Monday, December 23, 2013

"Birthday is all the same to me." Conversation with mom.

Dear Malynne,
Since we get to talk to you on Christmas I don't want to write to you.  I want to have stuff to tell you.  Dad set up is under Jacinda Erbe.  What time?  We are all looking forward to talking to you!

Malynne:  um early at like 10 :)

Mom:  Are you on right now?

Malynne:  Yep :)

Mom:  Are you writing a big letter?  Did you check to see if you can find my account for skype?  I set it up....and did it wrong.  So yesterday dad did it and I hope it is all good.

Malynne:  I haven't checked, my internet got all screwy and so I haven't even made my account yet. I will look for it. I am writing a big letter..I am also twenty.
I will have to check later when I am on my ipad and I have wifi

Mom:  Have you enjoyed your 12 days of Christmas?  What was your favorite day?  

Malynne: 9! :) Sister Jones agrees...soo many compliments! Even from Montanans not just missionaries! Sister Jones has worn hers everyday! I wore mine and then switched to another necklace for church and stuff :P  (We sent a Montana necklace to them both).
I loved the sweater! :) Honestly best present was the polka dot red sweater that I wore yesterday and am going to wear again today...:) 
The necklaces and earrings were awesome too! :) 
I wore the temple necklace yesterday to church. :) Then someone asked "Have you ever been to the timpanogas temple?" and I said "actually I'm wearing it!" 

Mom:  UMMMM.....weren't some of those CHRISTMAS Presents?

Malynne: birthday is 3 days before Christmas....I don't know the difference between birthday and Christmas wrapping paper It's always just been the same, and yes I did see the box, I haven't opened it. 

Mom:  Well when they are wrapped COMPLETELY different you should know.  I hope you do not feel left out at Christmas.  You were suppose to get to open stuff on Christmas also.  Did you like the little extras I sent?  The Sacrament book?  The puzzles?  The BOM story book?  You can give them away if you want to. How about Debbies box.  Did you get that one?  How about Grandmas box?

Malynne:  I got your box, no I won't feel left out on Christmas because all I wanted was to be able to talk to you!!! :) And so I will, so life is good. I still have the 12 days of Christmas one and the one that you want to open with me over skype. ;) I loved all of the little extras, and I gave Sister Jones one of the BOM story book things. She loves it too! I got Debbie's box today, and I am waiting for Grandmas still. :) 
Hey, did you already open your Christmas presents too? Why are you getting on my case? Dad already told me his bolo tie was broken! 

Mom:  RIGHT NOW I am wearing my pine cone earrings.  I LOVE them.  I wore them yesterday to church and they did not match my outfit at all.  Today they match.  We opened ours because you said in your letter that you wanted us to wear them to church on Sunday.  You did not say which Sunday.  I am not mad that you opened everything, just glad that you like what you got.  I hope you had a wonderful birthbad.  Love you.

Malynne:  Love you too! :) I am glad that you like them! What did everyone else think? :)

Mom:  Girls loved them.  Boys hated theirs.  Connor said, "I look like a dork".  Dad was not going to wear his to church because he was singing in the choir.  You can give them both a bad time on Wednesday.  So you think you will be calling at about 10am?  We might not be up!

Malynne:  Ha ha :P Oh, come on they are what all the fashionable guys in Montana wear! :) Oh, you better be up by 10! I intend to spend a lot of time talking to you! :) 

Mom:  Schmoo, can you tell me who the lehi girls are in the order of the way they are standing?  Please identify any people that you send pictures of.

Malynne:  I am running out of time, you'll have to wait until next week. Sister Todd is on the left, Sister Parr is on the right. Sister Barkdull you know who she is, and Sister Owens is the other one you can't identify! :) 

Mom:  I posted the picture of you with your icicle hair on Facebook.  People are already saying how much they love you and miss you and commenting on how good/happy you look.  I love you.  I will talk to you on Wednesday.

Malynne:  Hey! we got to go and drive to Kalispell... my companion is kind of freaking out. She's obsessed with missionaries. But I love her. 

Love you! 

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