Monday, July 29, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!!

Okay so last Monday right after we finished up emailing we went shopping at the little grocery store that is in town called red apple. These people were giving away free kittens and they were soo soo cute! I knew that there was a woman in our ward who was looking for a new kitten so we gave her a call and she came down and she picked one out. I told her that she had to name it after me. She was gonna name it millenium ha ha but then she found out it was a boy and named it Milo. Then she said "Well Lisa could just lost her kitten and has been looking for another one." Lisa is a L.A. woman in my old area (now the elders area) So we picked one out and we were just going to take it over to her, but we had to tell the Elders and they wanted to come so we had to take them with us. The kitten was so tiny it couldn't have possibly weighed a pound and it was also only the size of my hand. Yeah a teeny little kitten! So we tied a little ribbon on it and we took it over to her and she was soo excited that she cried. Random little story, but we followed the spirit and were able to take a woman a kitten and get into her home. Weirdest door approach I have ever done in my life though... "Hey well we know that you have been wanting a kitten and so we found one and we thougt that you might like it." Ha ha yeah super funny! :)
On Tuesday night we went and visited with the Welches again that dentist and his family. :) They are so great! But, we knocked on the door and I had my guitar and it kind of turned into this little jam session thing and it was really weird. So we were like "um...we have to go, can we share a message with you?" We shared a message and talked all about Kurks mission and so it ended up good, but it was an interesting visit. Especially since the people that we really wanted to talk to (The dad and one of his less active sons) walked away when we asked if we could share a message. But it was good we built a good relationship with one of the sons. Hopefully they will be influenced by Kurk going on his mission and have a desire to come back!

Okay well pretty much the rest of the week was a huge blur I don't remember much ha ha. On Wednesday night we had an appointment with an investigator and a family in the ward. They canceled our appointment though and so we weren't able to teach. So we made the 2 young men who were about to leave on their missions teach us...again. It ended up good though.

I don't really remember much until the lesson that we had on Friday night. There was going to be a baptism on Friday of a little girl who is 8 that we have been teaching since her family is L.A. But her Grandma is really sick and had to go to the hospital so we decided to postpone the baptism until sometime this week when her Grandma was doing better. Any way so we ended up going out and teaching lessons on Friday night instead of having a baptism. We had nothing planned for that night because we were completely convinced that a baptism would happen so we were kind of winging it. We were driving around and when we felt like we should knock on a door we would. We taught some great lessons that way, but the last lesson of the night was my favorite. :)  We went to visit with a woman in our ward who has been really sick, so we stop in from time to time to see her. I seriously love her soo much! Her name is Sister Christensen and she is just one of the greatest people. She used to be a singer, but she has really bad asthma and so she isn't able to sing any more, but she loves it when we come and we sing for her. So we took our guitar and we sang a couple of songs for her and she was so happy that she just cried. It was such a spiritual lesson and I was so happy that we stopped. :) I just love the people in Lovell so much! 

On Saturday we had an 8 year that we have been teaching get baptized. His whole family is less active, but they want him to be baptized soo badly. We have been teaching the whole family and we have seen them progress so far. :) Right before he was baptized we were able to go and to curl his moms hair for the baptism. It kind of sounds ridiculous, but it was so good to build a relationship with them in a way that wasn't just having lessons. :P  He was able to be baptized by his dad, and that was so special because his dad was working so hard to be ready to baptize him. He isn't reactivated yet he still doesn't come to church, but he has definitely has had a change of heart, so we are excited! After he was baptized we took lots of pictures and Scotty said "I want to take a picture with all of the missionaries." All of the missionaries in my district came to support and so we piled in and took a picture with him. :) There was 8 missionaries and 1 future missionary and it was a great picture! I will send it! :) 

On Sunday we went to 5 missionary farewells. All of the young men in Lovell are leaving on missions pretty much on the same day. :) They are all entering the MTC on Wednesday July 31st. It was a really exciting day! We went to Brady Winland and Nathan Grants early that day. They are both in second ward and had it on the same day. :) So we were able to see them give their talks and they were soo good. But they kept talking about their moms and all the missionaries who are here in Lovell kept crying the whole sacrament meeting because we miss our moms! I miss you mom!!!! Anyway so Brady is going to Mexico and Nathan is going to Tonga. Later on that day we were able to see Jacob Asay give his farewell talk in 4th ward. He is going to Ukraine. :) Then we went to 5th ward and we got to see Dino Collins and Kurk Welch give their talks...and we got to sing. There was only 600 people there to see these 2 boys speak. We had soo many progressing less actives there to see them as well. These boys influence will stretch much much farther than just their missions. The people here look up to them and respect them all for making such a brave decision. Dino is headed off to Argentina and Kurk is going to Turkey...he is speaking Turkish. Yeah so none of them are staying in the states they are all headed out of the states and learning new languages. :) It was a great day! I sang and Sister Lasson played the piano. We sang I know that my redeemer lives to the tune of a poor wayfaring man of grief. It was perfect because Dinos favorite song was a poor wayfaring man of grief and his moms favorite song was I know that my redeemer lives. While I was singing I just happened to look down and see one of our investigators there, Max! He started to cry when I looked at him. After the meeting he pulled us aside and asked if we could set up an appointment to meet with the bishop so that he can start making changes with his life. He is thinking about picking a date to be baptized! :) He was so touched by those young men going on missions and Sister lasson and I already out. He knows that we know its true and he wants to know that for himself! :) Ah sooo awesome! 

Well, that was my busy week! Things are definitely getting better and I am feeling soo much better about Lovell! I love it here and I love the people here. Still :P I am so excited to see all the changes that people are going to be making in their lives! 

I love all of you soo much! Thanks for all of the love and support that you give me and all of the letters and everything. I love you all soo much! Especially mom! Thanks for everything that you do and the good example you have set for me! I LOVE YOU!!! loves!
-Sister Malynne Erbe 

p.s. how is Makenna no one told me!?!

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