if Sister Jones didn't have authority issues?" The answer was "AWKWARD!" SOOO funny. Another one was "What if Sister Erbe died laughing?" "Then sister Jones wouldn't be far behind." And another one was "What if Sister Jones and Sister Erbe could have hot showers?" the answer was "Then they would open up a day spa and invite all of the missionaries over for a party." It was really fun. A bunch of people went on a little hike and some of us stayed inside to stay warm. We got to have dinner with them, and it was steak. :) We all got to eat nothing but delicious steak. Okay just kidding there was other food too, but I just love steak. :) After dinner we cleaned up and we all went outside to sit by the bonfire that was made in the middle of the snow. (Don't ask me how they did it because I have trouble enough making a fire inside our dry little wood stove!) We sang Christmas hymns and then some out of the childrens hymnbook, and then we ended the night singing I believe in Christ. It was really awesome! If you have never heard just a bunch of missionaries sit around and sing hymns, someday you should go on a mission so you can, because it's awesome! We had to drive the Elders home and we had to go the long way because Elder Keith forgot something. So we didnt' get back until really late.
Christmas morning!!! :) We woke up and we did our studies. We sang Christmas hymns and we read the Christmas story and we watched Mr. Krugers Christmas. Then we got ready and went over to our branch presidents house to skype! :) I got to talk to my family! And take pictures with them. Well, over Skype. I also got to meet Sister Jones family. :) Then we went over to the Shears for Christmas dinner. We had everything normal. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, rolls, gravy. And then Sister Jones got really tired and she took a nap :P It was awesome that they let her do that. We sat around and drank hot chocolate and we talked about all of the awesome Christmas memories that we have. It was fun. Then we got it approved to watch a Christmas movie. So, we got to watch White Christmas. I honestly dont' think that I have seen it all the way through ever...(It reminded me of Courtney because she would always sing that Sisters song from it :P And of course Makenna and Makayla because they are my sisters) Then we went home and we cleaned our apartment. Well our trailer, we claened it within an inch of its life! It was soo nice. I mean it wasn't really dirty we clean it every Monday. But we have never scrubbed it. Now it is really clean and I love it. Then we went to bed early...Merry Christmas to us!
The day after Christmas we went and we got to up to Thompson Falls. We have decided that this area is going to be split. I have the faith that it will happen, we just need to find people to teach. So, we started going through the potential investigator pool. We visited some less actives as well. We saw Al, and the Sawyers. Then we started on our potential list. We tried like 4 or 5 potentials and about 3 of them let us in. All of them told us no. But asked if we would come back.....? Not really sure if that means that someday they will join the church or if they are just interested in having spiritutal thoughts or what. So...whatever I guess. That was acrtually like Thursday Friday and Saturday.
Sunday we came back to give our talk in Plains. They were both really good. We talked about the atonement and having faith...and missionary work....and how the atonement applies and everyone can repent and do more missionary work. :) Basically called them all to repentance and it was cool. I love just saying things how they are and inviting people to come back to our Heavely Father. It makes me feel confident just knowing that I have God to back me up! :) That night we went over to the Bergers (Ber Jer). Sister Berger is a really awesome cook. She said that she made vinison....I thought it was a bird. I have never eaten deer before! It wasn't a bird....I felt really dumb.Anyway. We stayed over there and we taught the restoration to them. It was perfect because her husband is now trying to come back to the church, and she was pretty emotional. It was a really great lesson. She also told us a really awesome lady who cuts hair. :) So, we called her and she got us an appointment for today. Then, we tried a few potential investigators over here in Plains. We finally went over to Pat Englands and we saw her. Her mom was just put in the hospital, so she is going through her whole house cleaning now that her mom isn't there to tell her no. Her mom is 90 years old, and so we're not sure what's gonna happen. :( Then we went home for the night.
Then today came and I got my hair cut! :) it was a great day....I am so happy that my hair is cut is good! Well, that was my Christmas week! I love you all! I am so glad that I got to talk to you and see a lot of people this week. :) LOVE YOU ALL BYE!

-Sister Malynne Erbe

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