Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas is almost here again!!!!!!

Alright, so this week. :) It was a good one, and I am excited! So, we had an appointment with John last Monday, but we couldn't get a hold of them, and we didn't want to just show up and have them forget and their kids were going to bed, so we ended up not going. He got a new phone and it was just one crazy miscommunication and so we set up another time to go and see him. So, we went out and taught other people, but it was like -8 Monday night with wind chill, so we ended up going home.
Tuesday was pretty cold, but we knew that the Sisters were over at the church working on the Nativity project. So, we decided to go over and work with them. We had 350+ nativities and they were all on display and it was beautiful, it was a lot of work to put them all up. We ended up staying there for a few hours, a lot more than we thought we were going to. We actually went to dinner, and then went back.

Wednesday we went out and we visited with Pat England and her mom, and we got to share a Christmas message with them. We invited them to the nativity thing, but they said that they probably wouldn't be able to come. It was way to cold outside and Dorothy (Pats mom) is 90 years old!!! We went back to the church and continued to help set up. Then, we went out that night and we visited with a few people that we met at the circle (the only fast food restauraunt here) and we invited them to it as well.

Thursday was the last day before it was all going to be set up. We were almost done and they told us to look around and see if there was anything that needed to be changed. So, I took down a bunch of tables and put them back up the way that I thought that they needed to be. A bunch of the Sisters left for 20 minutes and they came back and it was totally different...but it looked really good so they just left it. :P There was one Sister in Charge, Sister Wuebkes, (web-kiss) and she stressed herself out so much she had an asthma attack and had to go home...sometimes it was really stressful. She came home and saw that I had changed everything and said "you little twerp!" Ha ha but then she started laughing and said "Man, I can't believe the nerve of this girl." but she gave me a hug and was totally teasing, so it was good. :) We didn't have that much help, and there was so much to do. But, it was really great to be a part of it at the same time. :) We made something soo beautiful, I will have to send home pictures and you can see. It was soo awesome! We had a little Christmas devotional thing with the Sisters who worked on it with us, and we shared a mormon message and talked about our Savior. It was so good, and after all of the work that we did, we were able to remind ourselves about why we did this in the first place. :)  You know, it is crazy that Christ came into the world as a little tiny baby. He was the king of kings and lord of Lords, and he started out just like us. :) That means that he was human, and he knows what it means to be human and that in itself is a gift from God! He could've sent him down here as an adult and been like "Okay, do your thing!" but he let him grow and learn and progress just like all of us....

Friday we went out to invite people to the event. We had lunch with a brother in our branch who took us to Subway. :) We went and we invited him and his mom, and prayed they would be able to come. We then went and invited 3 more of our less actives, and ended up back at the church to light up all of the lights and the tea light candles that were strategically placed throughout the room. Then, people started coming at 3. At first it was really slow, and a lot of the Sisters that worked so hard on it were really discouraged. But, at 5:00 everyone started coming. Random people who had been invited in the post office, and on the street. We had ministers and preachers from other churches, and we got to talk to all of them! :) We were told that we were not allowed to proselyte, but we could talk to people and wish them a merry Christmas, and then we could answer questions...and guess what! There was a lot of questions! :) Even Carol a non-member that we invited came and invited us over to her house! :) It was awesome...The only problem was that we probably ate to many cookies...alright we did eat to many cookies! :P A lot of people didn't come out because it was so cold, but a lot of people came and it was an answer to a lot of peoples prayers! we went home after it all, and we found out our pipes had frozen in the cold....So, we changed and jumped back in the car and we brushed our teeth and washed our faces at the church. :) It was really interesting! 

The next morning we were on clean up duty. We went to the church, and we were helping to clean up. But, our pipes were frozen and we couldn't shower, so we went in service clothes and bedhead! :P Interesting for sure! We were there for a few hours, and we went to Kelli's to take a shower. We stopped at home to grab clothes and stuff that we will need, and Brother O'Brien was in there trying to thaw out our pipes. He had seen that our trailer wouldn't get above 50 and he was cold just being in there. They finally gave up, and gave us wood and cardboard for our wood stove! YAY!!! :) Also, he plugged in the heater on the pipes so that it will not freeze again. The only problem now is that I am not very good at making fires...I can start one, I just can't make the stupid log stay on fire for more than 20 minutes or so!!!! I just need to practice I guess. :P We went over to Kellli's and took a shower, and then I just realized I was exhausted. My whole body just like collapsed and It was torture trying to move. :P I still don't think I am all the way better even though I am trying to act like it. I have never been this tired even on my mission! :P But after watching 17 miracles and eating some food we decided to go out and at least visit one person. Which was the best thing for me, because I started to feel very sad and lonely and very homesick. So, it was good that we went out and worked. We saw the Shears, and they are so awesome, and they also make me laugh so I wasn't feeling very sad anymore! :) Then we came home, and Sister Wallace started a fire and then we went to bed. 

The next day was Sunday! :) We went to church, and the funniest sister in the whole world gave a talk on Christmas! :) It was a really good meeting, and then we talked about the Plan of Salvation and Joseph Smith for the other two meetings. Bill, and John our investigators were there and so it was good for them to hear the messages that were presented. :) Especially Bill who has learned about Joseph Smith, and the Plan of Salvation in the last two weeks. :) We went home after church, and had some lunch and fixed the fire and then we headed out to visit Sister Doney. She is active, but she is old and she has a lot of health problems. She is also one of the funniest people that I know! She kept calling us "Dah-lings" and it was soo funny I kept trying not to laugh! :P Then we headed down to Paradise to see Shorty and then have our lesson with Bill. Shorty told us that he just wasn't ready to be baptizeed. He knows that The Book of Mormon is the word of God and that Joseph Smith is a prophet, he just doesn't want to pray regularly, or be baptized...GRR!!! So, we will keep working with him and see what we can do. Then we had our lesson with Bill across the street. We gave him the gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet to let him read over throughout this week, and he did! He read all the scriptures and just had a lot of background knowledge. So, it became more like a discussion as opposed to us teaching him, and it was great! :) Then we had dinner with them, and he told us "You know I realy do think that I want to be baptized on the 21st" My heart died! I am soo excited and he is so ready! :) After that we went to the Christmas devotional. :) that's was awesome because I got to see Nudd! :) YAY!!!! It was a really great devotional though, I loved Elder Nelsons talk, it was my favorite! :) After the devotional we went and tried to contact a referral, but their son answered and they weren't home except their son. Then we were frozen so we came home and got our stuff and came over to Kelli's to do laundry! :) 

Oh, also today we got transfer calls!!!!!! I am...staying here, and then Sister Wallace is going to serve in Billings! :) In the Hilltop ward! :) That's my ward....I am soo excited for her! I am getting Sister Jones as my companion! She isn't new, and I am not training...for the first time on my mission. I don't even know what a normal companionship does...:P It's all good, it is going to be nice to not have that responsibility and to be able to have a new companion to work with, and learn from. It is going to be nice. I feel good about this transfer...also I like that I am staying here because it is the warmest place in the state!!!!! :) I am excited to meet my new companion her name is Sister Jones by the way...that's all I got! :P So, I hope that you have an awesome week, and I love you all! Oh, also I am excited for Christmas and my birthday! LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe

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